First Annual Seoul Awards Creates New Red Carpet and Winners in Drama and Film Categories

This week K-ent decided to create a new awards show on top of the countless ones already in existence. The 1st ever Seoul Awards, not to be confused with the Seoul Drama Awards, took place this week to honor both movies and dramas. Taking home hardware were the following winners: in the drama category it was Secret Forest (Stranger) for Best Drama, Ji Sung in Defendant for Best Actor, and Park Bo Young won Best Actress for Strong Woman Do Bong Soon. On the movie side, it was movie Anarchist from Colony that won Best Picture with Song Kang Ho taking Best Actor in A Taxi Driver and veteran Na Moon Hee for Best Actress in I Can Speak. The fashion was still on the boring side but much better than recent red carpets, some of the standard primary color dresses fit beautifully and there was a happier vibe overall.

Other than the top awards, here’s the rest of the winners: Jung Sang Hoon won for Best Supporting Actor in Women of Dignity, Honey Lee got Best Supporting Actress for her work in Rebel: The Thief Who Stole the People, Kim Min Suk took home Best New Actor for Descendants of the Sun and Yoon So Hee won the corresponding Best New Actress for her role in Ruler: Master of the Mask. The popularity awards were given to Kim Se Jong for School 2017 and Park Hyung Sik in Strong Woman Do Bong Soon.

On the movie front, it was Kim Joo Hyuk winning Best Supporting Actor for Confidential Assignment while Lee Jung Hyun as the sole female lead in Battleship Island won Best Supporting Actress. Ryu Jun Yeol continues his rise with a Best New Actor Award along with Choi Hee Seo with Best New Actress. And finally the film popularity awards went to Yoona and serving in the army Im Shi Wan.


First Annual Seoul Awards Creates New Red Carpet and Winners in Drama and Film Categories — 14 Comments

  1. I’m happy with this result. It’s all the same movie that won or bad actors. I’m not sure about Park Bo Young, her character had nothing special, and I think there were better choices.

  2. There are so many South Korean drama awards, I can’t differentiate. Which ones are the more prestigious ones??? I guess it’s just for some recognition for the awardees, which is all good for them.

    • i have no idea about film festival, but for combination of botmh Baeksang Awards is a bit fair. DOTS win everything except for best drama and best screenplay. this new one was decided by 70% professional judges(obviously if there is not under the table dealing) and another 30% is by selected citizens. quite fair to be honest.

      • DOTS for baeksang did not win best actor or best actress..those were won by Yoo Ah In for six dragon and Kim Hye Soo for Signal.It won daesang for baeksang though.I think SJK won two/three daesang(cant remember, his fans would know) with one of them being co-shared with his fiancee, and a top excellent award at one of these ceremonies.Otherwise for the other awards,they mostly won popularity awards or best couple awards.Song Hye Kyo never won any best actress award for DOTS at any of the awards only nominated.But I do agree this award ceremony is fair enough.MBC could learn from them.

  3. Overall I’m good with the winners, seems a lot better than other award shows. Even though Battleship Island is questionable, although I’m glad it didn’t win anything big.

    With Park Bo Young… yes well, not sure either but I’m not unhappy. Better her than certain actresses with dead eyes who still win awards without talent.

    • Women power for the win???…when the little woman(Lee Jung Hyun wins the award(for Battleship Island) and gets the most positive reviews over a movie veteran amd two mega hallyu stars.Ok I need to curb my petty side but I had to comment about this.

      Next..about Park Bo Young.Well I guess its one of the more logical choices that they had if they are awarding dramas from October 2016 to this year October.Especially this year, they really has been no kdrama actress that has delivered outstanding performance.Its either their characters were poorly written/directed, or the acting was mediocre and not award worthy..hopefully next year will be better than this year for female actresses.

      • I don’t agree. Park Eun Bin in Age of Youth 2 was incredible ! And her character far more interesting than Bong So. Or Go Ah Sung in Radiant Office, Nam Ji Hyun in Suspicious Partner, Kim Go Eun in Goblin, etc.

  4. I dont care about anyone or anything else but seriously.
    JI SUNG!!!!!!!Ive been whining about him not getting a proper award this year.Finally some freaking recognition.Iam watching you SBS.Dont disapooint me again like last year.Just handing out awards like pan cakes.The only thing they did right was the Daesang!

  5. Big congrats to my fave drama Stranger!!! Very well deserved. And chukae jisung!! Finally his brilliant acting got recognized. i dunno about the other nominees of best female actress, but pby wasnt bad. If i could choose which actress deserves to win then the ladies from women of dignity or bae doona. But chukae pby!

  6. Ji Sung ???? Totally deserves to win! I also agree with Honey Lee, Kim Min Suk, Yoon So Hee, hope they can move up to a leading role someday. PBY is good, not sure if she is the best… but just like the Oscars or other European awards, the best female actress is always the weakest link of all awards & easily forgotten afterwards…

  7. How come they all forget Kim Sun Ah? She’s the one who deserves every best actress award this year. Her portrayal of Park Bok Ja, a conflicted and rather tormented character, was excellent.

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