Jung So Min and Lee Min Ki are Quirky Matches in Promos and Press Conference for This Life is Our First

There’s quite a handful of new K-dramas arriving next week and the first to drop next Monday October 9th is tvN Mon-Tues rom-com This Life is Our First.  The drama marks Lee Min Ki’s first drama lead return in ten years since Dalja’s Spring, whereas Jung So Min has been in a drama tear in recent years most recently with the hit weekend drama Father is Strange. These two seem like a quirky lead cast made in drama heaven so hopefully the story and execution makes full use of their nuanced acting talents. Rounding out the cast in what appears to be separate pairings are Park Byung Eun with Kim Ga Eun and Kim Min Seok and Esom. The cohabitation concept and the main character personalities reminds me a bit of recent J-dorama hit Nigeru wa Haji da ga Yaku ni Tatsu (We Married as a Job), and if it’s anything like that then audiences have a treat on our hands.

Preview for episode 1 of This Life is Our First:


Jung So Min and Lee Min Ki are Quirky Matches in Promos and Press Conference for This Life is Our First — 13 Comments

  1. Sorry Jung So Min, I have to skip your drama! I just can’t stand Lee Min Ki.
    His sexual assault scandal left a bad taste and I can’t even give him the benefit of the doubt because everything was shady and covered up quickly. What’s up with male actors in public service who co clubbing and then sexually assault girls? Plus, Lee Min Ki’s acting is bad and underwhelming and he looks too disturbing, his face is ugly and weird. It’s an achievement that his whole face looks uglier than LJS’s plastic nose

    • Agree with what you said.

      Plus, i feel the comedic vibe kinda slapstick. There is no draw factor. Going to pass this one.

    • Haha, so righteous. It looks like on the surface, South Korea doesn’t care about negative image, especially their males. Look at Park Si Hoo. He’s getting his CFs back. I am waiting to see Kim Hyung Joong acting again.

      • Kim Hyun Joong aka butthole attacker (really, some allkpop comments are hilariously on point) is such a bad actor. He is so lackluster and he singlehandedly made BoF, Playfull kiss and Inspiring Generation so much worse. Who in their right minds would ever be a fan of him anyway or even want to watch him in anything? I have seen Park Shi Hoo in Confession of Murder only (in an airplane lol) and that’s it. He isn’t memorable at all. People are watching his drama because of the plot and the female lead. If you’re rich and influential enough, you can buy yourself ’innocence’ and apparently fame again.

      • What????? PSH getting CF back? WTH!!!!
        And there are talented actors with good image like Lee Jun Ki and Kim Nam Gil not getting any CF offers?
        Screw SK!!!!

    • I agree Park SHi Hoo and Kim Hyun Joong is not a good actor and I don’t care if I lose them in entertainment. But Not Lee Min Ki though. He is really a good actor. Thanks God I’m not following his scandal, I can separate drama character with real life personality. Or else I will never be able to watch Evasive Agency Enquiry with so much enoyable right now.

  2. That’s a lovely dress Jung so min is wearing. I did not like much my father is strange get conference dress but this one she looks so pretty

  3. Yes, Ms Koala. There are numerous new dramas appearing next week. 20th century boy and girl and Witches court arrived next Monday also. It will be interesting to see whether Temperature of Love will maintain its lead at its time slot.

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