Jang Hyuk Confirmed for MBC Weekend Drama Money Flower with Leading Lady Candidates Lee Da Hae and Han Chae Ah

I haven’t paid attention to a weekend drama this year other than SBS drama Father is Strange but this new casting news will for sure bring me back to the weekend fodder but over on MBC. The network is slated to premiere weekend drama Money Flower this November and now the leading man is set with none other than prolific and awesomely intense Jang Hyuk. I can watch him read a phone book though he makes so many dramas I am content to just re-watch the good ones. In talks as his leading ladies are both former costars – Lee Da Hae with whom he did three dramas Robber, Chuno, and IRIS 2, and Han Chae Ah who who did The Merchant: Gaekju 2015. Make this full casting a reality, MBC, both leading ladies have incredible chemistry with Jang Hyuk not to mention I like all three and it’ll be nice to see them in a weekend setting with more episodes to develop character and narrative. I’m still in permanent disbelief over IRIS 2, lol.

2017. 03.10. 삼청동 카페. 영화 ‘비정규직 특수요원’ 한채아 인터뷰


Jang Hyuk Confirmed for MBC Weekend Drama Money Flower with Leading Lady Candidates Lee Da Hae and Han Chae Ah — 14 Comments

  1. I agree with Koala. JH’s intensity burns a hole on my screen! He has amazing chemistry with both actresses and the casting of all three would make this an interesting watch. LDH is a really good actress. Can’t wait for her to return to the small screen, even though a fourth collab with Jang Hyuk might be a bit excessive. Han Chae Ah has apparently confirmed but not LDH though.

    • We still don’t know how long this drama really is. In the past Lee Da Hae, Lee Dong Wook, Song Seung Heon and many more have been cast of MBC weekend dramas.

  2. even lee byun hun and kim tae ri are doing weekend drama with mr sunshine by kim eun sook.there is nothing wrong with it

    i like han chae ah and jang hyuk combo so i am looking forward to money flower.jang hyuk rarely disappoint.

  3. Han Chae Ah has already confirmed her role few days ago. But there is no news about Lee Da Hae. Both actresses are good friends with Jang Hyuk.
    Is it even possible to have reunion for 4th time in K-dramaland. If Lee Da Hae confirms it’ll be her 4th project with Jang Hyuk.

  4. Hooray! both my favourite artists : Jang Hyuk and Lee Da Hae. They both have good chemistry and they never fail us in their acting!

  5. I won’t miss any drama led by Jang Hyuk, regardless of which actress to be his leading lady. This guy got everything to be an onscreen attraction and could even make a really boring one such as Midas watchable.

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