Jo Jung Seok and Hyeri Confirmed for Late Fall MBC Drama Two Cops

For good or bad this casting is set for upcoming MBC late fall drama Two Cops. The drama will star Jo Jung Seok and idol-actress Hyeri, taking over the Mon-Tues slot from 20th Century Boy and Girl. Han Ji Min was originally in talks for the leading lady role but that fell through and in stepped Hyeri, taking on her first drama in 2017 after doing Entertainer in 2016 and the hit Answer Me 1988 which started in late 2015 and ending January the following year. This will be Jo Jung Seok’s first drama in 2017 as well with a well received turn in Incarnation of Jealousy last year and a memorable cameo as a male mermaid come to land in Legend of the Blue Sea. Two Cops has a supernatural twist with the soul of a conman takes over the body of a police detective and the two souls must work together to crack cases, and in the process both souls fall in love with Hyeri’s role as a reporter.

Also in talks to join the drama is Choi Woo Shik, with the drama coming from a new screenwriter that won a scriptwriting contest at MBC.


Jo Jung Seok and Hyeri Confirmed for Late Fall MBC Drama Two Cops — 24 Comments

  1. Sigh…..from Park Bo Young and Gong Hyo Jin to Hyeri. Poor JJS. She’s decent but he deserves a better costar.

    Anyway I’ll watch for JJS he’s so fun on-screen.

  2. His co-actress level has dropped from Gong Hyo Jin to idol girl Hyeri.. Jo Jung Seok has acted with idol actress before too but at least IU is better at acting than Hyeri. Who tf keeps casting Hyeri? She used to be a freaking side character in Hyde, Jekyl & me. That one reply role, tailored to hercan’t be even taken into consideration. Her consequent role flopped hard and exposed that she has no actings kills. I’m praying JJS reconsider this.

  3. I’m probably biased but I’m favorable to Hyeri since her dating news with Junyeol mostly because I loved that ship. Still don’t think she’s a good actress or even close to his level but I like her energy and real life personality so I don’t really mind this casting for now.

  4. Sigh, isn’t he famous enough yet to warrant an actress as his co- star? I loved Hyeri to bits in R1988 and rewatched it several times. But a good actress? No way.

  5. And this is why my interest in Kdramas dwindles every year…. Why do they keep casting idols that have mediocre skills? It’s not like there is a shortage of talented actresses. Even if the story and other cast are fabulous, one weak link can drag down the whole production. Sigh…

  6. Maybe budget does not allow hiring of good actress… Hope the production can reduce Hyeri’s screentime to a bare minimum. I like JJS & CWS. I can use my FF button to cut her out ?

    • i don’t think that’s about budget. Han Ji Min was offered the role and i may be wrong but she can’t be less pricey than Hyeri. Maybe the role is not that important. Remember when Han ye Seul declined “The défendant” Yuri took the role instead and i understood why. Where are the actresses in their 30’s ? Han Ji Min, Yoon Eun Hye, Han ji Hye,Han hye Jin , …and many others are Under radar .

      • Yeah, I hope this female role is not important… I don’t think Hyeri can emote ? I am glad HJM declined coz I don’t like her. At least Hyeri is a bit prettier and as you said she seems adorable.

  7. Imma sound like a knetizen but this year..The dramagods need to assemble and reflect.How come last year was so good with lots of variety and vibrance.All elements coming together and working well.But this year,i cant even, nothing seem to be working.We need to reboot and cancel kdramaland for 2017.Its a fail..2018 needs to come so we can restart..I can even predict the end of the year award ceremonies will be boring as hell.

    Good dramas with good script, excellent acting and directing like Seven Day Queen, Circle, Secret Forest, Rebel etc..remain severely and criminally underrated.

    They assemble and pair up the best actors like Yoo Seung Ho and Kim So Hyun in Ruler and half ass in writing(characterisation especially for KSH) and directing.

    They assemble and pair up good writer and director like in Bride of the Water God, then ruin it by casting actors who are not ready to be leading roles and still actors like Kim Jae Wook and Im Joo Hwan forever stuck at second leads roles to actors like them.

    Or they have meh or nugu production team and then pair a lead actor/actress who is widely acknowledged for their excellent acting skills, with a non charismatic actor with very poor or mediocre acting skills e.g Reunited Worlds(Yeon Jin Goo(A+) vs Lee Yeon Hee(C-), This drama and many more…

  8. Oh dear! He’s going to act circles around her. This is going to be another “Entertainment”, I’m sure. Can’t they give the role to a more talented and experienced actress?

  9. I think Hyeri is adorable but her acting…’s terrible. It was a pain watching her and Ji Sung together in ‘Entertainer’ their gap in skill level was too vast and you could make out how green she was. I wish they would cast another actress….sigh.

    I love Jo jung seok but I gonna skip this one

  10. If they really had to use a 90s liner for this.Then Kim Seul Gi would have been a better fit for this tbh.JJS doesnt need an idol actress to draw viewers from her fanbase or whatever..His name plus Choi Woo Shik then add Kim Seul Gi to this would have been utter perfection.

    • Does Hyeri have a hugh fanbase? I agree JJS does not need the popularity of an idol actress. Is Hyeri even popular? This pairing really sucks.

      • candycane, i’m european and i don’t know who is very popular in South Korea, but as they keep on giving roles to idols i have the same interrogation . I have nothing agaisnt them as one of my favorite actresses is a former idol. But the roles doesn’t seem to attract well known actresses. But a lot of eternal second lead females , good in acting, would like to have the chance to get an offer too!

  11. Hmm…it’s sound like Hyde,Jekyll&Me, one woman loved by two men that played by one actor. No wonder HanJiMin decline it. Wish this one can be better story than HyJM

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