Hyun Bin Goes Gruff and Scruffy at Press Conference for K-movie The Swindlers

There’s no such thing as lucky or successful forever, and the same goes for the preternaturally good looking. Even visual gods and goddesses have to stumble and one of the stalwarts of K-ent took a nose dive this week promoting his upcoming movie. Hyun Bin was out at the press conference for The Swindlers costarring Yoo Ji Tae and Park Sung Woong, yet another well cast movie full of heavy weights who are also exceedingly easy on the eyes. Unfortunately Binnie decided to emerge from what must have been a summer living in the mountains alone and return to civilization, putting on a suit and attending the event sporting shaggy hair and a copious growth of facial hair. It’s still his impeccable facial features underneath but oh boy does he look like the worse of Ryu Seung Bom and Won Bin mixed together. Maybe he’s not bothering with grooming now that girlfriend Kang Sora is busy filming a K-drama, lol.


Hyun Bin Goes Gruff and Scruffy at Press Conference for K-movie The Swindlers — 32 Comments

      • What problem? He can look as scruffy all he wants to and it wouldn’t be a problem for me. I love it, you can’t ruin this guys good looks no matter what, mother nature is definitely on his side, and it’s the side I love. He looks good especially still wearing his iconic dimples and GQ suit, love it. Looking forward to the “Swindlers”, his latest movie is it, wow, I’m ready. He can get away with whatever look he wants. Even that facial hair in that movie “Fatal Encounter” didn’t bother me at all.

    • Yes, Hyun Bin looks strangely sexy in long hair and unshaven look.

      One of those few actors who look good both ways – all clean and shaven or when a little unkempt hahaha.

  1. I think he’s filming a period film at the moment and that’s why he’s grown out his hair and now has a beard.

    This whole post sounds immature, bashing a guy for his hair and making fun of him for such a small thing. Of course you’re entitled to your opinion but I’m not sure I agree. What do I know, anyway

  2. Binnie looks so handsome. Agree that his hair should have been neatly combed to match with the suit… Looks like he has gained some weight… Cute dimples 🙂

  3. I sureley don’t agree with you Koala! He looks sooo hot and sexy with that beard. This look reminds me the Snow Queen days. First drama I watched with him and developped a huge crush on him.

    • Oh I was thinking the same ! He was so hot in this drama ! He was really manly, I liked his outfits (so better than Secret Garden or My Name os Kim Sam Soon).

    • From what I’ve noticed Koreans seem pretty averse to long hair and facial hair on men but I might be wrong. I think it’s why you rarely see male celebs sporting either unless it’s for a role.

      It’s really too bad because many of them look really sexy and masculine with both and our poor eyes are being deprived.

  4. His looks have declined. I think he’s the type that the older he gets, the more unattarctive he’ll get. I think he has a trauma from dramas after that Hyde, Jekyll and Me fiasco after his military service. Confidential Assignment saved him from getting into the realm of oblivion and irrelevance..

  5. I think the hair is alright..he can rock it with a few adjustments..But somehow am not feeling the beard/facial hair look on him.

  6. May I suppose he is filming something in those mountains OcKoala mentioned?
    Not a historical drama, but a deep psychological one

    • are you kidding? “grandad”? how old are you?? My dad who is in his 40’s looks a bit older… how old is your grandad? huh?? Please don’t exaggerate! He may look like a dad, but definitely not a grandad…

  7. Hello everyone! Reading the comments made me really laugh out loud. If you have been a long time reader of Koala you would get her drift. It is just an observation and an opinion. Like myself, didn’t really paid attention to him til he was paired with Ha Ji Won and thought, Uhhh he was too skinny. But then after a while he grew on me. In this photo, he does look unkempt but you can still see hottie side of him. Peace!

  8. Binnie is ‘ROCKIN the HOTTNESS’ and looking FINE!…whoever wrote the post …did they ever stop to think that he may even look this way for something else he is shooting???? ;but either way – IT LOOKS FABULOUS…nice bit of eye candy – a girl can’t complain about THAT!!!…lol

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