Gong Hyo Jin Her Usual Edgy Fashion Style for Elle Magazine and Attending W Korea Event

I’m so utterly mesmerized by Gong Hyo Jin‘s giant enormous how is her ear not pulled off hoop earring in one of the pictures for the November Elle Korea pictorial. Now this is a fashion statement that makes a statement and is styled so perfectly to emphasize it’s size and show off Gong Hyo Jin’s enviable backside lines. She is on the skinny size but not to the degree that makes me uncomfortable with needing her to eat, and more importantly she’s been true to herself since her debut in being a fashion iconoclast and continues to push the envelope. I can’t say the entire Elle Korea pictorial is my cup of tea, the rest of the pictures skews towards slouchy attitude posing, but she makes up for it at this weeks W Korea event with a fun ladylike look.


Gong Hyo Jin Her Usual Edgy Fashion Style for Elle Magazine and Attending W Korea Event — 9 Comments

  1. Sorry to disagree but the one with her in denim was the best out of all the pics. The cover look in particular was not very flattering since it highlighted how skinny she was and it didn’t help that the pose made her look like she was doing an Excercist movie 🙁

  2. THE F!!. What’s that hair on her knee in the first pic??? It’s yikes!!

    the rest of the pics look so old of decades ago, feels depressing to see.

  3. Is the “no pants” look a new trend in Korea now? Yikes! The turquoise blouse at W Korea event is ugly… I like the black top & jeans look, even though it’s nothing special to earn any praises…

  4. Considering the fact that she was attending the W Korea 12th Breast Cancer Awareness Charity Campaign event, I would say her choice of attire with detail similar to the bra is a quirky yet bold statement, in line with the event she is there for. Meanwhile, I think she looks fantastic in the Elle Korea pictorial – she is one of the very few who can pull off different fashion styles with poise and assurance.

  5. I love this woman.She is one who seeks to stand out not blend or fit it.I dig confidence.Individualism in healthy doses is sexy.Another one of her kind is Bae Doona.They have this aura and colour to them as individuals that’s lacking in most of these other k actresses.The many others feel so manufactured, so generic.Pretty but bland.When you put them in similar fashion and hairstyle.Most look samey.Which may explain why their red carpet events are always lackcuster.

    Now back to this unnie, im not always in tune with her fashion.But talking about this spread, the second pic, is something I would see in london in autumn/early winter when the temperatures are still mild.I however, wish elle would improve the way they present their pictorials.Most are so dull and uninteresting.Even if they are aiming for edgy feel in most of their photoshoot.Vogue does it a 100 times better even K-Wave magazine is better.

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