Han Ga In Effortlessly Beautiful in October Issue of Singles Magazine

It’s been quite a long time since I’ve seen K-actress Han Ga In in anything so this upcoming October issue pictorial in Singles Magazine is a breath of familiar air. She’s such a complicated actress to follow, mostly because her acting is so singularly limited and blank. She tries but like fellow gorgeous natural Lee Yeon Hee cannot rise above what seems like an innate inability to emote properly. I don’t throw shade because I could never act, but the issue with bad actresses is that they can’t act very well in their chosen profession.

With that said, I like Han Ga In, both for her incredibly beautiful and unique looks and this warm feminine aura that made her one of the most well known actresses in the late aughts. Her best acting to date remains Bad Guy, so amazing from the entire cast and she didn’t weigh it down, but it’s been five years since her last drama The Moon Embraces the Sun and her reported acting return in 2017 never materialized. It’s okay since hubby Yeon Jung Hoon works consistently, and if she continues to rake in the CF dollars in between being a mom to the couple’s daughter born in April of 2016.


Han Ga In Effortlessly Beautiful in October Issue of Singles Magazine — 10 Comments

    • She is pretty.But the three beauty representative of Korea has always been (TaeHyeJi).
      Tae=Kim Tae Hee
      Hye=Song Hye Kyo
      Ji=Jun Ji Hyun

      Also thank goodness for her not acting and I hope she continues and sticks to just doing magazine shoots and CF.She was the blackhole in Moon embracing the Sun.She butchered Kim Yoo Jung’s character.Im still traumatised when I remember that..literary everyone outacted her.The kids, Kim Soo Hyun, Jung Il Woo, the queen..even some of the secondary characters were miles ahead of her and she was supposed to be the veteran actress of them all.

  1. Same level as Kim Tae Hee and Suzy. Pretty but simply cannot act. They are better off doing CF or take up roles within their acting range only. I endured the mess that was “Bad Guy” only because of the two gorgeous and talented male leads.

  2. She is pretty but the fourth pic really shows her big nostrils… I don’t think she looks feminine enough to be at the goddess level… I sure don’t miss her acting ?

  3. Natural beauty?? No way can she be all natural. Her nose gives it away. The three all natural goddesses Jun Ji Hyun, Song Hyo Kyo and Kim Tae Hae don’t have protruding nose tips and narrowed nostrils. I always laugh when people think that Koreans have the most beautiful noses and face shapes among East Asians.

    • She’s popular for being a natural beauty. You think Knets would leave her alone when she claimed as natural while her nose was surgeon’s job? No way. With her face proportion being perfect, but we know she does not have a perfect acting. So, nobody is perfect tho. I think, she’s top 5 when it comes to natural beauty. No 4 probably lee young ae.

  4. I beg to differ. Her nose looks like it has been narrowed and pulled upwards. The new standard of natural beauty in Korea is PS that is not immediately obvious. I have not seen her in anything so can’t comment on her acting. I would even go as far as to say that 80% of Korean celebrities have had nose jobs. Some are more obvious than others of course. You can’t tell from childhood pictures because a child can look very pretty with a not so high nose. And I am sure she was a very pretty as a child. That doesn’t mean her present nose is natural. Most claim to have a higher nose bridge from puberty. Just take a look at the older folks (70+) if you happen to visit Korea next time. Or look at their actresses from films made 30 or 40 years ago. They don’t have noses like that. How many pretty idols have shown pictures of their grandmothers looking like them?

  5. Im remember a drama way back 2000’s i think where one of the actress have mole on the nose story of 2 women with same name different life status i like it so much back then but i dont know the title and actress i just remember it again seeing the mole of han ga in

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