Fans Remember Ladies Code Members Rise and EunB on the Third Anniversary of Their Passing

The arrival of new idols and idol groups continues unabated and in recent days there have been notable disbandments or near so events when a member leaves the group. The aforementioned is a fact of life and a staple of K-ent, but what remains utterly devastating is the passing of a star especially from an accident at so young in life. This weekend marks the three year anniversary of the passing of EunB and Rise, members of girl group Ladies Code which has returned now in 3-member formation from their original 5-member group.

On September 3, 2014, the group’s van was traveling at fast speed during rainy conditions on a highway and crashed, with EunB dying at the scene of the accident and Rise passing four days later at the hospital. They were popular members of their group and their passing so senseless this remains one of the saddest news stories in K-ent and this weekend a good moment to remember these two sweet talented girls on the third anniversary of their passing.


Fans Remember Ladies Code Members Rise and EunB on the Third Anniversary of Their Passing — 5 Comments

  1. Why the heck is nobody feeling the need to comment on a sad post like this? I mean… I’m pretty sure certain wedding will have 100+ posts but this here deserves attention so much more.

    Anyways… I’m still thinking about these two young women who passed away too soon and who were more than their talent. They were young daughters, sisters and granddaughters. They had families who supported them as much as you can expect in South Korea or Japan. Families who had to bury a precious and young family member.

    I hope they rest in peace and I hope the families and especially the parents were able to move past the continuing sadness and live for their daughters.

    • What could one say to such a sad tragedy where young lives are lost so unnecessarily?

      Most comments to a post are positive or negative to it’s content. The more love and hate it gets,the more comments will be posted. It has nothing to do with how relevant a topic is.

  2. I didn’t really know much about Ladies Code, but the news of their passing three years ago was shocking, horrific, and tragic. Even now they r missed and I hope kpop fans around the world take the time to remember how delicate life is, not take anything for granted, show love to all u meet. Wishing their families health and happiness in the years to come, and I hope they have the support needed to push through such a difficult loss

  3. can’t believe it’s been 3 years. so sad that they went the way they did. i only knew about them after the accident and it’s really such a shame.

  4. It’s about time that Korea change their terrible traffic laws and require more education for getting a driver’s license. They should have more street patrolling and more sanctions for breaking traffic law. Too many unnecessary deaths could be avoided. Rise and EunB were talented and promising singers who lost their lives too early. May they rest in peace.

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