Park Shin Hye Plays Top Hallyu Star Opposite Kim Jae Woon in Temperature of Love Cameo

Whether or not Park Shin Hye‘s cameo in SBS drama Temperature of Love moves the dropped ratings back up again is beside the point for me, I’m just relieved to have a positive and non-frustrating reason to keep watching the drama. At this point it’s not quite hate-watch yet, that would require more emotional attachment and even the characters I like such as Kim Jae Wook‘s second male lead are just not dynamic enough for me to love. Insofar as there are characters more appealing than others it’s the result of the others being so unappealing as written and to a lesser extent acted out.

I’m happy that Park Shin Hye is so loyal to screenwriter Ha Myung Hee who did Doctors with her to come back for a cameo scene where she approaches Kim Jae Wook’s agency president to voice her support for prickly screenwriter Seo Hyun Jin‘s script. That her cameo is a scene with Kim Jae Wook is even more exciting! One of the consistent highlights of Temperature of Love has been the stylish outfits all the leads sport in every scene but it’s curious that Park Shin Hye is wearing an over-sized double breasted suit that isn’t all that pretty but may be a coming trend and I’m sure she’ll rock.


Park Shin Hye Plays Top Hallyu Star Opposite Kim Jae Woon in Temperature of Love Cameo — 35 Comments

  1. I want to see her act with Kim Jae Wook suddenly after seeing thise scene. Or maybe an espionage drama with Jo Boah and Seo Hyun Jin too, Korean writers please make this happen!! seo Hyun Jin and Park Shin Hye are so damn gorgeous!

  2. She should have married Kim Jae Wook’s character and take him away from there and save us from this misery! KJW definitely deserves better

  3. This looks like a really nice cameo but I’m not sure I will watch.

    This drama should not have been 20 episodes because it’s starting to drag which is par for course for most dramas that are this long. The split 30 minute episode format makes it feel even longer! And yes KJW deserves so much better, he’s in an endless line of good actors wasted in a kdrama.

    • Yes its so draggy I have dropped it already. Maybe will just watch this episode for scene where PSH cameo

      Agree KJW deserves much better.

      • Although their chemistry is not as strong as I would like, the main couple is still the only real draw for me because I like the way they are written in terms of their healthy relationship.

        The writer is doing a great job with them but everything else is quite weak. Hopefully it gets better but I’m sticking to recaps for now. I’m not the type to watch dramas I have to ffwd through.

  4. If psh has longer airing time as a cameo, like those cameo in Doctors, that will be great. With her long hitaus in dramaland, her fans missed her even she just appeared for 2/3 mins.

  5. Witch’s Court has completely taken over now..Seo Hyun Jin needs to try other genres(so far, she has done mostly saeguk and romance) and revamp her acting style just a little bit.

    Also no more starring opposite young male actors.Her look and acting is the mature kind.So she will shine with actors around her age and with as much acting experience as her.

    • I think it was a bad choice for SHJ to do this drama. The script writer – Ha Myung Hee is just boring. I knew after Doctors to avoid her dramas forever.

    • Seo Hyun Jin is good but I think she’s too overrated. In fact, the high-rated dramas she was in had another big name. Another Oh Hae Young was originally promoted by Eric as the main and Romantic Teacher was Han Suk Kyu.

      This drama kinda proof she’s still can’t carry the show by her own name. She reminds me Jung Yu Mi. They can be scene stealer but difficult for them to shine by their own.

  6. Park Shin Hye is lovely here looking stylish, classy and graceful in that..”.over sized “jacket !
    Didn’t want her to disappear from the screen….?

  7. PSH looked luminous in the way she was presented on the show, it’s almost like they were having a real fan and fav convo. Fans surely miss her in a drama, just 2 months till 2018 and not reading any casting for her. I also just watched the show for her! ?

  8. I was actually very disappointed with sh cameo. I thought she will came out as snobby b*tch diva top star. But than, her character was very sh in real life. Even the convo sound similar to what ppl said about her when the saw her irl.. Lol

    And for just 2 sec cameo, the hype is really too much. But, I take what I can at this point 😀

    • Well because it’s only a short appearance ( less than 3 minutes) so she was pretty acting as herself- A Hallyu star
      And the hype is “too much” because she is Park Shin Hye who has been absent for over a year. She was trending everywhere even with that 2 second cameo LOL

      • Yeah.. I know she was trending everywhere (even nate) with that 2 sec cameo. Tbh, it’s good seeing how everyone misses her on screen

  9. @kdramafans.ina, it’s because it’s CAMEO. It’s kind of the purpose of a cameo. Actors portray themselves in cameo. Besides, Yoo Hye Jung was never a snobby character. All cameos have “hype” because that is the purpose of a cameo. Why else would be stars cameoing? And why do you want all female stars to be snobby bitches?

    • Agree with @yany, maybe coz it’s only 2 sec cameo that’s why she plays herself. I initially thought it will be like doctors cameo where they all have their own story to tell.

      It’s not that I want female star to be b*tch.I just thought it will be refreshing to see sh play something like song yi from mlfts or even worst ?

      • Isn’t that what auditions are for? Or do they do auditions there? PSH should herself come forward and choose different projects. But some of her fans are really whacko. Poor PSH, she can’t even choose different roles and projects because her fans will never be happy. Just lurked her and her agency’s instagram comments. They’re saying that they are upset with her new movie because she isn’t the female lead and then accuse her of being lazy (when she’s probably just choosing her next film carefully). But if PSH wants to be taken more seriously, she should just finally choose actual adult roles and widen her range. Her drama career is unexciting tbh

      • @prettyautumn I don’t think they do audition for big stars in Korea mostly for newbies and idols who have no or little experience. PSH indeed work much less than other young actresses her age and doesn’t take big roles in movies… So what’s wrong for her fans to complain if it’s because they miss her and want to see more of her?
        Her drama career is boring because it’s safe. That’s why she got to be where she is at right now. But she plays more variety in her movies even it’s smaller roles. She has her own thought and plan even I don’t always agree with her… But she is a smart and careful girl

      • @Yany, ’’what’s wrong for her fans to complain if it’s because they miss her and want to see more of her?’’…………… I’m not her biggest fan but here’s my input

        These ’fans’ say that they are disappointed that she only acted in one movie this year (2017) and she isn’t even the main character. First of all, how on earth can she be the main character in a movie lead by Choi Min Sik?

        Second, PSH is one of the main characters there, it’s an ensemble cast (well, in the original one her character was important), and even if it’s a small role, it’s Choi F*cking Min Sik. She is acting with the acting legend, the actor whose film even got an Oscar nomination (Oldboy, 2003). And director Jung Ji Woo who cast her for that role, means that she is gradually getting better chances in Chungmuro instead of being just a hallyu and CF star. I believe even she doesn’t want to be just a CF and hallyu star, she wants to be seen as a real actress too. But all some of her fans seems to care about is hallyu popularity.

        Third, I lurk many Korean actors and actresses instagrams time to time and quite incidentally, I observed that these complaining fans are the same ’fans’ who started bitching about her not coming back to dramas and posting pictures of her cats and Portland just two (2) months after Doctors finished and she was still filming Silent Witness. She and Kim Go Eun and Kim Yoo Jung have the weirdest fans (i-fans mainly).

        This is a proof that some of her fans (the dumb, delusional ones) don’t give a damn about her as an actress. They are saying things like ’’How long are you going to play with your cat and travel?’’ and ’’You are losing popularity, look at Suzy and Yoona doing more dramas than you, lazy’’.
        Of course fans can miss their bias as much as they like, but these types of comments are a testament and the pinnacle of the stupidity of her fandom. There are some fans who don’t even seem to want her to better herself as an actress. All they rant about is that Shin Hye is blessed by God and God will give her a good husband and she has a beautiful heart for doing charity and she will take only good girl roles because she has mother and father blah blah blah. They’re incidentally also Geunshin/Yongshin fans. Don’t get me started on certain shippers, all of them are annoying af, and they certainly don’t want her to develop as an actress.

        PSH doesn’t work less than actresses her age actually, the workload is similar, if you compare to Park Bo Young, Kang Sora or Baek Jin Hee. What she lacks is versatility (and in my opinion, maturity). I don’t blame her for acting candy roles because there aren’t much great female characters written to begin with, but she needs to consider completely different roles if she intends her acting to be taken seriously.
        She has had some gems in her filmography and they’ve been some obscure dramas and films ages ago. But her acting career will not be interesting until she stops ruining herself with dramas like Heirs and Heartstrings. She needs to take better roles and if it means staying in Chungmuro, even as a supporting actress, for the next 2 or 3 years, then she should do that. But I’m certain that some ’fans’ will hate on her for that.

  10. @prettyautumn
    1. They actually said she will lead the drama along with CMS when the news first came out. But from teasers and everything we have seen she is just one of the supporting roles. PSH has done many small roles in movies all the time so her fans should be used to it. But they were promised something different hence their expectation was higher this time. Of course how can she be lead when there is CMS but they expect her role was bigger as they were promised.
    2. PSH knows that and is careful about chungmuro. Her reason for accepting the movie is the f*cking CMS like you said. Most of her fans are internal fans and don’t know much about chungmuro. What do you expect? But they have their reasons as I explained in 1.

    And her role is the original is much bigger and CMS’s role in the original isn’t the biggest. In fact their change all the importance of the roles in the remake. While there were 3 equal main leads in original, CMS is the lead and the rest are just supporting him in the remake

    3. They are popular among ifans. Hence they have more international fans. You might think it’s unreasonable but I find it’s normal that fans want to see more of their favorite actors and actresses. The others don’t have that many international fans so you don’t see those “weird” one as much.

    Wow you call her fans are dumb because their priority or thinking isn’t the same with you? The bad ones are usually the most vocal one. I’m her fans and I rarely post anything on her SNS. Since she doesn’t have time to read them all anyway. But fans are fans and they love and care for her in their own way. Some of them are very young and are kpop fans so their knowledges are limited. But she respect and is thankful for all the love. So mind you own business and leave her fans alone if you can’t respect them

    I’m not saying they are great but I fight with her fans all the times. But there are bad and good ones in every fandoms. I know some of her fans care only about her career and want her to be a better actress. But she likes to take things slow and enjoy her life so we respect her wishes.
    And I don’t consider “the shippers” are her fans. Since they mostly care about their ship than her or her career.

    4. It depends on who you compared her with. Like after Pinocchio and Doctors, all her costars have worked on their new projects way before she confirms her next project. PBY has less drama but her movie profile is much better. KSR and PJH aren’t as popular or should I say “in demand” as she is. Let’s look at LSK, SSK, SHJ, Yoona, etc… But I’m glad she enjoys her life too.
    And like you said there isn’t much variety in dramas anyways, most female leads are love interest for the male leads especially in the past. Thing got better but it still lacks of variety in female roles and projects in both movie and drama. I wasn’t happy with her choice at times but I can’t blame her taking the step she did. If she didn’t she wouldn’t be at where she is at right now. But PSH does take variety in movies even they are small roles like I said. And she has taking more mature role after Heirs as she promised. But because she is taking her time more in the recent years so we don’t see many yet…
    I agree she need completely different roles in order to shine but knowing her and what kind of roles she wants to play… I don’t expect much. She has her own thoughts and as her fan, I settle with just let her be… It’s not that I don’t want her to be better actress to take dramatically different roles but it might not what she has in mind.
    I’m not sure who will hate her if she would be supporting actresses in Chungmuro for 2, 3 years to work with senior and experienced actors but I know I and many of Shinhye fans have been wishing for it. That’s why I hope you don’t generalize the fandom. Again those shippers aren’t fans…

    • @yany, If you watch the original film, the tycoon dad was the leading character. Then came the defence attorney and prosecutor. The daughter and wife had barely any screen time. But Jung Ji Woo directed a REMAKE so it is bound to be different. Naturally, Choi Min Sik’s character is the lead character as it should be because there is no reason to cast a critically acclaimed actor as a second lead. And you’re making too many assumptions about the importance of PSH’s character based on one or two trailers by the way.
      Also, PBY, KSR and BJH are more comparable to PSH because they are drama and film actresses. Kim Go Eun and Kim Taeri are film actresses, so comparison moot. You could look at Shin Se Kyung’s and Im Ji Yeon’s working pace and see that they’ve been doing comebacks more frequently than PSH. However, their quality of acting has suffered in change. Lee Sung Kyung is a newbie and her filmography is short and not comparable. Yoona and Suzy (not even same age) are idol actresses, and not to be mean, but why would you want to compare idol actress with an actress? SHJ, as in Seo Hyun Jin? She is a 85 liner, not the same age. Sure, fans are allowed to want quicker comeback, but as I already said, these fans only care about popularity and PSH playing some dull love interest in overhyped romcom melos. Again, if PSH intends to be more than CF and hallyu star, she will have to play bigger variety of roles and more side or main characters in different films. Also, most of her fans (the ones who don’t want her to grow as an actress) aren’t young fans, they are the kdrama ahjummas. Although many people found Doctors boring, that was one of the best decisions PSH has made because she got to act alongside Kim Rae Won, a seasoned and trusted actor. But some of her fans didn’t like it because KRW isn’t a hallyu oppar and these fans only want her to act with hallyu oppars. She should act with seniors too, that I agree with

      • @prettyautumn I do agree with you in most things you said about Park Shin Hye taking her time and doing more movies to challenge herself and her acting and build up a strong curriculum in the movie arena or Chungmuro world , that will help her cement her acting career, but, she needs to make a live in, empty bag does not stand up, I mean she needs to make money, to support herself and do her charities work that fulfill her so much, and help many in need, her ultimate goal.
        That is done through cfs and endorsements , to be able to balance all , and get the opportunities and be on demand. She differently needs to be popular and keep her halluy status, and for that , she needs to once and while, to go back to dramaland, until she conquer the same status she has in the dramaland on the Chungmuro world, and I believe she has the capability, and is working on it with the support of her agency and solid fans that believe in her, regardless. Many of her solid fans are ahjummas, International ahjummas included. These ahjummas are the ones that have the financial power to 1- buy or give their children money to buy what Park Shin Hye’s advertises and endorses, buy fans meetings and movies tickets, donate to her different charities projects, and are part of the head count for the success of all her projects either movies or dramas( unfortunately rate counts) But the ahjummas, being me one of them, recognize that Park Shin Hye works hard, and deserves to enjoy life as any human being. I doubt that the negative comments and complains on her IG , agency website, and any other Park Shin Hye media’s are coming from the ahjummas. The ahjummas love, respect, and adore Park Shin Hye, as a terrific genuine human being, and recognized the sacrifices and hardships she encounters and has to endure in the field of work she is in. They will be with her, supporting her even if one day, she decide to retire of the world of Entertainment and just do her charity work, because there is where many of her ahjummas’s fans first learned and met her, then came into Kdrama world, to watch and support her. Thanks to God, Park Shin Hye, today, is a cf Queen and Global Musa in international arena , due to her hard work and the support of her agency, family, and true fans, many of them ahjummas. Ahjummas are asking Park Shin Hye to enjoy life , do what your heart desire without causing harm to others, love and let be love, today is what matters, because you only leave once, and you can not go back on time to recover, that is a certainty, and ahjummas know that. Being there done that!
        ( English not my first language. Sorry for any typo and grammar).

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