First Look at Ha Ji Won and Kang Min Hyuk as Doctors for Hospital Ship

The doctors of upcoming MBC drama Hospital Ship have been unveiled in all their medical glory, starting with the official drama stills of leads Ha Ji Won and Kang Min Hyuk. I am prayyyyyying to the drama gods that the two leads have chemistry galore despite the 13-year age different, it’s happened before with Ha Ji Won and Lee Seung Gi to my eternal fond memories so I plan on giving them the benefit of the doubt and a healthy dose of hope. Ha Ji Won’s shoulder bob makes her look younger and more professional while Kang Min Hyuk looks believable enough in his white coat at plenty of Asian young male doctors look way too young in real life thanks to preternatural baby faces. The supporting cast  of Lee Seo Won, Kim In Shik and Mina can be glimpsed along with the two leads in a cute and extensive V Live chat where they are clearly hot as heck to be filming by the port during the muggy August days.

Hospital Ship cast V Live chat:


First Look at Ha Ji Won and Kang Min Hyuk as Doctors for Hospital Ship — 9 Comments

  1. I’m really curious about this drama. If I’m a little bit worried because the casting is very young, it’s a drama with Ha Ji Won ! And I love CN BLUE and I’m happy to see him playing an adult now.

      • He can practice in acting schools and student theaters.. HJW is losing her touch, but maybe she saw something in this script and maybe some potential in KMH. Entertainer made me realise that he isn’t nearly as good or charismatic to be a lead in a drama. I hope for HJW’s and his own sake that he has improved…

  2. It looks like she gets along well with the cast as usual so that’s good. I hope that translates to their acting chemistry.

    I checked out the writer’s body of work but I’m not familiar with any of it. It seems she’s mostly written historical dramas like Secret Door and The Great King Sejong. There’s also Korean Peninsula.

    They could have auditioned promising rookie actors if the pickings were that slim but I’ve given up on that ever really happening in drama Land. Anyway, I hope it’s at least decent (or better even good) for HJW’s sake.

  3. The comparison between HJW and LSG: The age difference between Ha Jiwon and Lee Seunggi in TK2H was only 8 years – and even then there was a hullabaloo! This is a 13 yr gap! In addition, Seunggi was always mature for his age – someone once described him as being an ahjussi in a young man’s body. I don’t know about Min hyuk. Also, Seunggi had already had some experience as a lead actor, Min hyuk hasn’t.

    I’m kinda feeling weird and awkward with all this unequal age pairing in kdrama. First, this drama, then there’s the drama with Jo Jung-seok and Hyeri. I think they should swop. HJW & JJS would make a better pairing, and so would Hyeri and KMH.

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