New Preview for I am Not a Robot Sees Yoo Seung Ho and Eom Ki Joon Programming Chae Soo Bin

The battle for robot control supremacy is on as the latest preview for MBC rom-com I am Not a Robot pits human-allergic Yoo Seung Ho against mad scientist Eom Ki Joon. That they are jostling to program Chae Soo Bin in different robot modes is even funnier considering she’s not even a robot to begin with. It’s a girl pretending to be a robot then having to pretend to be a robot learning to be a girl. That was quite a handful to write but I’m praying Robot is the true K-drama classic style rom-com I’ve been waiting for, with characters that are weird but not wholly detestable as so many are written these days with eccentricities that veer into being awful peeps. This preview is wacky and cute, with Eom Ki Joon’s scientist brigade ordering Chae Soo Bin to be in operation mode while Yoo Seung Ho wants her in friend, going back and forth until she either loses her temper or short circuits.

Friend or Operation Mode:


New Preview for I am Not a Robot Sees Yoo Seung Ho and Eom Ki Joon Programming Chae Soo Bin — 15 Comments

  1. So true. Rom-coms these days have lost the weird factor it used to have in old KDramas. Like You’re Beautiful, My Girl or even as recent as You From Another Star.

    These days it’s more like Weightlifting Fairy, Bubblegum or First Life etc which I also really love because they are so realistic and well portrayed but these’s a lack of quirky characters and crazy scenarios which I miss a lot. Recently LUTYN did it well but I really want some more… madness lol.

  2. hhhhhhhhhhhhh so cute and funny!! seeing how they are ordering her forth and back to be on friendly and operating mode was hillarious and her loosing her temper/circuit made it even funnier!! LOL can’t wait for the drama to start!! my excitement keep increasing with every new update!! ^__^

    and have to say Yoo Seung Ho looks sooooooooo handsome!! ^__^

    • I like to think they would have more sense than to do that.

      Most people on soompi etc are positive about this pairing on seeing them together but you still have the odd idiot on db claiming 23 year old CSB needs to “grow up” before starring with 24 year old YSH. I mean, do they WANT him to keep working with only 7+ years older noonas forever?

    • I don’t see why we should blame her if the drama won’t do well. The competition is quite though with KRW, it’s going to be a challenge for YSH to beat KRW’s drama. From what I’ve heard about CSB, she’s a good actress and has good chemistry with her co-stars. If there’d be something to blame it’d be the writing. The PD is well-known, the cast is good too. YSH has a strong back-up with UKJ

      • yes, I am a bit worried about the writing for this drama as well…. I like both YSH and CSB, I think they will have good chemistry, EKJ is also a very good solid actor. KRW is indeed a tough competition, the second female lead is also strong… but SSK is such a blank face who looks drunk 99% of the time and she is the main reason I am not starting this drama until I am convinced it will not be a waste of time like BotWG 🙁

  3. I’m hoping for the EXACT same thing for this drama Miss Koala! Also agree with DeeDee’s comment about missing truly interesting and fantasy like storylines and characters in rom-coms.

    Honestly though, even if this doesn’t deliver at all, I’ll be watching for YSH because his styling is on point in this drama. He looks so good in every.single.shot, my goodness!

  4. Like both of the leads really can’t waitttttt..yoo seung ho is soo cute..really wish he can be paired with kim so hyun again with better written drama..they make me watch whatever that is ruler drama..but chae soo bin also okk n quite convincing as a robot not robot girl

  5. hope that this drama will do well in rating.. i love both yoo seung ho and kim rae won, so i havent decide which drama to watch yet
    i think shin se kyung has a stiff facial expression
    while generally i have no problems with chae soo bin except for her voice (just not into my liking)

  6. This drama storyline seems predictable. I really like YSH and EKJ, but will probably pass on this one. I really miss historical Kdramas which seem to be getting replaced by these fantasy modern day storylines. My interest in Kdramas has really declined this past year. : (

  7. Pretty torn, I don’t mind CSB with YSH but we have KRW over the other channel.

    However KRW is with SSK so in terms of OTP I refer ‘I am not a robot’.

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