Chen Qiao En Skips Charity Gala and Attends 7 Flowers Groupmate Joyce Chao’s Wedding in Taipei

There’s no question that actress Chen Qiao En is the most famous one, by far, to come out of the Taiwanese idol group days of the mid-2000s. She’s also the Beyonce of her own group 7 Flowers, but being famous hasn’t affected her close knit sisterly relationship with her group mates and this weekend she skipped a big charity fashion event in Beijing to head back to Taipei for group mate Joyce Chao‘s wedding. Joyce married TW-actor Renzo Liu in a ceremony attended by most of the 7 Flowers, with three serving as her bridesmaids including Chen Qiao En, who has done so many bridesmaid duties in recent years she declared this one the last, lol. There was tons of laughter and tears aplenty as the close friends and family watched Joyce and Renzo tie the knot after 4 years of dating. Congrats to the happy couple and here’s hoping Chen Qiao En finds her prince even if he was formerly a frog.


Chen Qiao En Skips Charity Gala and Attends 7 Flowers Groupmate Joyce Chao’s Wedding in Taipei — 14 Comments

  1. I don’t know who the bride is but it’s the case of beauty and the beast huh..

    I think the bridesmaid’s dresses are prettier than the bride. Their dresses look like a dress a bride should wear. I think it’s weird that bridesmaid dresses are white. It should be a different color.

    • She is Joyce Chao who is a singer and actress. It takes much more than physical appearance in order to be loving and happy. I actually love couples who differ in looks as they know how to go beyond physical attraction. I also noticed those couples are much more blissful and happy then those that only “appear” to look good in terms of appearance.

    • Yes. 5566 member such as Tony Sun was also one of the groomsmen together with his MVP Valentine co-stars Yen Hsing Su and 183 Club sam Wang. So, 4 costars from that drama were reunited (incl. CQE). Really nice to see it. Reminds me back then when they were popular groups.

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