Shin Mina and Ha Jung Woo Pull Off Nearly Identical Outfits at the Cartier Event in Seoul

I don’t recall ever seeing different gender stars wear the exact same outfit at a fashion event, and the first it happens both look great! It must be their star power, that of Shin Mina and Ha Jung Woo attending the Cartier winter launch in Seoul and wearing identical all black outfit underneath the same camel color coat with slight tweaks in cut. Hers is longer and double breasted while his is a clean single two button calf length. It’s great to see Shin Mina out, making her second appearance at an event since taking a sabbatical earlier this year to take care of actor boyfriend Kim Woo Bin during his chemo treatment for cancer. Reportedly Kim Woo Bin is doing well in recovery which is why she is back on her work schedule. Ha Jung Woo will be out and about a lot to promote his year end fantasy movie Along with the Gods which I am really looking forward to.


Shin Mina and Ha Jung Woo Pull Off Nearly Identical Outfits at the Cartier Event in Seoul — 4 Comments

  1. He wears it better. She looks bulky like a closet. That must be a kind of artform to make someone as beautiful and petite as Shin Min Ah look like a wrestler. Fire the cordi.

  2. HJW has never been linked to any actress , has he? He and Son Je Yin , these two just don’t have any dating news or scandals or such, have never been in any media mire. And both very good actors, very good looking.

    • lol Ha Jung Woo was dating a model, I think they even went public. There was also a rumour about him and Gong Hyo Jin 4-5 years ago but she denied it.

  3. I like her outfit even though she’s only draped the coat on her shoulders instead of wearing it. And I love her red lipstick with the neutral outfit, she’s one of the most beautiful actresses in k ent.

    Also it’s good to see her back again and to know that Kim Woo Bin is recovering well. It must have been scary for them to face this illness at such a young age, I wish them strength and good luck.

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