tvN Drama This Life is Our First Hits a Home Run in Narrative and Acting Awesomeness Right Off the Bat

My favorite new K-drama is here and Mon-Tues will be owned by tvN‘s cohabitation rom-com This Life is Our First. As suspected when I heard the premise and saw the first promos, this is the K-version of hit J-dorama Nigeru wa Haji da ga Yaku ni Tatsu (We Married as a Job or the literal translation title of Runaway is Ashamed But Helpful) which spawned a hit dance routine and elevated the careers of leads Aragaki Yui and Hoshino Gen.

It’s not a direct adaptation since the backgrounds and whys of how leads Jung So Min and Lee Min Ki end up living together are different, but done in a way that makes This Life meaningful with the Korean influences and a story all its own. So far it’s fantabulous and also the Jung So Min show as she is luminous, lovable, and shining so bright I’m getting full blown Yoon Eun Hye in her prime flashbacks. Lee Min Ki nails his slightly Aspergers character and is the perfect foil for Jung So Min’s warmth and 30 year old womanly hopes, dreams, and despairs. I love this drama so much already!

This Life is Our First has solid for cable ratings that are on the right trajectory: episode 1 got 2.023% AGN nationwide which went up to 2.647% in the second episode. The supporting characters are amusing in their own way and there are plenty of good well meaning people along with the smattering of more self-absorbed ones to keep the conflicts alive to press the story forward. Can’t wait for next week when the fake marriage begins, and more house cat in all their living room scenes please!


tvN Drama This Life is Our First Hits a Home Run in Narrative and Acting Awesomeness Right Off the Bat — 26 Comments

    • It’s definitely a rip off from the Japanese version except that the female lead came in as a housekeeper first, rather than a housemate. I’ve watched the first 2 episodes and it was an easy watch. I wasn’t too keep on Lee Min-Ki cos I couldn’t forget his sexual assault case where got mysteriously acquitted.

  1. I am so on the same page with you Ms. Koala! I love this drama so far. I haven’t always loved Jung So Min in her roles but this character is so engaging and somehow more genuine. Looking forward to more episodes.

  2. I love this drama already. The premise is not new but the they execute it in a way it looks refreshing. I love the fact they are not developing the otp relationship right off the bat, instead they introduce our leads everyday life to how they met later feels refreshing. Really good first 2 episode.

  3. Lee Min-ki’s character really makes me laugh out loud several times
    I’m loving all aspects of this drama, especially the cat! Also, apart from the OTP, the two side OTPs seem interesting as well.

  4. I am sooo excited about liking a drama…the series that came out a few month back just were not my cup of tea….but I am loving this drama a lot.

  5. I was pleasantly surprised how solid the first two episodes was also. I thought it had similarities to ‘Full House’ but with more relatable characters.

  6. “Buamdong Revenge Social Club” even achieved higher ratings. The drama rose to gain 4.8% by episode 2, means performing better than this drama.

    I don’t enjoy TLIMF. Mainly because Lee Min Ki gave me a creep. And co-habitation in K-dramas feel very stale.

  7. Roco of the year. Simply amazing and easy to catch. Love the chemistry of stouc and cheerful character. Jung So Min is really reminds me of Yoon Eun Hye. Like her alot. Naturally cute.
    Buamdong had better ratings doesn’t surprise me since it has lots of senior actors but TLIMF has no star power plus Lee Minki sexual case but the show is too charming to be ignored. Waiting for more episodes.

  8. I think my grip with this show if this is indeed nigeru remake or influenced by nigeru is probably the male lead. It’s not about acting but in nigeru, hoshino gen is shorter and you can see that the portrayal about the attraction is beyond what is seen but because they saw that they need each other.

    here both of the lead is attractive as hell and the drama like to downplay that [which doesn’t even make sense] and I feel that Kdrama still doesn’t want to lose their perfect boyfriend stereotype, not just the appearance wise but the male father is also really rich.

    Why can’t they just become a normal average person with an unusual storyline?

  9. I don’t always agree with Koala’s comments but recently we have been on the same page. The first episode of This Life is our First made me laugh out loud a few times and definitely gives off J drama vibes. A very refreshing watch indeed. I am enjoying this more than WYWS.

  10. It’s really charming and the cat part just won me over totally, lol.

    Also Jung So Min is great in this role. She has so much warmth and expressiveness in her face, I actually liked her more than Lee Min Ki in ep 1 and 2 (he felt a little unnatural in ep 1 and not because of the character, it felt like acting but in ep 2 he’s better). She’s really great, I hope we see her in more drama leads.

  11. Also it’s funny you mention Yoon Eun Hye, because my first impression of Jung So Min was that she looked like a baby Yoon Eun Hye.

  12. I like Jung so min since her debut and i’m really happy to see her getting more lead roles. She didn’t have the same opportunities like other actresses less talented but she worked in various roles, getting more and more experience. Go girl and don’t lose your passion . As for Yoon Eun Hye, i’m sad that we didn’t have the chance to see her this year either and fear that she seems to have lost her passion . Hope that i’m wrong.

  13. Yes.. I’m in love with this dramas.. it’s looks fresh .. wish it continues the awesome till last episode.. Lee min ki Jung so min fighting ❤?

  14. Love it! Love it! I forgot how much I missed and needed Lee Min Ki in my life. And Jung So Min is rocking it! This is romcom done right!

  15. was actually waiting for you to write about this Koala! It is really good and Lee Min Ki is back!!!!! My heart! I also noticed that Jung So Min looks a bbit like Yoon Eun Hye. Love this drama! ant wait fro next week

  16. Yes..agree for the narative..the bust station scene or the dark tunnel scene..whoah..something different that I found..

    I also felt in the first episode abou the similiarity with j-dorama married as a job. I’ve searched, but I couldnt found the official statement about that.

    But it’s okay..I’ll continue to love this drama no matter what ??.

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