Answer Me 1988’s Hyeri and Ryu Jun Yeol Confirmed to be Dating in Real Life

The reel to real romances in K-ent typically are about fan shipping dreams from a K-drama fictional romance coming true in real life. That means it’s usually leads who play the OTP in the drama hence the fans who loved their onscreen romantic story line extend that to real life hopes of love. But real life is not a K-drama and there have been plenty of first lead falling for the second lead in real life with both happy ending and sad breakups to note. We’ve got a new one to add to that group as hit K-drama Answer Me 1988 has produced a real life couple in Hyeri and Ryu Jun Yeol!

Leave it to Dispatch to out the young couple who played childhood friends onscreen in AM1988 but her early crush on him was never requited until it was too late and she moved onto the other male lead played by Park Bo Gum. There was a fan shipping war in AM1988 as with all the other previous AMs but this is the first drama to produce a real life couple (as we’re aware of), and it being the female lead with the guy she didn’t end up with may help soothe some ruffled feathers from that particular ship. Good luck to Hyeri and Ryu Jun Yeol in navigating a romance in notoriously judgmental K-culture, they were adorable onscreen and I’m glad they are now able to date openly.


Answer Me 1988’s Hyeri and Ryu Jun Yeol Confirmed to be Dating in Real Life — 38 Comments

  1. The fan shipping war was expected…so I watched Reply 1988 after a few months it airs. I hope both of them date well and last long..congrats

  2. wow congrats to the happy couple.dispatch really has to stop outing couples for them to nurture their love peacefully and without pressure from public.

    • Unfortunately that’s the reason they get paid for. But double standard indeed. Hmm… At least, this couple get many congratulations from Knets and Inets. Another reel to real… Chukae!!

      Ps : hyeri does like an older man.. She, IU, Sulli, Jiyeon… Those 93-94ers are more into mature men..

      • Add Suzy to that list. Sulli, IU, Jiyeon, Hyeri and now Suzy are the 93-94 liners who are into older men. Lee Min Hoo is 7 years older than Suzy after all. And it’s no coincidence that Sulli, IU, Hyeri, Jiyeon and Suzy have been friends for a long time. In fact, they just straight up love more mature men. Hyeri and Sulli haven’t (publicly) dated anything else except older men. Tony Ahn and Choiza were practically predatory cradle robbers if you look deeper into their histories with these particular female idols..

  3. Omg Deoksun-Junghwan became real in real life. I bet all of us in team Junghwan are healed!
    But it’s fishy how those pics were taken in march but Dispatch is revealing the news only now when DP exposed UEE and Kangnam almost right after they got evidence of them. There’s some huge politics behind these Dispatch revelations.

    • Possible reasons:
      1. More confirmation required thus more evidence or time needed before expose.
      2. Time with current drama or movie – Ryu Jun Yeol’s Taxi is now top box office hit in Korea.
      3. Time to expose lies for maximum effect – Lee Jun Ki in Ear Candy.

      • Definitely thought of your second scenario, I have to admit. Could be also matching perfectly with the political climate in Korea. Whatever it is, we’ll never know…

      • Rgdg Lee Jun Ki’s dating news and My Ear Candy…did you even read Park Min Young’s latest interview? She said the EDITING done by MEC team painted the whole connection between them as romantic instead of friendship and bonding. No doubt he and PMY are no doubt the most high profile stars in MEC and obviously, MEC team took advantage and tried to make them as potential romantic couple.

  4. Wow, what a year full of on-screen turns to off-screen romance…from Lee Dong Gun-Jo Yeon Hee, Song Song, Weightlifting Couple to Reply 1988 Couple. Who’s next? LOL

      • They had only on screen chemistry, which can be attributed to their good acting. Can’t believe they have shippers shipping them irl lol

      • I beg to differ, they had tons of offscreen chemistry too, but as “seeing chemistry” is totally subjective there’s no point having a debate about it lol – and what’s wrong with shipping your favorite pairs? As long as it does no one harm and the two individuals are single, there shouldn’t be a problem.

    • Too late, there’s already some bad judgement because Hyeri used to date Tony Ahn when she was 19 years old and Tony Ahn is 16 years older than her and they apparently got to know each other when Hyeri was 16… Her past ghosts are already haunting her, no matter how Deoksun and her aegyo have raised her popularity and made her into a CF queen.

      • There isn’t a lot of bad judgement. I see a lot of support. They were a beloved drama couple that never worked out, so I’m sure a lot of peopel are happy. And they are both of age, so there is no issue. And her dating Tony Ahn reflects poorly on him, not the teenage girl she was at the time.

      • @me, In my eyes Tony Ahn is a gross man after thi, but Hyeri was an adult when they started dating. She was clearly into him too. Of course it could be also that before she started dating Tony Ahn, she was practically nobody but her dating news gave her a lot of publicity. Things could have turned out bad but she was lucky in that variety show and then right after that, getting that role in Reply 88. But.. who in this wide world would not want to use tactics like that? Having connections isn’t illegal yet so might as well have mutually beneficial relationships (this is just the pessimist in me musing a thought, don’t take it too seriously ?)

  5. congrats and they matched well
    but people who say team jungwhan WON is deluded,
    1st the drama ended with taek as the husband and junghwan lived a good life, I feel bad to see the actors life is used as the drama winning confirmation when there is no competition,

    should’ve separated the real life and drama

  6. Hope for them that unwanted exposure won’t do any harm to their relation ! ( Uee, and many others) Anyway , always happy to see a new couple.

  7. i still don’t understand,why reply pd-nim so cruel with junghwa,lol. ryu jun heol maybe not handsome actor like lee min ho or ji chang wook, but he still good actor with good personality,i know that when ssamdong geng made reality show, he like a mother among them.

    • I thought it was the writer who wrote the script? Fun fact: did you know that the writers intention was to pair Deoksun with Taek since the beginning? It was reaaaally obvious since episode 2 that she would end up with Taek. The cigarette thingy and Deoksun narrating Taek’s introduction to their neighborhood gave it away. But even I had hopes for Jungpal till the end because he is such a good actor and I felt sorry for his character.

    • If you read the PD’s interview I actually understood why. He had everything (rich, good happy parents) while other people didn’t have that. So his “suffering” was love and his inablity to make a real move.

  8. RJY is a real talent as an actor and he seems mature, confident and very humble person.He gives life to every role he acts and I wish him the best.
    Finally,I can finish the last two episodes of Reply88.

  9. I really ship hers and Bo Gum’s character in Answers Me, strangely enough I did not ship them in real life. Happy dating to both!

    • Same, same. PBG just seems to make really good friends with everyone he works with.

      I was Team Taek for the drama, but drama and real life are two different things. I wish them happiness while they’re together.

  10. I must admit, Reply 1988 was the first time (and last, so far) that I joined a fan war hahahahha now I’m laughing whenever I think about it, it was really fun and I love the thrill! Good thing about “live” watching. HAHA Anyway, I’m so happy for them.. ohhh JUNGPAL! Congrats!

  11. What a timing, I coincidentally started a Reply 1988 re-run lol xD
    The ending never made sense to me since I was a convinced Junpal shipper, I’m glad that RJY at least got the girl in real life hehe.

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