W Korea Presents Park Shin Hye as an 80’s Femme Fatale Look in August Issue

The summer of Park Shin Hye fashion pictorials continues and I’m glad this one from W Magazine is arriving towards the tail end because it’s my least favorite to date. W is high fashion in concept but this pictorial is more old-fashioned or at least it really ages up Park Shin Hye and wastes her young girlish charms. She actually looks like a very beautiful and younger version of the uber rich Gangnam mothers in Heirs, maybe if Cha Eun Sang married Kim Tan and developed really 80’s style taste in dressing. I do appreciate the attempt to showcase Park Shin Hye in a new way but she looks way better with less makeup and styling so let’s leave this look for someone else who pulls it off, like the ageless Kim Sung Ryung. I’m also not loving the hair color, I hope she does something different come fall to freshen up the look and maybe also freshen up her resume by picking a new acting project.


W Korea Presents Park Shin Hye as an 80’s Femme Fatale Look in August Issue — 29 Comments

  1. She either looks really young for her age or she looks like woman in her forties. There is like, no in between. She should definitely diversify the roles she takes and immerse herself more into them. I’ve only liked ToH and FBND from her (and her debut Stairway ofc), those dramas were in general, gems. Doctors was okay too I guess, although not the greatest. I’d really dislike it if she ever took a high school role again. At least she seems to have some desire to try out more different roles. I really don’t feel her but I’ve got nothing against her either though.. (also, she’d look better and more mature if she didn’t keep her mouth half opened in half of her pictures)

    • I like Jung So min since ” Playful kiss” and she is a good and hard working actress She just has been cast as the female lead role with Lee Min Ki in a TVN new drama. Can’t wait to see her . She has chemistry with all her partners . Like Lee Joon too, sad that he is enlisting soon.

  2. I like what Ms Koala has written here. I’m waiting for her next drama project also and I totally agree, smokey eyes does not suit PSH. She already has a pair of big beautiful eyes, there is no need for heavy eye make on her. All the W magazines of PSH in previous years have gone for the mature demure look, maybe it’s a magazine thing.

    @prettyautumn, I think PSH is aware she previously took on many school uniforms roles. She said it in her ELLE HK interview so I’m sure she doesn’t want more of those roles. I am hoping drama writers can write her a good role which can showcase all her acting abilities.

    For an actresss in her 20’s, PSH has had tremendous success. I hope she can replicate it in her 30’s and maybe 40’s.

    • True, writers need to write good stories and characters too. Hopefully she chooses something non-school girl role so it won’t get too repetitive. If she has said that she would want to try different roles and no more school uniform, then it’s good… She has already made a name and has a legacy in Korean cinema and I can see her having a long career. Park Bo Young is another actress in her age group who I can see having a long career right at the moment. I’ll have to see if Kang Sora can do that too, but these two Parks have that star power and audience trust. Pretty rare for actresses in their twenties…

      • Kim Ji Won is rising also after Fight My Way and currently I really like Jeong So Min in My Father is Strange.

  3. Could not disagree more about the photoshoot. W Korea is a high fashion magazine, they’re not going to do basic girlish concepts. This photoshoot was done in Cannes when PSH was endorsing Swarovski as their brand ambassador. The concept/makeup/styling is perfect and fitting for such a high end brand and magazine.

    As for ‘freshening up her resume’ – She had a hit movie and hit drama just last year, less than six months ago….and early this year finished filming her movie where she is the lead along with Choi Min Sik called Silent Witness, which will be out this November. So, her acting resume is just fine…better than literally any other actress in he age group might I add.

  4. Quite a lot magazine photo shots out for psh and all have diff themes and show diff vibes of her.
    Yes looking for her new project and I can feel from her recent interview that she wants to challenge herself by taking more deep roles. Go girl go….

  5. Park Shin Hye is pretty but let’s be honest, she is not photogenic and not really having a model-criteria (don’t get me wrong, not everybody can modeled).
    She is not my fave actress but I always like her for her good girl image. I am so waiting for her next acting project and would very much like to see her in a sageuk. Since my darling LJK already taken by MCW, hopeful for her to be paired with my baby Park Hyung Sik in her next drama.

      • Good. The original Criminal Minds didn’t have romance plot between the corresponding characters. I do admit, though, that LJK and MCW have good chemistry

      • @Dilanaz Yep. I’m glad the Korean remake is sticking to the original and not pushing for romance between the two. But, I’ve seriously have been waiting for these two to pair up for the longest time, so I’m absolutely disappointed! T_T

    • @OMG, you wrote what i think Too. I’m not found of her photoshoots but i like her natural , kind, friendly ,..image. Like to Watch her dramas too. Even she’s not my fav eitheir no one can deny her tremendous success and popularity. Her fans are very Lucky .

  6. I really like the more mature looking PSH now rather than those cute earlier days.

    Still think her best chemistry in drama is with LJS.

    • For me not LJS, my fav is with krw, she has to pair up with more mature, MANLY and veteran actor which she can gain improvement of her acting. Looking forward for her new project.

      • Wow.. finally I find someone who thinks she matches older, more mature and experienced actors rather than pretty flowerboys lol. She matched well with yoon shi yoon too, but in a cute way. Or was it the drama and his character enrique.. dunno but the fact is, she was at her best when she woked with a good and mature actor

      • She’s now a older woman with a certain presence and i think that older actors will be great with her! She needs someone who can match his aura.

  7. I love w photosession and I find her hot and sexy she is giving me the impression of the wealthy woman her mature look is awesome with smoky eye firing she is photogenic face as I find her always make different new character .
    I am waiting silent witness with great actor choi min sik of course I hope next project about woman centring drama who her story about her .

  8. Beautiful Shin Hye, nail it in all her pictorials. She looks stylish and hot in all these pictures of Wkorea magazine. Indeed representing the upper class jewelry to the teeth, Fatal Addition. She is really smart in guiding the public and her fans in her transition from a innocent girl next door image to a more mature endearing woman image, without trashing her reputation and image, and very considerate of her fans, family, and more. Clean image, reason why high end international companies are after her to be the endorser of their companies and products. Wise woman.The reason why so many around the world love, adore, respect, and admire her, and put her as priority non matter what.

  9. True there are a lot more beautiful faces , but for us fans…what makes her beautiful is the way she carries herself, presents herself, if you will. As one of her idol friend from Beast…Shinhye is like a picture painted in pastels.! ? She has that kindness aura that makes her more beautiful. Those who’ve seen her in real life always have stated how photos/ camera does not do her justice….even a female host on a talk show mentioned this characteristic of hers. As a fan, I find her more beautiful when she is doing chores, sweaty…doing sports, just being natural…even just washing her face . Can’t complain that she gets to be the cover of these magazines, or being spokesperson for these companies…they must see something in her for them to keep on putting her in! It’s a boon for us since she mostly portray unglamorous characters. What I admire about her, is that she is generous in her support of friends, be male and esp. female, in her praise of them,and support as friend. Shinhye probably has the most actor/actress/idol friend in the business. I don’t know of anyone who promote their friend’s businesses…albums, work ,etc. Don’t even need to mention her support of children since she became successful. That’s beautiful to me. If I wasn’t a fan, I’ll be envious of PSH always getting an article about her, so…we are lucky indeed! ?

  10. It’s funny bc i do like this kind of style for her more than the cute and girly ones. And i’d love see her pull off this kind of style in a drama or movie.

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