Liu Shi Shi Does Romantic Safari Chic for Elle China August Edition

C-actress Liu Shi Shi debuted a short shaggy tipped haircut in recent months and the verdict is mixed on the look for this very delicate classic beauty. I love the intent and desire to change things up but find the exact style of her short shag not particularly well snipped. Maybe a professional hair stylist can explain why it’s very expertly cut but it mostly looks messy in real life. However, whoever styled her hair in the late summer edition of Elle China did a fantastic job, I love how it had body and edge paired nicely with the Chanel fall collection she’s modeling that is straight Out of Africa crossed with some chinoiserie influences. The faux indoor sand backdrop is rather cheesy but the tan really looks soothing to the eye and frames the mostly white outfits quite well.


Liu Shi Shi Does Romantic Safari Chic for Elle China August Edition — 4 Comments

  1. I love her she’s so pretty and elegant :):) n i really like her drama lost love in times with william chan..reminds me so much of 10 miles of peach blossoms which i really really love too..

  2. I love this photoshoot! Looking at recent photos, her boyish cut for her hair did seem to have been done haphazardly, especially the bangs, but the styling for this is amazing!

  3. She looks fantastic! Was this an old photoshoot that only saw the light of day now? I thought she is supposed to be pregnant since the announcement in April?

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