tvN Has Another Fast Success with Sat-Sun Drama Live Up to Your Name with Kim Nam Gil and Kim Ah Joong

Looks like Goblin will be tvN‘s most successful drama for the a considerable time atop the perch, but the network continues to churn out quality fare on a consistent basis even if not every project is a success. After Goblin on the Sat-Sun time slot the network followed with two disappointing dramas in Tomorrow With You with Shin Mina and Lee Je Hoon and Chicago Typewriter with Yoo Ah In and Im Soo Jung, both high profile due to the big names leads and also prominent directing and writing talent. Both failed to resonate with viewers but subsequently the network has now two low key successes under it belt with the darker Stranger (Secret Forest) which started at 3% and ended with over 6% ratings, and now the followup Live Up to Your Name (Dr. Heo) is doing massive ratings jumps right off the bat with episode 1 getting 2.715% and continuous increases to the latest episode 4 at 5.998% nearly breaking 6. I’m thoroughly enjoying Live Up to Your Name with both leads Kim Nam Gil as the time-traveling Joseon traditional medicine doctor and Kim Ah Joong as the modern day surgeon, they have fantastic chemistry and are lucky to have a well-written drama to support the continued narrative development.


tvN Has Another Fast Success with Sat-Sun Drama Live Up to Your Name with Kim Nam Gil and Kim Ah Joong — 19 Comments

  1. anyone else thinks this is somewhat like a mashup of queen in-hyun’s man and faith, with a healthy dose of crazy antics thrown in?

  2. So happy for Kim Nam Gil. This is my current drama cracks. Watching Criminal Minds only to savour on Lee Jun Ki’s goodness (and hotness) but throughly enjoying LUTYN.

  3. Where is everyone watching this?

    It’s getting little buzz internationally because to my knowledge it’s not been legally licensed to any streaming service. Korean broadcasters will drive international viewers back to torrents and illegal streaming sites soon enough.

  4. Come On, Secret Forest was not low key success. It was critically acclaimed and commercial success. I’d say it has set a bench mark of its own. The new show that people should watch out for is OCN’s Rescue me, sure its gritty, dark and not an easy watch but is slowly climbing up ratings ladder.

  5. I love this drama. KNG really cracked me up with his facial expressions haha.But at the same time, I can feel his care for his patients and his frustration for his status.

  6. Finally, a drama that really sparks my interest. I always adore Kim Nam Gil (Bidam always have a special place in my heart) but I never expected him to have such a magical touch in comedy. His comedic acting kinda reminded me of Johnny Depp – quirky, zany and funny at the same time. Loving all the 4 episodes and I’m dying for next episode where our great Dr. Heo will be rawking that jeans along with man-bun.

  7. Glad to see the ratings rise. This is my current crack drama. It’s effortlessly funny, good writing with no dull moments so far, and the leads have killer chemistry! Hope the ratings continue to climb up in the coming weeks and that the drama continues to live up to its potential.

  8. Just watched the first two episodes and loved it!! Its such a enjoyable light hearted and fun drama! Love the leads too, great chemistry and so far great characters.

  9. I need to wait until the show ends and know for sure that KNG LIVES before I start to watch this. Been burn too many times before…

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