Yeon Woo Jin and Park Eun Bin Ready for Judicial Robes in Script Reading for SBS Drama Nothing to Lose

I like the title Nothing to Lose and the upcoming SBS Wed-Thurs certainly has nowhere to go but up with the relative disappointment of currently airing While You Were Sleeping in both the ratings and freshness category. Leads Yeon Woo Jin and Park Eun Bin aren’t the biggest names but the recent dramas with the hyped up stars are ones that haven’t lived up to expectations whereas the successful dramas have been less high profile during production. Park Eun Bin and Yeon Woo Jin are both playing judges in this legal drama, with very polar opposites styles on the bench. She’s a firebrand who swears at defendants who are shameless while he’s a by-the-books type justice. The script reading stills show the two leads looking compatible already with their scripts, along with plenty of smiles during the table read.


Yeon Woo Jin and Park Eun Bin Ready for Judicial Robes in Script Reading for SBS Drama Nothing to Lose — 16 Comments

  1. Anyone wanna make ratings predictions for the next batch of upcoming wed-thurs dramas? I feel like this one might be at the bottom of the pack. I like the leads but so sick of legal dramas this year! SBS needs a new genre!

    • hopefully close to 10? Witch’s court is doing well… I am hoping this drama will bring a breath of fresh air with a young cast. We need new & real actors 🙂

      • 10 while going up against KRW & YSH will be impossible actually. At best maybe 4-5? Though personally want it to do well but practically it seems unlikely.

      • Oh, that one with SSK? I won’t watch anymore drama with SSK being the lead… YSH should be the lead instead ?

      • @candycane BOTWG was a complete trainwreck in writing, directing AND acting. Basically nothing worked and I don’t think its only SSK fault. True she isn’t the best but acting opposite KRW one never knows. Maybe she needs strong actors and strong writers to bring out her acting because she was very good in SFD & Tree With Deep Roots & really likable in TGWSS as well. Even if she isn’t good in BK there is still KRW who attracts a big audience so this drama pulling 10 will still be almost impossible.

  2. I’m really excited by the leads ! For the story, I will see. I’m not tired by justice dramas yet. I don’t want time travel drama anymore in the other side :p

  3. Good Luck to this drama’s team..

    His drama until 7DQ, I recognize that YWJ has good chemistry with “strong” tipe actresses (heroin) like hangroo, jo yeo jeong and park min young..

  4. Comparing park eun bin to suzy??
    Lol park eun bin is one of the best actress i have ever watched.
    I’m sick of legal dramas but this girl deserve to be the top among those actresses mentioned above

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