K-actress Lee Shi Young Glowing in Romantic Aura Wedding Photos

I totally get the warm and fuzzies when I laid eyes on K-actress Lee Shi Young‘s just released wedding pictorial. She’s tying the knot this weekend with her fiancee and also baby daddy as the two are expecting their first child come early 2018. Nothing wrong with getting a head start and frankly the way he looks at her just screams total and complete adoration. She is glowing in these pictures which eschews the far flung expensive location shoot for warmth in the couple’s indoor shots and cultural underpinnings of South Korean life for the traditional hanbok pictures. Wishing the happy couple a safe remainder of the pregnancy and a lifetime of wedded bliss.


K-actress Lee Shi Young Glowing in Romantic Aura Wedding Photos — 12 Comments

  1. Wow. I don’t normally comment on wedding shots as the bride is usually pretty. But the simple shots here look so meaningful. Love the traditional and modern wedding hanbok.


  2. Oh she’s gorgeous and the pictures are so lovely. I like how she’s unique in her decisions, a maverick and not one to follow the crowd. Blessings and a hearty congrats to her, the groom and her family!

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