jTBC Wed-Thurs Drama Bad Mom with Ra Mi Ran and Lee Do Hyun Wraps Ratings Quadrupling Run with Episode 14 Getting 12.032%

Congrats to the Bad Mom (The Good Bad Mother) and her complicated loving relationship with her son as the jTBC weekday drama ends with this Thursday’s episode 14. Most K-dramas are 16-episodes, some 20 and a few even 12-episodes but this is an odd length as I can recollect. Other than that the drama was a one way success train, starting with 3% ratings and only going up with the final episode getting 12.032%. It got overshadowed in the success department by even higher rated same network drama Doctor Cha on the weekend time slot but the two dramas delivered exactly what viewers want – conflict and familial complication and finally catharsis and resolution. Congrats to Ra Mi Ran for headlining and continuing her booming success since breaking out with Answer Me 1988 and of course a return to form for Lee Do Hyun after the criticism he received in The Glory.

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Wed-Thurs Drama The Good Bad Mother with Ra Mi Ran and Lee Do Hyun Doubles in Ratings to 7.033% in 4 Episodes Notching Another Hit for jTBC

I was just writing about weekend jTBC drama Doctor Cha which has broken 13% ratings and is a massive hit for the cable network with many more episodes left. Then I looked over and the same network has another hit … Continue reading

Top Stars Kim Soo Hyun, Lee Jung Jae, Jung Woo Sung and Many More Attend VIP Premiere for Big Budget Fantasy Movie Alienoid

So things are not exactly off to a glowing start for high profile K-movie Alienoid (Alien+Human Part 1), which held a media premiere last week on July 13th and got back mixed reviews. There were a lot of critics grumbling … Continue reading

Son Ye Jin, Youn Yeo Jung Among the First Actresses Released in the Korean Actor 200 List

Here comes the first look at some of the ladies in the Korean Actor 200 list and hoo boy it’s a great cross-section of age, experience, and charisma. The actresses in the first batch of stills include living legend Youn … Continue reading

Cha Seung Won, Ji Sung, EXO and Many More Popular Stars Receive 2017 Korean Popular Culture & Arts Awards

The 2017 Korean Popular Culture & Arts Awards took place quietly with a cancelled red carpet due to the passing of beloved veteran leading man Kim Joo Hyuk earlier in the week. The big winners among stars I follow are … Continue reading

Ladies Steal the Red Carpet at the VIP Premiere for A Taxi Driver with Song Kang Ho, Yoo Hae Jin, and Ryu Jun Yeol

Ladies ruled the red carpet, with a surprising easy on the eyes green movie poster background, at the VIP premiere of K-movie A Taxi Driver. This movie pairs veteran Song Kang Ho with German actor Thomas Kretschmann for a real life … Continue reading

Park Min Young Pretty in Blue Leading Mostly Fashion Fails at Movie Premiere of Ji Chang Wook’s Fabricated City

I’m way more fascinated by the fashion, mostly lack thereof, parade at the VIP movie premiere for the thriller movie Fabricated City than I am in the actual movie. Starring Ji Chang Wook and Shim Eun Kyung, the movie is … Continue reading