Aragaki Yui and Hoshino Gen Win at 2017 Tokyo Drama Awards for We Married as a Job

One of the cutest J-dorama rom-coms in recent years just got the highly shipped leads back together for a laudatory reason. Late 2016 hit J-dorama Nigeru wa Haji da ga Yaku ni Tatsu (We Married as a Job) just took home some hardware at the Tokyo Drama Awards for leads Aragaki Yui and Hoshino Gen, who saw themselves back together nearly a year after the dorama aired. Gakki took home Best Actress and Hoshino Gen won Best Song for his addictive ditty “Koi” (Love) which spawned the kitchy love dance craze based on the casts choreographed routine for the closing credits of the dorama. It’s so adorable seeing them back together and a nice walk down memory lane at a fitting time what with K-drama inspired by Nigeru airing right now with tvN‘s This Life is Our First.


Aragaki Yui and Hoshino Gen Win at 2017 Tokyo Drama Awards for We Married as a Job — 17 Comments

  1. There is always this icky feeling about the korean counterparts, it’s about how handsome or attractive LMK is,

    it makes it unreal and still go into Kdrama territory of fantasy that we can’t reach, masquareading as “relatable” when the relatable part is stealing from the Jdrama

    • hahaha… I find LMK very ugly, totally not my type. But he is tall & slim, so I must admit that he looks good in a suit. His acting is good and his comedic timing is on-the-dot. Beyond my surprise, I really enjoy this K-drama, the writing is good, and JSM looks so sweet & pretty. Most Asian dramas steal from each other, so called “adaptations”… LOL…

    • Well, it definitely irritates me when kdrama viewers complain about how unrealistic or cliche kdramas are and then list one of the reasons they can’t enjoy jdramas is because of how ugly the Japanese actors are.

      • Me with HYD adaptation. The kdrama was complete shitty compared to the Jdrama. City Hunter adaptation stunk too

      • oh yeah, I always read this on jdrama, cdrama or any asian drama comment section when the story is inspiring, they all hated the ugly actors when the charm of the story is to look beyond the superficial appearances.

        making the guy has a flawless figure is actually make the story watered down cause the girl actually get all the luckyness in the world without need to see beyond appearances.

        why it is so hard to change the guy looked into someone that is more fitted for the message

        another candy story because you somehow find a situation when you get involved with a man that can provide you and also good looking

      • I saw this comment on every asian drama too, which make me thinks that kdrama fans never accepted any good story telling if the visual is below their standard.

        they always want a drama that close to reality but never accepted the real version of reality,
        the house in this kdrama is huge, 2 bedrooms in a big apartment and male lead with alpha physique, it’s like the same old drama and what they praise about this drama is the extended version of what is good in the jdrama while giving all the credit to kdrama

    • I don’t understand why jdrama fans feel the need to bash kdrama fans for their admittedly shitty taste, but I’m pretty sure this kind of behavior goes against the so-called ‘life lessons’ that’s supposed to fill jdramas, no? And I still find it icky that people are so readily admitting how TLiOF is ‘inspired’ by Nigehaji when I found no official statement saying so. This is called plagiarism right.

      • Having watch both versions I can say it is very loosely inspired – woman move into guy’s house and pretends to be the wife. However the background, the reason to move, the supporting cast and the direction the kdrama is moving in is (at this early stage) quite different. One could almost say its one of those typical contract marriage cliche so prevalent in other kdrama except the guy is not a rich chaebol/superstar and the woman is not a hardworking Candy.

        And no matter how icky people might feel about it, TLiOF is really well written and I would heartily recommend it. Episode 5 & 6 which just aired was excellent and also very different from the Jdrama.

      • not a jdrama fans particularly, it’s a long feeling to realised that almost all good kdrama is never on their own.

        it’s all a glorified princess version of the original and it;s popular cause it sells more and the fans of kdrama actually never accept any good storytelling, they are just a visual slave

      • It is pretty obvious that countries are loosely basing storylines off of each other’s drama. Besides this drama, I feel Hospital Ship has the same concept as Umi no Ue Shinrojo and even my recent fave Go Back Couple sounds so similar to the cdrama Suddenly Seventeen. But, they changed the characters and storyline a bit so I guess it is more like paraphrasing than plagiarism. It doesn’t surprise me if we see more of this in the future. Recently, Kdramas ratings in general aren’t that great so they need to do something to ensure they get ratings.

  2. Fans (especially Legal High fans) are also excited to see Aragaki Yui and Masato Sakai in the same award ceremony, winning Best Actress and Best Actor respectively. Anyway, congrats to Gakky and she looks lovable and adorable as always.

  3. Congrats to everyone who won! I’m happy that Yui won best actress as she is taking it step by step! She’s been busy promoting her movie “Mix”(which is in theaters now) and afterwards she will begin to film for code blue movie. I hope she gets to rest properly afterwards but still keep her momentum!

    Koi dance is addicting and just fun to listen and dance to! Congrats to Hoshino Gen also!

    I also see Legal high’s actor too! Maybe there might be a season 3 if fujitv sees fit for it.

  4. Congratulations to the winners! I enjoyed the drama and the acting. Koi is indeed an addicting song and the dance is cute. I’m glad that everything is going smoothly for Gakki.

  5. That drama was the cutest ever! They somehow are 2 people who you dont see fitting but in all honesty, they are just the perfect match.. Yheir characters in there I mean. Hoshino’s awkward but logical character is well acted and Gakki’s modern and grounded personality fits well.
    Congrats again!

  6. I am happy to hear they won awards – it was a really cute drama. I tried to watch the Korean adaptation but it didn’t interest me. Maybe because I already watched the original jdrama and this type of story has been said and done for me.

  7. I looove both!! J-drama has its own characteristic that can be copied by the others. Their “rigidity” is well wrapped with the story idea. And I love their koi dance also.

    First time I watched the tvn vers, from the two episodes, I couldnt deny,it has similarities but still gave me the feeling of “Ah I still want to watch it”.The script is well written and made me realized that writer nim tried to develop the storyline .Now I’m getting curious for every single next episode!! ? ?

  8. Why do people keep saying Hoshino Gen is ugly?? I find him attractive and in the drama he was still cute even though “uglified”. The character was supposed to be insecure and nerdy. I actually liked the japanese version more though I had first watched BTIMFL. This was the very first jdrama that I loved… Now I’m an avid fan of jdramas. I love how absurd the storylines seem but in the end they have really good social commentary and debates on important topics!!

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