K-netizens Frustrated with Won Bin’s Fuddy Hair and Lack of Acting Comeback Plans

It’s easy to render an opinion on celebrities because they are in the public eye and any behavior or change elicits a reaction from audiences. Sometimes not doing anything is tantamount to doing something and that’s the case of K-actor Won Bin and to a lesser degree his wife actress Lee Na Young. The couple have been married since 2015 and welcomed their first child shortly thereafter. That’s fine and dandy but Won Bin has been one of Korea’s most recognizable leading men yet completely the opposite of prolific, with his last project the hit movie Ahjusshi (The Man From Nowhere) back in 2010.

That movie reminded audiences of why Won Bin remained top of the elite pack of K-actors in looks and charisma but he then went on another extended hiatus and in the process seems to have zero intention of ever coming back. K-netizens have gone from pleading to annoyed and now just flat out done with him, as seen from reactions to a new picture of Won Bin (above and also a new pic of Lee Na Young) showing him still sporting the awful helmut hair from his wedding and looking not leading man aura in any way. I don’t care much what he decides to style his own looks but remain really underwhelmed with how he manages his acting career.

Won Bin seems like someone who doesn’t care what anyone thinks or even conventional ideas of looks and dressing, so that’s fine and dandy for him. But for his diehard fans this must feel like a continued letdown not to see him planning a comeback and looking pretty unconventionally unattractive.


K-netizens Frustrated with Won Bin’s Fuddy Hair and Lack of Acting Comeback Plans — 39 Comments

  1. So he doesn’t want to be in spotlight anymore and enjoy the normal life with his family, he doesn’t owe anyone anything! Wth, people think they own him or something!

      • why should he? he need to feed his family. if companies still want to hire him then he must still has worth value.
        he can choose whatever he want. its his life afterall. fans can move on to another actor and cherish his legacy

      • It’s fine if he films CF, but don’t say he wants to live a normal life while he films CFs. He obviously is still putting himself out there for people to watch. He’s not quietly living a private life, but using his past fame to live off. Nothing wrong with that, but I can see why it bothers some people.

  2. well let him be enjoy his normal life. I don’t mind. though I understand what his fans feel. imagine Song Jong Ki start to make a long hiatus like won bin does. so i can feel them., especially some fans which already falling hard on him. fortunately I’m not a won bin fans. haha

  3. He is by far the most elusive Korean stars out there. It’s like trying to catch a white whale.
    Let’s just put it this way, he wanted to be an actor and not a star and that was why he tried to stay out of the spotlight and couldn’t care less about his appearance. And may be now, he has no interest to become an actor anymore, who cares.
    He reminded me a bit of the great Daniel Day Lewis who could go movieless for years until the right project come along or until he feels like he wanted to.
    As long as he is happy with his choice, I think that is totally fine.

    • Daniel Day Lewis has officially retired this year after completing Phantom Thread , he isn’t going to take any movies for the time being. Lewis is an excellent method actor but he is reaaaaally picky with his roles, which is a good and a bad thing at the same time. He is very sensitive and probably a perfectionist hence his pickiness with movies and roles. Quite frustrating to be his fan if you ask me, but Lewis seems to want to be an actor rather than a star anyway. Won Bin seems the same, but I wouldn’t say his acting is Daniel Day Lewis level though.

      • Ofc he is nowhere near the level the great Daniel Day Lewis. Nobody ever will. I was just relating his elusiveness with DDL.

      • Daniel Day lewis can’t be compared to Won bin. DDLewis has a lot of the greatest performances Under his belt. Talking about great actors RIP Jeanne Moreau ( More than 165 movies) not only a great actress but also a great human being ( very rare in Entertainment industry )

  4. He’s not the only one on hiatus but his Wife too right? Sigh!!! What happened to him? Guess he’s sick of being in the spotlight and he doesn’t like acting all that much. He’s such a charismatic actor that I wish he come back on screen. Why can’t he just pick an acting project every 2 years, especially a movie role which wouldn’t take up too much time compared to dramas.

  5. LMFAO. You and k-netziens can take a stadium full of seats. Let the man live. He does not owe it to you or anyone else to act if he does not want to. The man got a wife and kid, some good relate that is making him bank, and is seemingly happy living the life as father and husband. Who knows what kind of stress or not that acting may or may not have cause him and why he is now for all intents and purpose “retired.” It’s been years, literally 7 years I think it’s pretty clear (official statement or not) that this man is not coming back (not now or if ever). Why get salty or mad or pressed? Let him live in his joy and if he one day finds a project that sparks that joy or want of being back on the small or big screen then yay, if not, as fans respect his choice and wish him all the best in his fulfillment and happiness. I really don’t understand this entitled mentality (oh this actor/actress/idol/entertainer owes us a project or owes us a wedding announcement, a show ending, etc, etc..) fans choose to have. The man own us nothing, again, let him live.

  6. He is living a life most working adults like us envy ~ married with a beautiful spouse and a kid and…retired young!

    • Or he has too much passion to act in trashy productions with shitty writing. Maybe his pickiness could be explained with same reasons as Daniel Day Lewis’ pickiness 🙂

  7. 100% agree with @Lin. It’s a burden being in hr public eye all the time
    Moreover the media only publish scandals, most of which are twisted!

    Give him the freedom to choose!

  8. Eh, I miss him but he can do as he wish. I wish I could have his life though. And he is just so hot regardless of any hairstyles.

  9. all of his projects are critically acclaimed and hits.he has the deadly combo of being very talented plus having great instinct in choosing great projects which could have taken him very far .wish he will have the passion for acting again but alas its his life and choice so i am at peace with it.

  10. OK. Im not sure how this works, both he and his wife arent working , so how do they earn? to live.
    Or have they earned enough for lifetime for their family?

    Just genuinely asking as financially there seems to be no question …

  11. seems like he is content with his life,
    maybe he has real estate business but I feel like he never does anything problematic other than not acting,
    maybe he retired, he seems to enjoy his life so let him be

  12. OMG! Let the guy move on with his life. There is a life after being an actor. To each his own. I admire and respect him for making such a bold decision.

  13. Listen, Won Bin can do whatever he wants. I am a fan, but I totally understand him being picky about projects and wanting to spend time with his family. He seems like a person that loves the craft more than the spotlight and really low key. I look forward to his next project when he’s ready…or not.

  14. I agree about his hair, but honestly… I’ve given hope on seeing Won Bin act ever since his injury from being discharged from he military. He was active before enlisting and after his injury he rested for several years trying to recover. He made 2 comebacks back to back after and his films were well received. After The Man From Nowhere, he was in the works of another project with famed director but that project was dropped and he got married shortly after. His son was born and I think he just want to be a good father to his son with his wife so the two of them went on hiatus together to bring him up well. It’s his life really… I don’t miss him on the screen anymore but if he does do another project, I’ll welcome to watch it.

  15. Won Bin is still fine!and is even more attractive for making family his number one priority. And for anyone that has anything to say about the commercials he does, i dont know of anyone that wouldnt take a deal that allows you a chance to make good money, keep family financially secure, and be comfortable. Win! Win! if you ask me. He is always number one in my book. #Loyalfan#

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