Second Set of Teasers for Hwayugi Up the Fantasy Visual Imagery and Excitement

The second batch of teasers are here for upcoming tvN fantasy drama Hwayugi and it ups the ante in visuals and excitement. We see leads Lee Seung Gi, Oh Yeon Seo, and Cha Seung Won once again narrate their characters but this time with more imagery context. Lee Seung Gi is the Monkey King who can create fire in his fists and itches for a fight. The Monk played by Oh Yeon Seo can see demons with her special umbrella and is there to dispel evil. And the uber cool Bull Demon King played by Cha Seung Won walks dripping in blood dipped shoes and commanding a demonic army. This looks so cool even if the Hong Sisters are wont to bite off more than they can narratively chew, there’s still the excitement of a great start to look forward to.


Second teasers for Hwayugi:


Second Set of Teasers for Hwayugi Up the Fantasy Visual Imagery and Excitement — 6 Comments

  1. This looks so exciting and I can’t wait to watch it. Please be good, please be good, please be good!! *-*

    Ps, Seung Gi’s looking hot, like wow! What were they feeding him in the army?

  2. LSG came back hotter. Anyway, Hong sisters dramas are pretty bad. I only liked Master’s Sun from them, I can’t forgive them for Warm & Cozy. Cha Seung Won and LSG had good synergy in You’re All surrounded and I’m actually looking forward to their dynamics. I’m not quite sure what kind of role Oh Yeon Seo will have but I feel like CSW and LSG will be the main leads anyway

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