tvN Drama Avengers Social Club Hits a Chord with Viewers with Ratings High of 5.283%

It’s more good news wrapping up this October for cable network tvN as its Wed-Thurs K-drama Avengers Social Club (Baumdong Revenge Social Club) is rocking and rolling in the ratings, even above the also doing well This Life is Our First on Mon-Tues. Avengers started off with 2.900% AGB nationwide and has kept going on reaching the highest of 5.283% in episode 5 with a small drop to 5.087% in episode 6. The drama has gotten positive reviews with leads Lee Yo Won, Ra Mi Ran, and Myung Se Bin playing scorned and trod upon ladies who get their sweet revenge on wrongdoers. The drama has already doubled the lackluster ratings of its predecessor high profiled K-remake of Criminal Minds, and goes to show that ladies are really ruling the small screen this year as this is the second hit female-driven drama after Women of Dignity.


tvN Drama Avengers Social Club Hits a Chord with Viewers with Ratings High of 5.283% — 35 Comments

      • Yeah. Ljs said he thinks the rating will be double digit in the last ep because of the kissing scene must be a bit of a let down

      • agreed, the suspense is never believable and thr acting in passed in a way that it’s not a bother which is a very low mark and an insult for actos with years of career.

        Suzy passed but with minimum wage and it bc thr director cur before she gets bad, lucky for her but she never hits the mark, just always around the wide round in the bullet scale.
        LJS is the same as usual, not bad, not super good but I am thinking if the mark is because he just never bad.

      • dropped WYWS after the 7-8 episodes when KSH completed her cameo. Boring drama! The dreams are illogical, the writer is too weak to make them convincing. The storylines seem too forced & off like fitting in a puzzle with the wrong pieces. Only the directorship is good… and KSH of coz 🙂

      • Agreed. It’s one of those shows that is entertaining while watching it, but is forgettable and meaningless at the end of the day (like W-Two Worlds).

      • It’s definitely not the kind of hit SBS expected, I’ll be surprised if they get even Pinocchio’s 12-13 percent.

        But I still look forward to Yoon Kyun Sang and Lee Sung Kyung’s cameo. (I can’t believe YKS is a leading man already, and his drama got higher ratings than wyws is getting)

    • Il put a disclaimer.Ratings are overated.Drama like Seven Day Queen, Circle are proof of this.However WYWS, pssh..that drama was, and is continuing to remain relevant just because of Suzy and LJS fans.This is why they are even able to average at 8%.They are the only ones watching this drama.Had it been one of them, especially if Suzy was the lead paired with an actor of lesser star power, I dare say this drama would be in the 6-7% range like the “The King’s love” by Yoona and Im Si Wan.

      We have said and will continue saying.LJS is not exactly a ratings magnet.But I know of an entire potion of kdrama audience that swore not to tune in, In and out of Korea when the casting was announced and suzy was designated as a female lead.Is it idol prejudice? maybe.But there is a reason why Pinocchio and W had double digit throughout its run(10% and 11% respectively).LJS is not entirely faultless though.His repertoire is getting tired.He needs some spice to his resume and acting skills.Some versatility is needed.Maybe, a break and army service can help with that.

      WYWS has three more weeks.It could peak towards the end, because people will be curious to see how it ends.But thou shalt not underestimate the importance of a female lead.They usually butcher the female lead character.But here, we have a good writer who writes ok female leads.The expected acting standard is already so so low.But still..nah.Also from the beginning during the promos, the story itself was not captivating enough.

      • That’s a good point that its audience is now only LJS/Suzy fans and they are the reason it’s averaging 8 percent and not 4 percent.

        But it’s also worth it to think of the fact that tv stations would rather cast a mediocre actor like Suzy for PPL to get that 8 percent instead of taking a chance to cast someone who’s better at acting and who could ultimately be better for the quality of the drama and consequently get higher ratings.

        Like Kim Ji Won, who was a first-time leading lady when she did Fight My Way but who gave a very highly praised performance and consequently FMW had great buzz and strong ratings despite her lack of ‘star power’ (she was only a second lead earlier) before the drama started, and despite having zero idols. And this was a drama that started with no hype against a much more hyped pre production with bigger stars (My Sassy Girl).

  1. Love love this drama.
    Acting are really matched between the 3 woman plus 2 handsome young man who knows how to make viewers hearts flutter ?

    • Lol I agree with her this time though WYWS was suspenseful for the first couple of eps but I got tired of the “preventing themselves/others from being harm from their dream” very quickly and just bc Suzy isn’t terrible some peeps think her acting is improving lol bc the bar is so low and JJS is normally pretty cute but I found him soooo cringe in scenes where he acted cutesy like my girl HJW in HS ::shakeshead:: good at emotional scenes but intimate or aegyo is super cringe!

      • You should know the initials of the guy you are referring to. its LJS, thay’s fine we have more teas here.

  2. Almost all actor are really well cast. Ra Mi Ran and Myung Se Bin are my favourite so far. this drama is refreshing how they approach a revenge theme. A very solid drama. Hope they keep it up.

  3. I’m really happy these female centric dramas are doing well instead of candy girls, especially when the majority of the audiences are female themselves. I have yet to watch this drama but will watch it when it finish airing like Secret Forest which, was excellent.
    Also, really happy the audience can tell what is natural talented acting rather then forced acting. It’s very difficult to lower my standards of acting after watching great actors act.

  4. Love Buamdong a lot! Its a great drama and the 3 females are what holds me but I a disagree with the comparison with WYWS or other public channels because tvn draws in very different viewers than MBC, KBS and SBS. Its paid tv so only a certain section of the population will ever sign up for it and its target audience is mostly the a young, hip, working class that wants something not mainstream so the dramas that tvn makes off the beaten track tend to do better than the more cliched dramas which other channels can also do. Same for ocn, they have a specific audience set and cater their content to that audience while public channels try to match the tastes of everyone.

  5. I haven’t commented here in a long time, but I have to say how much I am completely in love with this show and anxiously await subs (which are coming out MUCh slower than for the other shows–not complaining–SUPREMELY grateful). It is the best show since Secret Forest. Just quality acting and scripting. I want to be friends with these women and be in their club.

    • The usual sites have them, but since they are subbed by fans, subs are released a little later. I suggest watching raw! Its alright really~ ^^ if you head to the soompi forum, fans would be discussing the drama a lot too!

  6. The ahjummas are adorable, and it is also very cute how they are going to adopt the boy. Their petty revenges are fun to watch and it is very satisfying to see how they are slowly becoming a family and taking care of each other. This show is my happy pill these days, very happy that they are getting good ratings.

  7. The funny thing is tvN promoted Because This Is Our First Life and Revolutionary Love like crazy but it’s Avengers Social Club which is getting the highest ratings among the 3.

    • With the 3 strong good actresses, promotion will just be icing on the cake. RMR is my fav, her acting never disappoints. Because This is Our First Life is fun & refreshing, promotion helps esp with its mostly young casts. RL is so boring & predictable, no promotion will help, I have dropped after the second episode. The male lead overacts & the story does not make sense ?

      • Revolutionary Love is boring, and a waste of Kang Sora. Just your regular paint by numbers kdrama.

      • Kang Sora’s character is so annoying… the writer totally sucks. Hope she picks better script next time ?

      • Totally agree, RL is boring , nothing new and i don’t see what attracted KS to this role. I tend to like CSW but no at all in this drama. Left after ep 3. KS has bad luck with her projects.

  8. I super love this show! Ep. 1 was mostly set-up– it’s much better from ep. 2 on. Great cast and wonderful writing– I didn’t expect it to be so full of heart and humor.

    • Love this drama too , the best of wed/thur dramas. WYWS : “much ado about nothing” One year of coverage for something boring . HS is just average. I like Jang nara’s drama too and Witch’s court.

      • I tot I’m the only one that like Jang Nara drama ‘Go back couple’. Waiting for veryy weekend for that. Too bad I’m falling love with the second hero. Sob sob sob.

  9. Which age group makes up most of the Kdrama audience in Korea?Ahjummas.So obviously, a cast that has ahjummas as leads is an automatic win by default.Its like their seeing themselves in the drama and characters portrayed.

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