Oguri Shun Returns as the Ghost-seeing Detective in BORDER 2 Airing as SP on October 29th

Oguri Shun is hands down one of my most favorite J-actors and it’s only fitting that my favorite cop procedural in recent years has him headlining in a performance that really sticks with me long after. It’s been three years since the supernatural-tinged investigative J-dorama BORDER aired and I had long despaired of a much needed second season, but lo and behind a carrot has been thrown as BORDER 2: Penance is airing this Sunday October 29th as an SP (special).

Reuniting Shun with a talented supporting cast of Aoki Munetaka, Haru, Furuta Arata, Takito Kenichi, Hamano Kenta, and Nomaguchi Toru, the SP continues from the cliffhanger ending scene of BORDER when Shun’s ghost-seeing detective with a bullet in his brain makes a Solomon’s Choice type decision that is both right and wrong when he apprehends a perp (see the silhouette in the poster). If you haven’t watched BORDER I highly recommend, it’s dark but really well-paced and smartly written, with a bit of scare thrown in just perfect for close to Halloween watching.


Oguri Shun Returns as the Ghost-seeing Detective in BORDER 2 Airing as SP on October 29th — 7 Comments

  1. Border was excellent drama. that ending, for me, need second season, not just an SP hehe
    for me, the most touching episode was the salary man’s accidental death. At first it was funny but I cried a bucket in the end.

  2. Border is one of my favorite J-Drama. And despite the dislike for the ending, I actually liked the ending. I thought it was fitting with the drama and it was what I had predicted. Looking forward to this drama. And now I’ll have to re-watch Border. 🙂

  3. Border is amazing, one of the only Asian dramas where I didn’t even want to take my eyes off the actors’ faces long enough to read subtitles because it was that intense. I’m glad to gear there is SP, that ending ….ooof.

  4. Loved loved Borders!! Hated hated the ending, for his sake. But it was the choice i would have made(if i was brave enough! Hahaha)

  5. Love the ending of 1st season, more so because it was in line with the direction of Ango’s character development that the show had been brewing and not just for the sake of being edgy. It takes balls to pull that ending, I hope this one or two eps SP is enough to explore the consequence of Ango’s choice.

  6. Border was AMAZING I watched all of it in one day and the ending totally left me stunned for days. I’m sad it’s only a special but hey it’s better than nothing!

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