SBS Wed-Thurs Drama Judge vs. Judge Has Mediocre Premiere Despite Weak Competition

It’s the start of Thanksgiving long weekend here in the US but in South Korea it’s not a holiday weekend but there was a palpable lack of exciting new fare almost like a break. MBC‘s long delayed new rom-com I am Not a Robot continued into week 3 of not premiering yet but will finally reach the small screen next week, marking a month break from the conclusion of predecessor drama Hospital Ship due to the network strike. That meant newcomer this week SBS legal drama Judge vs. Judge (Nothing to Lose) had no competition and still performed weakly, taking in 6.9% for episode 1 and 8.0% in episode 2.

Over on KBS the midway airing drama Mad Dog brought in 7.4% ratings which puts the two K-dramas neck-in-neck. What’s not boding well for Judge are the across-the-board excoriating first impressions from K-netizens, chewing out the drama for being so over-the-top ridiculous in portraying the court system and South Korean judges, which was pretty evident from the previous when lead Park Eun Bin who looks 18 years old tore off her robe and tried to jump over the judge’s bench to get at a defendant. Poor Yeon Woo Jin, yet another likely poor choice for a drama. Continue reading

SBS Drama Nothing to Lose Becomes Judge vs Judge and Ready For Wed Premiere

I feel like SBS Wed-Thurs dramas just blended together as the newly arriving one formerly known as Nothing to Lose but now has the English title of Judge vs. Judge is straight up a continuation of predecessor drama While You … Continue reading