Song Hye Kyo Shares Hubby Song Joong Ki Snapped Picture on Honeymoon

A famous Chinese proverbs says basically beauty is in the eye of the beholder but literally stated as “in the eyes of a lover, Xi Shi appears” which of course refers to the Xi Shi of Chinese history known as one of China’s Four Great Beauties. Newlywed top Korean actress Song Hye Kyo posted black-and-white photo to her SNS account this week, taken at a restaurant during her honeymoon with husband also top actor Song Joong Ki, of course taken by her honey.

It’s such a simple picture but very sweet in how playful she is when her hubby is taking a snap, and the affection flows both from her in front of the camera and him behind it documenting their time together. The disparate reactions to her wedding dress was all par for the course as it wasn’t a dress that objectively is exquisite, and she’s such a goddess in visuals there were probably other designs that could have made her look even more beautiful. But in the end she wore what she loved and looked beautiful enough, what more matters than that on one’s wedding day.

K-ent is also reporting on how Song Hye Kyo has been a beauty since she was a toddler but in recent years has definitely gotten even more gorgeous in her thirties.


Song Hye Kyo Shares Hubby Song Joong Ki Snapped Picture on Honeymoon — 53 Comments

  1. Song hye kyo is a lucky one. Not just beautiful but jongki is so proud of her beauty. He always say that she is so beautiful and for me its enough…

  2. Ok if am gonna get hate for this.So be it.But are we going the Kim Kardashian route now, where we will be getting mundane entries about instagram posts concerning this couple?Have Song Hye Kyo and Song Joong Ki, who are both high profile actors, been reduced to fodder for tabloid trash/gossip now?I find SHK to be incredibly reserved, private and not very attention seeking.I dont think she would appreciate even something as simple as an image upload for her fans, to become a gossip topic about her and her husband.

    How do we even know its him who took the pic? Yes, she is on honeymoon, but they are at a restaurant.It could be the waiter, or their entourage, a could be Song Joong Ki himself.The media should take their cue from her latest interview.She barely mentioned/referenced him in the November vogue issue or even throughout the whole thing.From their dating period to when the wedding was announced, and even after the wedding.She has been so coy.Even her statements about her relationship have been very meek.Thats how am able to come to this conclusion, that maybe its time to back off a bit from her private life.

    I get that especially Song Hye Kyo, Suzy and PSH get the most comments on this blog.But still I feel you are better than that.Please at least on this blog.Lets learn to draw the line.Honeymoons are private affairs.We really dont need updates on those.I could be wrong but I also get the feeling.You favour SJK over SHK.So this feels insincere.Like you are reporting on her because she is now connected to SJK.You know how much hate she gets here.Iam not saying dont report on them.But am saying, not every single little thing about our new “Korean Brangelina” needs to be a news article.How about we stick to reports on your thoughts on fashion, styling, and drama commentary and tidbits on trending celeb news that is worth discussing.Those are far more interesting.This is just my humble suggestion as a reader.

    • She is on honeymoon making a kissy face, the person sitting in front of her could be a waiter or friend???

      Has it occurred to anyone this “very private” couple are enjoying the attention they’re getting? Why else are they feeding the media so much detail about their wedding?

      • @anotherabc she is posting it in her ig, celebrities who have sns do it all the time, u want her to stop posting? that post is for her followers,and if u look in korean news its not only her ig post they make an article, almost every celebrity post,

      • That’s exactly it, she knows the Korean news will report on it. Hence, she is enjoying the attention more than not. For a self claimed or fan claimed private, reserved celebrity, she sure likes to be in the lime light.

      • wish she does that all the time, she can post 100 pic a day, i will not mind, stay in the limelight just what u said,while im waiting for her nxt project.

      • How does she like to enjoy limelight? She updates for her fan not media,and she can’t stop updating because media literally makes articles out of everything. She has two instagram account one is private for her friends and family and other for her fans and follower. If she likes to enjoy every bit of limelight she could have posted tons of pic on her public account but she hardly updates once or twice in months.

      • Well if u know her at all you will know she loves the kissy face pose. If she loves the attention so much she would have just posted a pic with him. I have noticed some certain set of people always love to leave hate comments on her article

      • Chill SHK fans. It’s great that her fans like her IG posts, the media gets to report on it and she gets the attention she craves. It’s a win-win-win scenario.

        I’m not a hater but just wondering why fans keep insisting she’s a very private person when she’s relatively active on SNS compared to other top stars her generation. There have been big or bigger stars that got married and you don’t see as much voluntary or involuntary leaked photos. Nothing wrong for liking to be relevant and the in limelight, she is a celebrity after all, just the private person thing makes her a hypocrite. To me, it makes her seem less of a top star with all the exposure. This is just my impression, so don’t need to get all worked up okay?

      • Imagine thinking some one is less of a top star and attention seeking because they post on their ig once in while lol am out

      • agree with @another abc here… I can name a lot of more famous female celebrities in this world without IG (ie. I mean in the world, not restricted to just the K-world). A person posts IG pics is attention-seeking, who will post pics publicly without wanting people to see?! C’mom, be real… Don’t be a hypocrite by not admitting, it’s ok, a lot of people doing this on IG. There is nothing wrong… just attention-seeking is all that is!! Duh… I don’t see any private person wanting their face all plastered over the internet for no reason other than wanting people to see their FACE

    • P.S:I do love hearing dating, marriage and baby news when done ethically.Bring on the juice/tea if its there.Its good when we are hearing all our beloved entertainers finding love.But I feel even though song song is pan-asian famous couple.This is overdoing it.Lets Hajima???.

    • This paragraph is too long, but it’s a table for two on her honeymoon. And there is no entourage on her honeymoon. She is alone with her husband. You think she’s blowing kissy faces to her manager on her honeymoon? Please get a clue. Who do you think took the picture? She knows everything she posts on IG is news, she has said so before that is why she’s reserved in posting, but she posted it for fans. I don’t think she cares as much as you think she does. She’s happy and in love and enjoying her time, and wanted to share it. It’s not that big of a deal.

      And FYI SJK is known to take BW pics like this. I don’t know why you are this heated about a pciture she freely shared to show her happiness

      • Though I agree that Koala is more of a SJK fan, but she didn’t say anything wrong her so no need to tell her off lol. I’m a huge SHK fan and think she wanted to share a picture with fans. It’s not attention seeking by any means. He’s not even in the picture! She is posting tons of pics on her private IG that can’t be shared with anyone. IF she wanted attention she’d do that on her public IG.

    • She used to be such a private person and I like her for that.
      I like that she keeps her actress persona and her personal life separate.

      I really hope social media will respect that as I don’t think marriage has changed her its just all these media and fans hovering over the couple.
      Maybe her husband is a more open person but I will still hope that her privacy is respected.

  3. fans of shk knows that she has been doing this kissy pose for her fans long before meeting sjk

    it’s a beautiful picture and if sjk took it then it’s all the more lovely.have a happy and memorable honeymoon lovebirds.

  4. If SHK enjoyed the attention, she would’ve posted her pics with SJK everyday since the wedding announcement. She rarely updates her’s that attention seeking? Perhaps these ppl want SSC to be like WB-LNY. No news, no photos..nothing. Idk if you like it that way, but definitely not me. It’s already hard enough to wait for SHK to make a drama comeback, I don’t need to wait for years to know what she’s been up to.

  5. My goodness people. If you don’t like what koala writes, you’re welcome to NOT read it. You act as if someone is forcing this article in your face. The fact is the Song Song couple is very relevant atm and lots of people want to hear about it. So it makes sense for koala to talk about it. It’s not like she’s suddenly jumping on some bandwagon. She’s been consistent with this, blogging about Taiwanese, Chinese and Korean celebrities.

    Now I agree that she seems to have a slight bias against SHK but it’s her blog and she’s welcome to do whatever she d*** well pleases.

    And finally, if you’re going to post a long rant, please be grammatically correct and use a space after every period. The lack of proper spacing was driving me crazy.

  6. Agree with RubyRed that Ms K used to be better than re-posting random trivial IG pics to generate traffic…. the first pic looks so blah with small eyes, flat nose & plain face, the last pic looks bloated… I much prefer her beauty in toddler years and Full House days than her over 30’s face… just saying… ?

  7. I don’t mind song song news as long as its not overdone. Koala doesn’t post much about songs unlike soompi and allkpop who makes articles on smallest things. And both song song are very private, yes their wedding news stole all the media limelight but as a fan of these two for a long shk is last person to enjoy attention. She never spoken about jk till date even in latest vogue magazine. If she wanted attention she would have posted pic with jk not alone.

  8. Once you become famous there is no such thing as a privacy or private matter and whoever like to write an article about the famous person is a freedom to do so. A famous person can’t control whoever like to write about it either in a good way or bad way and post in so many different ways. Famous equal public! Non-famous equal non-public (like us whoever comments here…included me) 🙂

  9. I wholeheartedly agree with rubyred. I know they are star couple it Power couple at the moment or whatever you call them. Now koala is overdoing it. Lets not reduce this two talented people to mere click bait article.

    • Me too. It’s ridiculous to whine about too much wedding and honeymoon news right now. It’s hot news and they aren’t doing anything else. If it bothers anyone ignore it until they get cast in something then come back. Until then it’s going to be mundane articles about newlyweds

  10. @candycane you seem to care so much about her looks almost every article about her you all about her looks. Anyways shk is a goddess and am glad knets and many others can see that

    • Just ignore her , It just enforces the image of how some of the commenter in this blog think of her
      To us , SHK is beautiful inside out
      That’s all matter ,

    • @tzuyu, your definition of “hate comments” is ridiculous… for a posting of photos, of coz all my comments will be on looks. What’s wrong with that? I just comment on what I see. This is a clickbait reflex ? Please don’t continue to expose your insecurities & lack of confidence by calling me out… You now sound like my stalker & I sure don’t enjoy your attention. Are you following all my comments from now on? I leave comments on other actresses & on a lot of other articles too, not just your bias to be honest. I leave harsher comments on a particular idol-wanna-to-be-actress before. Your defensiveness for her is now becoming too personal by calling out my name, and you have clearly crossed the line!

      • Lol like your stalker I think this is the first time am replying to you and I didn’t say anything about hate comment just noticed that in all she articles you always on about her looks and I would know this because am her fan and follow most of her articles not like am stalking you lol. And why will I be insecure there people that comment here about her looks sometimes but not in almost all her articles

      • you have called me out and I will be like a ghost haunting you for the rest of your life. Don’t do this again or else you will regret it. Stalker!!

    • @blazingflame that was one of the most brain dead comment I have ever read on here. Did she also think she was seeking attention pre dots fame when she was posting regularly on her ig

      • And the part that she is more active on SNS compared to other top stars generation ! It doesn’t need a brain to figure out other top stars also have sns but the media only wants SHK news and they couldn’t find anything other than just lurking into her IG and used that to write news
        Mark Twain is so right “Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience ” hilarious !!!

    • yeah…I agree with you..they acted like they didn’t care much but they obviously sounded insecured with SHK beauty and certain someone here…he/she will definitely dropped a bitter comments about SHK and if we tried to argue, he/she will scold you and claimed that he/she is not even a haters…yikes, this kind of person is hypocrite..I wonder why he/she hates SHK that much..

  11. And my sister kept saying me that Song Hye Kyo had plastic surgery drastic enough to alter her face. Obviously she didn’t!!!!!! I doubt she even has botox. I love the little wrinkles around her eyes and how she is even better looking as she aged. I think she is one of the most beautiful women in the world (the most beatiful is probably Aishwarya Rai – in her Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam days-)

    I love this type of post by the way. This is an entertainment blog that graces us with impartial information regarding serious -entertaintment related- news from time to time.
    This is the kind of thing that entertains me, seeing the photo of a beautiful woman looking lovingly at camera, obviously makes me happy. I know there is instagram, sns, whatever but I’m not into any of those. This is the right dose I want to be exposed to.

    And I see nothing wrong with wanting to share happiness (good for you Song Song couple)

  12. Others may find her wedding dress not exquisite but for me it’s simple and elegant and that’s how she is. Unlike many other celebrities who flaunts their bling and extravangance, she remained simple. That’s what I love about her.

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