Jang Geun Seok Provides Coffee Truck to Temperature of Love and More Park Shin Hye Cameo Stills

I continue to follow along to the increasingly morose romantic travails of SBS Mon-Tues drama Temperature of Love. I get why certain viewers loved it from the start and continued to champion the drama even as my initially like turned to dislike fast. But now I really can’t see how viewers are still sticking with the story short of being masochists, and my own reason for checking in is out of morbid curiosity coupled with judicious fast-forwarding.

Another reason for keeping along was Park Shin Hye‘s cameo last week, with new pictures released by her agency below that have her looking beaming and glorious like a ray of sunshine in grey skies. This week it’s Park Shin Hye’s You’re Beautiful costar Jang Geun Seok‘s turn to wander by the drama, off set instead of onscreen. He provided a personal coffee truck to the cast in support of both PD Nam Gun who directed his Royal Gamblers and good friend Kim Jae Wook from their Mary Stayed Out All Night days and both being active in J-ent. Any reason to put the YB cuties into the same post is a major win to me!


Jang Geun Seok Provides Coffee Truck to Temperature of Love and More Park Shin Hye Cameo Stills — 13 Comments

  1. Me too. Not a PSH fan initially but watch her progress as an undistinguished actor both on look n charisma to a sparkling presence nowadays. KJW attracted my attention in ‘WHO AM I’.he should be allotted a lead character. As for JGS, he is my favourite from the start. Now he is what I call charismatic actor.

    • I agree. LGS’s personal style is his choice no comment on that but as an actor he is very charismatic and he digest his roles well. PSH is not the best but she isn’t all obsessed with hallyu commercial thing. I read her acting in her upcoming movie is getting good review and her performance in Doctors was good too.

  2. PSH is a ray of sunshine, her co workers always have that to say about her. I rewatched I Saw The Devil, a very dark scary movie and I can imagine CMS having a new experience with her on the set. He complimented her and work ethic. The common word these senior actors call her is beautiful, not only in outward appearance but how she is as a young woman. Of course for us fans, she is but reading these from others justified our admiration. Glad to be her fan and follow her.

  3. Hello reporter of this thread.
    The Korea News posted Jang Keun Suk visited and bringing gifts to the casts and crew with food truck to show his support to Director Nam Gun.
    You should post right words please.

    • im wondering about this too? his agemates are all gone.Even younger one like kim soo hyun and kang ha neul are gone! is he exempt? does he have serious disease or injury?ive never heard anything about him having health issue

  4. I liked the low key romance of TOL, but the moment KJW’s character turned mean (which seems like lazy writing), I started to judiciously fast forward myself. I think it’s almost done so not dropping, and I’m interested in how it will finish up. This writer seems to do down to earth romance (Same for lead couple in Doctors) but just doesn’t do as well for me with the secondary characters.

  5. Gosh… Jang Geun Suk looks so tacky and ugly. His acting has declined drastically too. Beethoven Virus was his last good one. He seems to be slowly getting back on track, but he needs to start from the dramas and films he acts in, his personal style and the way he conducts himself on the media.

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