Park Shin Hye Dresses Pretty in Punk for Latest Airport Fashion

Fall is definitely here in South Korea, or at least Park Shin Hye is dressing for fall as she was spotted at the airport by the K-media to start the week. She’s heading overseas for work and is dressed nicely for the occasion, sensible flat shoes, cute flouncy skirt and t-shirt, and a leather jacket to keep warm on the flight and add a jolt of contrasting style. Her hair color has this rich auburn tint but what I’m loving the most is her lip color, a beautiful pink that’s bordering on hot without looking too trashy. She did Doctors last year but no sign of a K-drama coming up as 2017 winds down but hopefully she has her pick of interesting scripts for 2018 dramas and returns with yet another hit under her belt.


Park Shin Hye Dresses Pretty in Punk for Latest Airport Fashion — 33 Comments

  1. That style is so horrible and tacky tbh. Not flattering her body at all. Her hair color looks so washed out and it looks like she just woke up and didn’t even comb it. And could they finally get rid of this trend of hanging a jacket on shoulders like a backpack?

    • Yeah, her fashion is so weird sometimes. Idk if it’s her stylist or her. She should definitely think of dressing in clothes which flatter her

  2. I am so pessimistic @koala the Korean dramas scripts this year aren’t interesting I am really angry on Korean writers they don’t show any challenge nor creativity so the actors trapped in their boring scripts being accused for lacking of acting skills or faliure of rating…???

  3. I am surprised she has yet to sign up to do any drama this year because she has been consistent at appearing in at least one drama per year. Well, I take this as a good sign. K-dramas in 2017 has been in a slumped so I guess she’s taking time to scan through a really solid follow up project. Hoping for her pairing with my fave either Lee Jun Ki or Park Hyung Sik.

      • I hope she doesn’t take dramas unless they have actually good script, production and characters. I hope her next co-star is not a pretty, popular flower boy, but an actor with experience. I hope she’ll be saved from dumb fandom wars because being her fan has been stressful every time she coms back with a drama. I also hope she would concentrate on movies too because drama filming is really exhausting and consuming. She has much to give as an actress

      • “next co-star is not a pretty, popular flower boy” But I think she’s actually had some great co-stars. I mean Kim Rae Won and, sure, her costars in You’re Beautiful and Flower Boy Next Door were handsome but I thought they did a fine job in the parts they were given. (I never saw Heartsrings so can’t comment) I know Pinnochio was a big hit but I never made it all the way through, but even though I don’t think the actor is the best out there I think they both did good work in what I saw before I got tired of the story. (those piggybanks still make me smile). I am middle of the road about PSH, but I admire her ethic and what seems like a pretty good measure of common sense. She’ll be fine with whatever costar she gets even if the drama flops.

        PS: I know what you’re thinking, what about Heirs with LMH. That one’s all on the writer. She didn’t do either of the leads any huge favors.

      • @Gilgit, I don’t think that stressful feeling will change anytime soon. Her next drama will bound to have an ‘idol’ in it and her dramas will always be closely watched by people who aren’t her fans. They will always be critical of her. Say her acting is mediocre and say she is overhyped.

      • People will always be critical about successful people ! Park shin hye is not an exception ! As acting with flower boys, i think that she worked with pretty good actors . Yoon si Yoon, Kim rae won, Jang geun suk… are good ones for me.

  4. She has to wear these Coach clothes and bag except for the jacket because she’s going to New YorK for the Coach event and I think it’s part of the deal to appear at airports dressed in their fashion brand. and the Autumn wind is playing havoc with her orderly hair LOL. But I love these candid shots. she’s glowing. Miss seeing her in dramas though.

  5. wind-swept hair, don’t see anything wrong with that. 🙂 don’t like the jacket over that outfit though. but she’s always been pretty, so that makes up for everything else :))

    • I feel like her stylist doesn’t know what she is doing. PSH style has been really odd throughout and there is no consistency. I think the best things she has ever worn have been those Dolce&Gabbana floral dresses and the clothes she wears in Vogue and Elle. Why can’t she get some of that styling in her red carpet or other official events?

  6. Wearing Coach except for the jacket to attend NYFW. Her face looks refreshed and wearing the most minimal make up. Wish to hear about new project soon, but she does have an apposite philosophy regarding hitting while the iron is hot! It’s remarkable how she generates news from her magazine covers to her trips despite her absence from dramas. Hoping for her to surprise us fans.

  7. In her recent interview, she said she ought to dress sexily as demanded by her work but her parents advised her to be respectful of other people(by that I gather, others’ culture) so she tend to dress this way. Personally I also want to see her dress in fitting forms and show some skins but some fans really throw a fit if she shows too much…say in a Miu Miu. that was such a hulabaloo LOL

    • In my opinion, she shouldn’t care too much what other people think of her. Her parents (and probably anyone who is aware) know how dirty the industry is and how twisted people are and she was a child back then so of course her parents would protect her. She is an adult now and her parents shouldn’t have a say in her choices of attire.
      She shouldn’t limit her choice of dressing in the fear of angering people. She may feel more comfortable in covering and baggy clothes, but so do most of us. She is, however, a professional actress who has to represent herself in official events and it’s part of her job to wear different types of gowns that accent her beauty.
      I think it’s pretty sad that people start getting mad at her for wearing a sponsored dress, which highlights her décolleté, in a fashion show. She is a woman with curves and she shouldn’t have to apologise about that. She doesn’t have to show skin excessively à la Kardashians, but I agree with some commenters here that these types of tacky looking clothes don’t do any justice to her beauty. And I know this is sponsored by Coach, but still.

    • that leather jacket will look perfect with skinny jeans… but i know jeans probably won’t be as comfortable as the frumpy skirt… Yoga pants is good too – she will look young and athletic in it… Doesn’t Coach have nicer clothes than “this”?… smh… lololol….

  8. So happy to see her twice (1st DF award and yesterday at JFK) She really pretty, shy, humble and easy going person. As New Yorker I proof this style (simple n easy n very comfy for long flight) Hope she have photo shoot in here..FYI her bag price $395

  9. Apparently those socks are what we will be wearing for 2018 ?? saw the trend on the NYFW not just from Coach! And those midi dresses with prints!

  10. The outfit is not my fav but she looks super pretty! PSH is a brand in herself, it doesn’t even matter who the costar is or writer any drama she does will be a sure hit. Always.

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