2017 Blue Dragon Awards Rewards Hit Movie A Taxi Driver and Shares Tearful Remembrance of Actor Kim Joo Hyuk

The just held more elite Blue Dragon Awards this weekend in Seoul celebrated the cinematic achievements of South Korean cinema in 2017 and also memorialized the life and acting works of deceased actor Kim Joo Hyuk. There were basically three colors on the red carpet with black, white, and red, and no I don’t think it was due to somberness for Kim Joo Hyuk since K-ent ladies have been dressing this way for years now, but it feels right in this case because Kim Joo Hyuk really was a movie star all the way and leaves behind a truly memorable legacy on film that will remember his achievements properly. The winners of the 2017 Blue Dragon Awards were the box office blockbuster movie A Taxi Driver with multiple times award winner Song Kang Ho bagging yet another Best Actor trophy with veteran grandma Na Moon Hee winning best Actress for I Can Speak. Congrats to all the winners and a bittersweet farewell yet again to Kim Joo Hyuk.

Best Film – “A Taxi Driver”
Best Director – Kim Hyun Suk (“I Can Speak”)
Best Leading Actor – Song Kang Ho (“A Taxi Driver”)
Best Leading Actress – Na Moon Hee (“I Can Speak”)
Best Supporting Actor – Jin Sun Kyu (“The Outlaws”)
Best Supporting Actress – Kim So Jin (“The King”)
Best New Director – Lee Hyun Joo (“Our Love Story”)
Best New Actor – Do Kyung Soo (“My Annoying Brother”)
Best New Actress – Choi Hee Seo (“Anarchist from Colony“)
Best Screenplay – Hwang Dong Hyuk (“The Fortress”)
Popular Star Awards – Na Moon Hee (“I Can Speak”), Sol Kyung Gu (“The Merciless”), Jo In Sung (“The King”), Kim Soo Ahn (“Battleship Island”)
Audience Choice for Most Popular Film – “A Taxi Driver”


2017 Blue Dragon Awards Rewards Hit Movie A Taxi Driver and Shares Tearful Remembrance of Actor Kim Joo Hyuk — 7 Comments

    • Yes, the most eye catching pair hehe. Woo Soo Ji and Ma Sang Goo aka CEO Ma looks good together! If only our Se Hee and Ji Ho was there too, lol

  1. The fashion this year is so uninspiring … even more than before. I like how Su Ae looks positively glowing though, even if her dress is just as plain as the others.

  2. God bless Kim Joo Hyuk…I still feel such sadness over his passing and what was to came and what may have been…Our lives can be so short, unpredictable and fragile. Always in our heart KJH?

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