OCN Grim Reaper Drama Black with Song Seung Heon and Go Ara Off to Good Ratings Start on Cable

It’s good news for cable network OCN as its latest thriller drama Black is off to a good ratings start in the Sat-Sun time slot. That time slot has now become an OCN genre staple doing tense fare to mostly good and even great success. From Voice to Tunnel to Duel to Save Me leading to now Black, this last year has seen the underrated cable network find a successful niche and execute it consistently. I was worried that Black may not continue the trend since leads Song Seung Heon and Go Ara are beautiful but hardly acting stalwarts but it seems like the audience is there for this drama and increasing by the week. The first episode got 2.141% ratings going up steadily to the latest episode 4 bringing in 4.218%. Black’s predecessor Save Me didn’t get over 4% ratings until its final episode, and right now Black’s ratings trajectory looks like it may follow that of Tunnel which went all the way to 6% by the end. Congrats to Black and looks like I have another drama to catch up on!


OCN Grim Reaper Drama Black with Song Seung Heon and Go Ara Off to Good Ratings Start on Cable — 22 Comments

  1. It’s a bit confusing at times ngl but it’s pretty interesting and matches the season well. I’m liking all the acting of the cast also

  2. The plot can be cluttered at times but the writer seems to relish confusing the audience and keeping it hooked. So far she has succeeded. We have glimpses of a grand scheme with intricate patterns and clues, parallel universes (the underworld and the human world) and a heavy sense of uncanniness that somehow everything is linked and points to this ultimate evil/crime. I’d like more action scenes, like in episode 4, as the first three episodes feel a bit slow-paced sometimes and dwell too long on explanations and discussions. When the grim reaper falls for the girl and she discovers he is acting under false premises (another spirit pretending to be her human crush), what an angsty scenario that will follow!

    Song Seung Heon should really try more comedy. So far both he and Go are are doing great.

  3. the plot is confusing at 1st but after ep 2, you realised that the drama will unravel the 1st ep step by step,
    it’s a good show and they play out the biggest weakness for SSH and go ara,
    SSH with the awkward acting preserve the character, go ara being not connected by other plays the character and the dark grim reaper!! love it,

  4. I’m really enjoying this drama right now. 1st and 2nd episode was a bit confusing but I liked it a lot. 3rd and 4th really got me hooked such a good dark comedy so far!

  5. I haven’t watched it yet because Tunnel was so good so I was afraid Black would be disappointed, but since I heard these good comments, I will have to check it out.

  6. It might be a bit crazy sometimes, but it is very entertaining and addicting. It’s the type of story where you need to pay attention, if you blink, you will miss important bits of the plot. Also, the leads are doing well and they fit their characters. And the story and the general tone are a nice change of pace compared to other dramas. Actually, this is the only drama that has me looking forward to next week’s episodes and I am surprised. I hope that it keeps being good.

    • I’m glad to hear the leads seem to be doing well in their roles. I was really expecting not so great acting based on their track record but was hoping and praying they would prove me wrong because the plot sounded interesting!

  7. The first episode is hella confusing and almost put me off but second episode bought me back and by the third I was hooked! Its a great drama & SSH is killing it in his role as a gruff grim reaper! And the humor is sometimes gross but still enjoyable. A must watch for anyone still considering the drama!

      • Tbh I think he does KimTaeWoo better than KimTaeWoo himself! Its his best acting till date! I think the role was written just for him! Really good!

  8. I like the Grimp Reaper parts, it’s funny and we can know more about the story but I don’t like the Go Ara’s parts, her character is boring and her story is confusing.

    • me too. Everything about Black so far is great, especially the dialogue. Go Ara & her character is the only weak part. I wish her not about to cry every other second. she’s allways about to cry

  9. The first episode was pretty hard to get into… SSH’s acting was pretty bad made Go Ara look good!! Will probably give it another go as I’ve heard it gets better after episode 2.

  10. I agree with the comments. First episode is confusing and may put other people off. But the thing with this drama, it doesn’t spoonfed you the facts right away. You have to pay attention coz all is connected and even the smallest details sometimes become important the next ep. It’s really fun dissecting this drama, discussing it with other watchers and making theories. My brain hurts while watching it sometimes trying to understand what’s going on and how they are all connected but I love that it makes me think.

  11. I know it’s good. We share the same page here. Every character is interesting including that cute insurance chairman. The jokes are funny even though a bit gross.

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