Korean Acting Stars Shine on the MAMA 2017 Hong Kong Red Carpet

Since I don’t follow K-pop the interest in the pan-Asian Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA) is solely on the attendee star power of many K-stars. The Hong Kong show last night was a total win for me on the actors and actresses who attended and their fashion choices. EVERYONE LOOKED GREAT! Yes, there was the usual black, white/neutral, and red outfits but I really love how everyone looked stylish, comfortable, and generally very very attractive. Song Joong Ki and Lee Young Ae were the top stars headlining this show but the rising young actresses Kim Yoo Jung and Kim Sae Ron were lovely young ladies with tons of stage presence to represent the next generation of K-stars. Lee Je Hoon‘s suit had fun embroidery and Jo Boa‘s sleek red dress is totally droolworthy as was her arm candy Kim Jae Wook. Overall this was way more fun that the usual awards show dullness.


Korean Acting Stars Shine on the MAMA 2017 Hong Kong Red Carpet — 23 Comments

  1. Kim Yoo Jung is a very pretty girl but she is fast following the footsteps of Park Shin Hye in her fashion choices. While I appreciate that both beautiful ladies going for modest way of dressing up but they tend to go for something heavy that completely swallow them. Thank goodness that they are simply born gorgeous.

    • Objectively speaking, the dress of Kim Yoo Jung is not really one to write home about, but she just has the radiance, presence and beauty to elevate the look. Her styling team really have it easy coz they just need the bare minimum.

      • She is very pretty and can get away with many things, but this dress is still a failure. It’s a pity because she could do much better. Like Kim Sae Ron, who’s also wearing a pretty simple dress but looking fabulous.

      • She looks very pretty and she was trending no.1 in naver last night for a long time.The girl is actually seems to be the most well loved in Korea in her peers, what matters most

      • She looks very pretty and she was trending no.1 in naver last night for a long time.The girl is actually seems to be the most well loved in Korea in her peers, what matters most

      • @Sehee… hahaha…. r u twins with Sejre? Most loved in Korea does not mean a thing if she does not have any new projects…. she will be forgotten in no time ?

      • These obsessive kyj fans need to stop over stating her popularity. I’ve seen ji jin hee, kim so hyun and kim sae ron trending no.1 on multiple occasions. Even seo shin ae trended no. 1 after that disastrous dress of hers. Trends mean nothing get over it.

    • Imagine how even more lovely she would have look in a nice outfit.
      Sometimes I wish some stylists would nice their clients better.

  2. Rain’s makeup is too heavy… KYJ’s dress is too bottom-heavy, a shorter & more tapered skirt will match more with her age, she does not need to cover her legs, it’s MAMA K-pop…so relaxed… Honey Lee has aged, I still remember her at the Miss Universe, what’s with that ajumma’s dress, yikes… SJH rocks!!

  3. Kim Sae Ron has undergone some surgery? She is unrecognisable.
    The jaw line that used to be a distinct feature now is so different. She has lost her unique looks.

      • I don’t think she needs surgery just grown up, the body and face do change a little, no more that small girl look. She certainly looks better as she comes of age.

  4. Kim Yoo Jung is so beautiful ! Her beauty is unique ! The pictures where she is walking are not the best but the one where she’s standing next to Kim Min Suk, she is radiant 🙂

  5. LYA is so beautiful; she outshines almost everyone 20 years younger than her. That black dress makes her look like a regal queen.

    KYJ is stunning as usual but she has the worst fashion sense lol. I never warm up to any dress she wears to these events.

  6. Kim Yoo Jung’s gown doesn’t look that bad when she’s standing still, but it looks heavy when she lifted some of the cloth off the ground. Kim Sae Ron looks fabulous here, i love that dress! It seems like she’s transitioning into a mature image nicely.

  7. Lee Young Ae is gorgeous.Her beauty shines even more in motion.You guys should watch her walking the red carpet.She truly is one beautiful woman.

    Song Joong Ki’s face has started to show a hint of maturity that I haven’t been able to see all this time.He is now exhibiting that aura of a man in his early 30s.Even when I saw his latest magazine fashion shoot, the one he did in October.I couldnt see what I am seeing now.Maybe its just my perception that has changed when I see him.Or one month of marriage has really had that effect on him.I mean the youthfulness, that he is famous for is still there…but you can notice what I am talking about especially in motion.

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