Cable K-drama Women of Dignity Gets Over 12% Ratings in Final Episode with New Career Highs for Leads Kim Hee Sun and Kim Sun Ah

A huge stupendous congratulations for just concluded jTBC weekend drama Women of Dignity, shattering records and accolades along the way of telling the female life story with renewed energy and vigor. The drama already broke the cable network’s own best episode rating record four episodes ago when it had a rating in the 9% range slightly higher then previous record holder Strong Woman Do Bong Soon. Pundits were waiting to see if it broke the vaunted 10% ceiling and with this Sunday’s final episode it steamrolled past that mark.

The final episode recorded 12.065% ratings, a nearly 2% increase from the previous high of 9.986% and an astronomical jump for a cable network drama. Even more exciting and impressive was the drama having two female leads Kim Hee Sun and Kim Sun Ah and none of the OTP romance fluff, instead focusing on the travails and tribulations of the women living in modern day Korea trying to have financial security vis-a-vis the men around them. I’m so happy for both actresses in attaining this new career high and can’t wait to finish this drama marathon!


Cable K-drama Women of Dignity Gets Over 12% Ratings in Final Episode with New Career Highs for Leads Kim Hee Sun and Kim Sun Ah — 10 Comments

  1. I still couldn’t believe the writer of this drama is the same with SWDBS’s, imo.
    The writing of SWDBS was weak. She should be grateful having park boyoung and park hyungsik as leads. Without them, the rating of SWDBS wouldn’t be that high.

  2. Not only two female leads but two mature female leads, you might even call them senior actresses. So refreshing. Turning the Kim Sun-ah character into a figure of pathos was not easy to do but the writer did it well.

  3. Not my kind of drama, but very happy that a drama (with 2 female leads in their 40’s) ,is able to achieve a record. Especially with KSA and KHS. Bravo . Hope that it will benefit other actresses of the same range.

  4. strictly for entertainment purpose woman of dignity is one of my fav korean dramas this sun ah and kim hee sun were outstanding in it.

    a well deserved success for the whole team and welcome back kim sun ah.

  5. Happy two older actress were able to have such a successful drama. No excuses when dramas chooses famale leads that are a decade or more younger than the male lead. While this show was not my taste it’s better to showcase great acting ski

  6. Wow! I knew about the drama vaguely before it aired and later It flew under my radar completely.. But I’ll definitely check it out now.

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