Kim Hee Sun Stunning and Ageless in July Issue of Elle Korea

I still get a smile when I think of Kim Hee Sun‘s last drama Angry Mom, the affection I have for her performance almost makes me want to give Faith another chance. I’m leaning going back down memory lane rather than look forward to her recently finished drama Women of Dignity with Kim Sun Ah, it was darker than I’m was the mood for but I’m still happy two well-regarded veteran Korean actresses in their early 40’s get to headline a drama together and receive such success from the viewers. Kim Hee Sun is in the pages of Elle Korea magazine’s July 2017 edition, less a targed summer spread than a casual comfortable mature woman lounging pictorial. There are now so many eternally beautiful K-actresses older than 40 and Kim Hee Sun immediately comes to mind along with her Women of Dignity costar Kim Sun Ah, Lee Young Ae, Kim Sung Ryung, and Kim Hee Ae among many women aging gracefully and still expanding their acting skills and repertoire onscreen.


Kim Hee Sun Stunning and Ageless in July Issue of Elle Korea — 5 Comments

  1. Glad they are not suffering from ageism. I personally think Korean drama viewers enjoy productions with good solid actings to dramas with fresh face pretty faces that are inexperience acting.

  2. Love faith because of her and min ho althou the story will make u dizzy if you analyze or think about it. She look so beautiful here . Kimsun ah still my no 1 4os but she will always be in my top 5

  3. She is so beautiful.I also love LOVE Kim Sung Ryung, she is my number one favourite 40s actress.So elegant and full of effortless class.

  4. kim hee sun my love.what a gorgeous face,my favourite among 40s age group actresses and in my humbly opinion the only actress that can challenge song hye kyo exceptional beauty.

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