Yoo Seung Ho All Smiles For First Filming of K-drama I am Not a Robot

A smile from my cutie patootie Yoo Seung Ho is enough to life my otherwise crappy day so far. Even better is knowing that he’ll be back on the small screen for 8 straight weeks starting in mid-November. I am Not a Robot is a MBC Wed-Thurs drama that takes that time slot from the medical drama of Hospital Ship to a rom-com, and also the first time Yoo Seung Ho has done this genre. And no, I don’t consider the woeful remake of Operation Proposal to be a rom-com or his blink or you miss it 3 second cameo in You’re Beautiful. In Robot, Yoo Seung Ho plays a decidedly human man who is rich and handsome but lacking any human interaction due to an allergy to other people. In the drama he meets Choi Soo Bin’s female lead who pretends to be a robot and the two fall in love. Ahhhhh, she’s actually human and there is a funny big pretense going on, I dig it!


Yoo Seung Ho All Smiles For First Filming of K-drama I am Not a Robot — 3 Comments

  1. he is the IT guy of the next 2 decades of korean entertaiment for me alongside Yeo Jin Goo and Jisoo and i want a serious melo or 2 from her with equally strong actresses such as Park Shin Hye and others.

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