Temperature of Love Premieres to Mon-Tues Ratings Win Despite Not Breaking 10% Ratings

A win is a win so I’m sure SBS is happy that it’s latest Mon-Tues offering continues the network dominance in that time slot. With that said, Temperature of Love premiered with 7.1% and 8.0% AGB nationwide ratings in the first two episodes, enough to lead the competition but it’s a sad state of affairs when none of the prime time dramas broke 10%. Second place A King Loves is heading towards a tomorrow and the penultimate episodes brought in 5.8% and 6.8% ratings, while over on KBS the 8-episode Lingerie Girls (Girls Generation 1979) garnered 4.1% ratings for episode 3.

Clearly viewer attrition and general television watching apathy is here to stay and unless there is one drama, or more than one, that hooks the audience then viewers are just not going to tune in leading to low ratings all around rather than redistribution. On the other hand, it is a rarity nowadays for romance dramas to win a time slot so congrats to Temperature of Love and leads Seo Hyun Jin and Yang Se Jong, and a special treat for me to just watch all the Kim Jae Wook to my heart’s content.


Temperature of Love Premieres to Mon-Tues Ratings Win Despite Not Breaking 10% Ratings — 47 Comments

  1. Goes on to show how well Live up to your Name is doing. More than 6% in cable for a rom com is really impressive without a star writer. But I suppose it does have a super star cast in KNG.

    In more related news, I liked the first episode of this although it was slightly on the slower side. It somehow reminds me of Love Rain wth JGS and Yoona and I had an embarrassing love affair with that drama. So fingers crossed!

  2. Lack of chemistry, cheesy lines and very old style of romcom story. I feel Seo Hyun Jin has the same kinda acting style in every dramas she’s in. The way she talks, surprise, laughing or being 4D all reminds me her old character in Lets Eat and Another Miss Oh.

    The male lead has robotic expressions and though I know this is noona romance, but feels like watching aunty and boy romance instead. Boy, we have so many noonoa romance in the real age actually. Ha Ji Won-Ji Jang Wook, lee Bo Young-Lee Jung Suk, Yumi-Sung Joon and so many. But I think this is the worst cast ever done in korean drama. He extremely looks so young next to him.

    The story is unbelievable. How can he asked for date at the first they met not even knowing her name. And next, maybe he ask for kiss and then sleep with him? Wow!! lol

    • I think the problem is that they should have cast a young (because of the storyline) but more experienced actor like in HJW-JCW, LBY-LJS etc..where the noona romance still works.

      I think the dynamics of Seo Hyun Jin and Kim Jae Wook should be better..

    • @Fly

      I have to agree with your comments, unlike HJW and KMH, the chemistry in this romance feels off. I can’t put my finger on it, they both feel awkward with each other even though they are both charismatic actors.

      She does look like his aunt, if only because he comes across as really young. Maybe it’s deliberate, because he was able to pull off appearing much older than his actual age in Duel. I’m hoping that when he settles into his role, the age gap won’t be so jarring.

      Also, this role feels like Another extension of Another Miss Oh. It feels like Seo Hyun Jin is playing the role exactly the same. I like her to bits, but it feels kind of one note?

      I like the low key vibe of this drama, so I’ll be watching this to see how the drama develops.

    • You hit the nail on the head. I was looking forward to this because of Seo Hyun Jin, but her role and acting are too similar with her previous roles. This writer isn’t good, but somehow she manages to deliver decently ratings-wise, her last work being a literal hit. It’s still quite early to say, but I didn’t feel much chemistry either. Guess Yang Se Jong was too inexperienced to be a male lead and to be paired with SHJ

  3. I didn’t watch it yet. But I like Lingerie Girls, there is no famous actor/actress and it’s only 8 episodes, but the story is nice and nostalgic.

      • As I’ve already written, dramabeans is packed people with herd mentality and they have their certain designated favorites. There’s no real critical observation, just pretense. If someone says one critical thing against their faves, like Jag Hyuk, you’ll get laughed off and any consequent comment you write on that site, people won’t consider your opinions and they certainly won’t up-vote you. Been there, done that 🙂

      • I lurked at DB too but not a registered beanie. I somewhat agree with you, in DB, comments tend trying to be too sophisticated.

      • Is there any good site to read k-drama recaps? Ms Koala used to give nice & insightful recaps but she stops… I have to agree DB has lots of very repetitive comments and one may post 20 times on the same recap!! Definitely not a site to read comments. I find more fun here ?

    • Me too, Just seeing the girls dancing on Gimme Gimme…Of ABBA made me laugh . They don’t want a man after midnight but a sweet first love ala The Carpenters !!!, i love Age of youth too ( some touching moments) and Save Me ” thrill and intensity” guaranted !

      • Such great songs selected for the right moments. And this drama is much more than teenage love. Watch it !

  4. I think I get enough of Seo Hyun Jin with the same characters. She needs to explore her acting with totally different roles. And I don’t find the chemistry at all between all the casts (yet).

    Her best partner until now is Eric. Other than that, nope.

    Kim Ji Wook need to find more challenging roles. Such a waste for him being second lead with so-so character.

    The boy should get more experiences before act as first lead.

    Sorry, I had high expectation before for this drama. The reality is hurt.

      • Haha I agree, Yang Se Jong seems to be in awe with Kim Jae Wook.

        KJW is just so charismatic and I hope he could lead a drama in his next project.

        Got a feeling he will be underutilised as second lead here.

    • Kim Jae Wook’s few scenes stole the show lmao he’s amazing. Also his scene w/ SHJ was really good.

      I’m just gonna watch for him. I wish Jo Bo Ah and him had a love line at least….I think they’d look cute.

  5. First episode and people are already ranting about the lack of chemistry, the acting and so on…Truth is you already wrote off this drama because of your bias against this kind of romance. As for me, the only thing I’m wary about is the writing (High Society and Doctors were meh)and that’s why I hope the casting will at least make up for that weakness.

    I have no complaint whatsoever with the first episode except for the terrible choice of music at the restaurant :/ Who thought it was a good idea to put Hélène Rolles as background music? (I almost spat out my tea at that moment *rolleyes*) As a French, Hélène Rolles is not what I would consider good music, that’s rather the contrary (only palatable if you’re a teen and even then…) There are better female artists to represent French music such as Zaz, Christine and the Queens and for the classic : Edith Piaf and Céline Dion (French Canadian).

    • I liked the first episode as well and was fine with the chemistry. The writer is also what I am most concerned about. I didn’t get past the first episode of High Society and finished Doctors only through skipping unnecessary scenes.

      Interesting about the music; I would never have known.

    • I haven’t Watch the episode yet, but seriously H Rolles !!! She’s not a singer ! She’s a relic of 90’s sitcom. Don’t they know that we are in 2017 !

    • i love Edith piaf but i have enough that foreigners only hear her songs , i’s the same with Portugal and Amelia Rodrigues . Too cliche. We have a lot of artists to be proud of .

  6. I haven’t seen this yet but I like the cast well enough. The ratings might go up today, who knows. But still it seems this drama will stay in first place because 20th Century seems to have an erratic filming schedule because of the protests.

  7. I don’t understand why the writer likes to include controversial age differences when she can’t even do it well, and her writing is weird as well.

  8. They have resumed filming today according to Soompi. Personally, I find 20th century likely to win as it includes both friendship + romance.

  9. I don’t know what to think , but Alfred Hitchcock one of the most talented directors of all of the time used to say that a good movie is 90% about good cast , good actors.

  10. Yang SeJong is a noona killer. I love him here. Seo HyunJin did not fail me again. Kim JaeWook is cool and I like to see him more. Jo BoAh is good as well. All the 4 leads here are proven actors/actresses. I have faith in them to deliver.

  11. I don’t like noona romance being honest. Just because I can’t enjoy it perfectly. This drama is lucky not to get drama in their production like MBC’s having now. I think they will stay #1 in time slot.

    About Seo Hyun Jin, she’s good but her acting is too overacted for my taste. But I love her with Eric in Another Miss Oh. I think they compliment each other’s weakness and strength so well. I hope she will get chance to work with him again in romcom though he’s taken. Or she should paired with someone as manly as him because she looks cute beside him. The male lead in this drama has too young looks.

  12. 20th century boy and girl resumed filming today, so it will still premiere on time next week. I personally think its gonna get high ratings – it has both romance and friendship elements; and a pretty stellar cast.

  13. I’m going to watch the first episode tonight, but some of these reviews are making me question that. I’ll give at least the first couple a try and hope I can stick with it. I need a good fall romance 🙁 Any recommendations??

  14. So far I like it a lot, leads have great chemistry. Don’t know why people rave about kim Jea wook he always looks like his smirking which I find annoying. Yeah the french song was a bit wierd my mother recognized the song and laughed.I don’t like the leads for 20century not sure I’ll watch it.

  15. I watched the first four episodes and I’m surprised by how much I liked it, considering some comments here. I didn’t find them lacking chemistry, they actually suit each other and the dialogues are really good and intelligent which is important. I’m not specially a fan of noona romance but this one feels so natural maybe because even if the male lead is young (23), his character is mature and responsible,he doesn’t act his age at all, it just balances well with the heroine (29). I’m looking forward for the next episodes, there hasn’t been any eye catching dramas for me at the moment, apart from Age of Youth 2.

  16. To my surprise, the chemistry between SHJ and YSJ is immediate and palpable. I thought KJW will steal the limelight but it hasn’t happened. The confession in ep 1 is believable too, which in fact laid down the tone for the different temperature leading to separation. Really love what I’ve seen so far and the production value has also set it apart from others.

  17. i watch episode 1-2 last night and feel that the story a bit boring and editing a bit messy. 1 hour feel so long. Like some said, seo hyun jin acting is repetitive like in AOHY. Will see how the next episode later to decide to continue or miss it.

  18. I have enjoyed it so far. I like the vibe of this drama.

    Sure Seo Hyun-jin is kinda repetitive … but nevertheless, I am going to continue the journey.

  19. I think the leads chemistry is good so far, not amazing but not awkward. I’m glad they don’t look as mismatched in the drama as they did on the posters. It’s a bit on the boring side but the slice of life vibe and the natural dialogue keeps me fairly engaged. I’m also interested in seeing how their relationship develops, falls apart and grows from there but as long as it stays realistic and keeps with the slice of life theme. The estranged mom character already worries me a bit.

    I will say I’m a bit underwhelmed by both male leads but I have a feeling they are being directed to act more cool and muted at this stage of the drama. I really hope KJW isn’t underutilized and I want to see YSJ smile more though, his smile is heavenly.

    Jo Boa is bright and cute as usual and I hope the character mostly stays that way. I’m really glad to see her looking healthy after her serious health scare awhile ago! SHJ is very likeable as usual.

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