Kim Soo Hyun Boyish and Grizzled in First Pictures from Military Service Training

I find the first pictures of Kim Soo Hyun in military service so adorkable I just have to share, he looks exactly as I pictured he would once he shaved his head and put on the standard army uniform alongside his fellow recruits. The picture above is totally South Korean military recruitment ready, with his pretty boy good looks given an earnest brush of real life grizzled feel, on top of posing in front of the Korean flag. Two additional pictures below of him in uniform with his training unit highlights how he still looks like a movie star among us mere mortals, lol. Glad he’s doing well in training and good luck to his continued healthy and hearty army life.


Kim Soo Hyun Boyish and Grizzled in First Pictures from Military Service Training — 14 Comments

    • Average looks!? His looks are as movie star as it gets. Even without make up and special lighting, his features are sharp and distinct. He may be average looking to you, but the standard for handsome to most. Being handsome is not just a pretty face but also having that special aura and I find Kim Soo Hyun has both.

  1. How about you posting your picture Redvelvet and we judge your look.We promise to be very fair to you and put in our best comments even if you have far below average look.

    • I like him as an actor and I don’t find his looks attractive. This is what I think about him. I simply expressed what I genuinely feel. Don’t get too much pressed. This post is not about my looks but KSH’s looks

      • I agree that his looks are pretty normal. You can find normal guys who are as handsome or even more. But it’s the total package that made him famous. He is a talented actor who rose through the ranks with his own merits.

  2. hahaha… our taste is certainly very different… My eyes first focus on those cute big dimples, then I see the good looking guy in the front row (without glasses), and then the tall guy at the back row… lol…

  3. He does really stand out. I honestly find him so good looking excluding all the A-lister aura and charisma. Mostly, I love that he enlisted so quietly. I hope the months go by fast and we get him back ASAP.

    • I think you are pretty obvious a Soohyun hater ?
      How came he won 4 Daesang awards, 4 Daesang is no Joke dear maybe ur bias has none yet?

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