Character Posters of Lee Jong Seok and Suzy for While You Were Sleeping

It’s rise and shine time soon for SBS drama While You Were Sleeping, not just over a week away from premiering as Reunited Worlds finishes its run this week in the Wed-Thurs slot. This will hopefully be third time’s also a charm for screenwriter Park Hye Ryun, who has delivered for SBS on the Wed-Thurs time slot two previously successful dramas both starring the same leading man as well. I Hear Your Voice put them both on the map and Pinocchio confirmed their collaboration works marvelously. Her dramas have this dreamy vibe in promos which continues now with the just released character posters of leads Lee Jong Seok and Suzy, while his looks like it could be from either IHYV or Pinocchio her poster really grabs my attention from the drape of her bangs between her eyes to the expression of pensive concern. There are also new drama stills showing the supporting cast of Lee Sang Yeob, Go Sung Hee, and hilarious character actor Min Sung Wook.


Character Posters of Lee Jong Seok and Suzy for While You Were Sleeping — 13 Comments

  1. Okay but the side characters look so much more interesting and they actually look like old enough to be prosecutors. Is Lee Sang Yeob the second male lead? He should be the first male lead. His acting and visuals alone are much, much better than Lee Ddochi’s, sorry not sorry. Hell, I’d even watch a drama with Min Sung Wook as a lead rather than Lee Ddochi. The leads are so unexciting. Suzy looks stoned in that poster, and those stills are reeking of bad acting. That’s the first decent picture I’ve seen of Lee Ducky. Despite his plastic nose, his side profile is better.

    • @prettyautumn, I understand clearly that you don’t like LJS. But please stop the name calling. It’s not cool at all. It’s even considered as a verbal abuse. I’m not even a fan of LJS, but I feel fed up of you saying on and on and on, in a rude manner, how weird he looks. If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

      • The dedication to display what he/ she hates is no joke. I knew some of my bias actors will likely in his/her of hatelist(is that even a word?) because they got plastic surgery. *sigh*

    • oh my god.. whats your problem actually….or maybe you are a secret fan of lee jong suk. you give a bad comment for him just to make the actor you bashed got popular..? or you really just hate him..but i do really hate your comment.. there is no respect in every single words that you write..and you know when you busy make a bad comment about LJS or suzy or this drama,theyr all still going high..still got cast for work and still success and just wanna say to will be better spread the good thing than the bad thing…

  2. I’m sad for Reunited Worlds to end because I’m really loving that one, but ahhh, I’m looking forward to WYWS, too. SBS is just having a good streak right now…

  3. I will give it a go since Viki seems to have picked this up. With legal sites getting less licensing options, I can’t be that picky. I’m one for two on liking this writer so we’ll see how it goes. Also gonna start Temperature for Love (or whatever the title is) today and continue Hospital Ship (which is fine when they are on the ship and kind of blah the minute they walk into the hospital).

  4. This drama has me very intrigued!I do notebook know what to expect from him. And with these posters muito curiosity increases even more.
    From sad and emotionally intense moments to hilarious moments of madness and Fun. And it seems that we will also have deep moments of reflection

  5. from that all pictures.. i really have high expectation for this drama.. i cant wait for this drama release.. and i really hope this drama will make a big rating in korea. i hv watched dream high and pinocio..and i really love both drama,totally inspiring drama..and this time..while you were sleeping wish it doing well and daebak..

  6. Anyway, Lee Sang Yeob looks mighty fine and I sincerely hope there won’t be any triangle because I don’t want another Im Joo Hwan in Uncontrollably Fond flashback. I hope PHR pairs him with Go Sung Hee, she looks promising here although she’s a bit on lackluster side in acting department. Lee Sang Yeob and Min Sung Wook look mighty fine in those tailored suits.

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