K-ent Mourns the Passing of Leading Man Movie and Drama Actor Kim Joo Hyuk in Car Accident

I have horrible sad news to share with K-ent fans – movie and drama actor Kim Joo Hyuk passed away on Monday October 30th in Seoul, Korea. The 45 year old top actor was driving to his home in Gangnam around 4:30 pm in the afternoon when he reportedly struck another car and his car flipped over before falling down a building stairwell and bursting into flames when it stopped. Kim Joo Hyuk was rushed to the hospital and pronounced dead when he arrived.

This is shocking unbelievable news that will take time to sink in, not that accidents can’t happen but no one ever thinks it will strike and Kim Joo Hyuk just took home a Best Supporting Actor award for the movie Confidential Assignment in this past weekend’s new Seoul Awards, so he was very notably in the public eye and now two days later is gone. I will always remember him for being one of the least problematic male leads in Kim Eun Sook‘s drama for Lovers in Prague and his incredible film resume. Rest in peace, your works will live on and praying for your friends and family to process this sorrow.

Kim Joo Hyuk’s colleagues are in shock and mourning, and his entertainer girlfriend Lee Yoo Young reportedly found out about his passing while filming Running Man and has rushed back to Seoul. His most recent drama work was tvN series Argon with Chun Woo Hee that aired just last month. T__T He has two movies slated for 2018 in Heongbu and Deokjeon, and was cast in a special appearance for Hyun Bin‘s Joseon zombie movie Outbreak.


K-ent Mourns the Passing of Leading Man Movie and Drama Actor Kim Joo Hyuk in Car Accident — 33 Comments

  1. May he rest in peace. It is truly a sad news. He is great man and I am his fan especially in his 2D1N times.. Condolence to all of his family and friends.

  2. this is heartbreaking praying for family and friends in this tough time.couldnt even get a chance to marry and have kids.rest in perfect peace

  3. This is just horrible.His poor girlfriend.Cha Tae Hyun comes to mind as well.They were castmates on 2 days 1 Night..and this news..tomorrow he will most likely attend song song wedding since he is one of SJK’s inner circle.They were just teasing KJH about marriage and kids on the show not too long ago..This is just sad.

    Also how much worse can it get for namoo actors agency?They are labelmates with Chun Woo Hee.I can imagine how shocked she must be.They just uploaded his photo on instagram some three days ago celebrating his win at Seoul Awards.I heard he was the Namoo CEO’s bestfriend.


    • I watched just recently Argon and now I feel so empty and infinite amount of sadness. This was so sudden and unexpected, just two days ago I even read a news that Kim Joo Hyuk was going to marry Lee Yoo Young.

  4. My deepest condolences to his family and close ones. Iā€™m truly shocked by this news. He had myocardial infarction while driving which caused him to lose control of his vehicle. There was nothing that could have prevented this. Iā€™m extremely sad for Lee Yoo Young to whom Kim Joo Hyuk was going to get married to. There are no words to describe the loss of this talented actor and a warm person. May he rest in peace.

  5. I read it may be due to sudden heart attack whist driving…. “There’s something about knowing life is finite that makes it so precious” I am still in shock.

  6. OMG. This is very shocking news.

    Even as we are shocked by the devastating tragedy as bystanders, his poor gf and family …

    His dad is an actor too: Kim Yong-geon, last seen in Women of Dignity.


  7. Kim Joo Hyuk’s dad is another actor – Kim Moo Saeng.

    Kim Yong Geon is the father of top movie actor Ha Jung Woo (that’s his stage name, real name Kim Sung Hoon).

  8. According to the hospital Kim Joo Hyuk suffered from a heart attack hence why the car was hit by another, he hit the accelerator – probably not being concious anymore and the car turned over……..


  9. My deepest condolences to his family and loved ones, may he rest in peace. He seemed like a good and kid person, I always remembered him as the hyung who was teased about why he wouldn’t get married, and it’s especially cruel that he was taken now, as he was planning to marry.

  10. I am devastated. Really mourning for his death. Was rooting for him after he left 2D1N in search of his career and also the love of his life.
    Life is so twisted and tragic. I really missed him. So so sad!

  11. Although I haven’t watched his works, I recognize him from articles and award shows. This is devastating news and cruel for it to happen right when he was planning to get married. My sincerest condolences to his family and loved ones. May he rest in peace.

  12. This is so sudden and shocking, I was just watching the latest episode of 1N2D yesterday and they had re-aired one of the old episodes with Kim Joo Hyuk in it šŸ™ My deepest condolences to his family.

  13. An actor I really liked and a very attractive man. What a shocker. God, this really shouldn’t have happened. I didn’t get how he was on the road and lands below a building stairwell.

    How are there pics of the accident immed’ly?..

  14. I am speechless…RIP Kim Joo Hyuk.

    Many in the acting circle will be affected – his actress girlfriend, members of 1 Night 2 Days, his drama and movie co-stars…even the songsong couple, I think he was an invited guest for their wedding.

    Life is so fragile.

  15. What….oh my god.. how…
    My Gutaeng Bro!!!! TT__TT
    It was just yesterday that i saw the latest 2d1n episode and suddenly miss gutaeng bro so much, he was really GOLD in that show; and now this…Why..
    RIP Gutaeng bro..

  16. Sad day, i first saw him in the drama “terroir” in 2008 . A bittersweet day as some are going to attend a weddind and a Wake the same day.

  17. I’m speechless. Literally just finished Argon 2 days ago and wondered if there would be a sequel because he was so good in it. So, so sad!

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