Second Preview for Black Knight is Travelogue of Kim Rae Won Falling in Love with Shin Se Kyung

I would really be way more interest in upcoming KBS romance drama Black Knight if the leading lady were someone I thought was a better actress. Visuals just aren’t enough for Shin Se Kyung to really immerse me into a throwback type of romance drama that feels classic Hallyu and requires the appetite for copious amounts of emoting. The second teaser is out and all my eyes does is follow male lead Kim Rae Won and then cringe when Shin Se Kyung shows up and acts all klutzy whether falling off a grassy slope or walking in on Kim Rae Won showering. Black Knight has also gotten a intended to be swoony tagline Black Knight: The Man Who Guards Me and unfortunately all I want is for the bodyguard to fail at the guarding and then end up with the second female lead played by Seo Ji Hye. With that said, if Shin Se Kyung goes back to her The Girl Who Sees Smell performance then I’m all good and can happily buy this destined to be OTP pairing.

Second preview for Black Knight:

First preview with English/Chinese subs:


Second Preview for Black Knight is Travelogue of Kim Rae Won Falling in Love with Shin Se Kyung — 10 Comments

  1. The teasers for this drama are very pretty and KRW-SSK give a warm feeling. As long as the drama is in Croatia I’ll be watching for all the beautiful visuals.

  2. I wish all the drama was in Slovenia. I have never been there but it looks like a beautiful country ! It gives a romantic aura to the story.

  3. For whatever reason, I find SSK’s acting as “too conscious”, hence I see SSK acting instead of visualising the character she’s portraying. I guess I’m just nitpicking….

  4. SSK is actually good when she acts with stronger actors. She kinda needs guidance and someone more experienced to reciprocate the emotions she is trying to portray. Actually, she was the only good character in Tree With Deep Roots with the King (Han Suk Kyu) of course. And the only good thing in When a Man Loves. The teaser isn’t too interesting but KRW is someone to look forward to and SSK is okay too. Not too sure about the plot because the writer is just miserable.

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