Park Bo Gum Gets on the Down Parka Train in Winter Outerwear Pictorial

Winter is a lot of things but one thing I always associate winter and South Korea are down parkas. The country is either obsessed with down parks or the retailers think the shoppers are because there are so many sportswear and even casual wear brands that full down want to parka the entire populace. So in the span of one week I saw a down coat pictorial for Kim Yoo Jung and now there’s another one featuring Park Bo Gum so clearly the retailers are gearing up for the weather to get cold and people to shell out money for this new season’s winter outerwear offerings. I can’t never see anything in down parkas different from year to year other than enjoying K-stars modeling the latest ones in various settings. While Kim Yoo Jung went city conversely Park Bo Gum is country and vistas. I dig this boy next door being out in the wilderness just being having active fun.


Park Bo Gum Gets on the Down Parka Train in Winter Outerwear Pictorial — 22 Comments

    • Nope, it’s not just you. Even before the revelation, that he is a cult member and the fact that the indoctrination has been so effective that he doesn’t even see how wrong it is and he keeps promoting that Jesus centered church, I found that he had some unnerving qualities in him. It’s the way he conducts himself and how he words some things in his interviews. Also, I couldn’t stand him in MDBC. Especially that kiss scene with underage KYJ, that was gross. I also firmly believe that Deok Sun should have ended up with Jung Hwan instead of Taek, although it was pretty obvious from the beginning. Quite frankly, I find his acting slightly overrated. He’s okay-good-ish but not nearly as excellent as people hype him up.

      • I feel the same, glad someone else does too. i think he’s overhyped, not unlike the current It boys of his generation of actors.

      • I have nothing to comment about his personal life but I do agree that he is definitely being overrated in term of the acting part. I also never liked MDBC, never understand the hype surrounding it.

      • There will always be a group of fan girls drooling after him…. just read LSG articles & you can see a few over there ? PBG has not really proven his acting skill in any real challenging roles yet… totally overrated!

      • I thought he was great in Remember Me and Cantabile but Ryu Jun Yeol won everyone in Reply. Moonlight on the other hand ruined him for me. It was all sorts of cheesy and cringey. Too much sacharrine is also bad.

  1. How quickly the tides turn…sometimes I feel really sorry for people in the public eye. We Kdrama watchers are especially brutal when our favorite oppas or dongsengs do something to offend our holier than thou sensibilities. See what I did there? Anyhoo, I discovered/loved PBG in I Remember You. Don’t give 2 cents for what he does in his private life. His Answer Me turn was okay and I never finished Moon. Not sure that makes me his fangirl. I did watch his Bombastic Moon trailer dance multiple times because it was so damn cute.

  2. once i saw the article, i guess a certain username will appear and it’s right!! pretty funny some ppl still salty with R88 lol 2 years passed already

    his religion issue didnt really impact on his CF or acting career in korea tbh.
    Hope to see him next year with great work and a good partner. at least i can see he’s such a work-hard person and a good actor. can’t help korean love his face & personality and all that was so called ‘overrated’. i have nothing against when a person get loved they deserved, goodluch bogum.

    • i think some of the hate on him have something to do with fans of a certain drama that aired same time with mdbc, mdbc were both leads 1st major lead role, cant include reply88 for pbg since i dont consider him the lead der,so to be a major hit in korea wasnt expected, and his beliefs it his choice same as everybody else,

      • Lmao no. I just genuinely find Park Bo Gum’s acting okay-good-ish and not as excellent as his dumb fangirls say. He is just the current it-bouy and he stroke while the iron was hot. Doesn’t make him a raw acting talent though. And I’m by no means a Moon Lovers or R88 Jung Hwan fan like you’re insinuating lol

    • Nah. some people hate him (and other popular actors) just to prove to others that they are different and more informed than the usual drama fans.
      that user is known for his/her hatefulness and immaturity on this site, so it doesn’t really matter what he/she thinks or says.

      • Agreed, simply don’t read that person’s post at all. Time is too precious to be wasted on childish rants.

      • @Silentkick, I’m honored
        @PYC, I don’t take that rapist Park Yoochun fans seriously. He’s a bad actor on top of that.
        @Ta, I maybe immature but most of my comments are actually quite insightful

  3. I’m an atheist I don’t give f**k about his religion or his other private life but I found him as a genuinely nice person in interviews and also from other actors perception of him. Overrated??!! I think he acted better than joowon in cantabile and he was brilliant in I remember u…and he definitely a scene stealer in almost every scene in reply. did not watch that sageuk as I dislike sageuk. I think some fans are still salty about the whole husband thing in reply lol. grow up

    • Honestly, Idgaf about his beliefs and religion either. It’s none of my business after all. But the minute he promotes his SICK cult to his young fangirls who are too young to have substantial critical thinking skills, that’s a red flag. And I’m agnostic and I firmly think that religion, spirituality etc. are everyone’s own right and no faith is superior to other but if a cult prohibits its members from seeking medical care and brainwashes its members into thinking that exorcism cures of illnesses, that’s when I think it’s acceptable to condemn such belief. And no, I’m not criticizing PBG just because ’’I’m a salty fangirl from a rivaling fandom’’. I just genuinely think he is not a great actor. MOT

    • Thank you for your sensible, level-headed post!

      Any sane right-minded person will just have to think: Who do I believe? People who have first hand accounts of the person because they know and are close to the person or people who don’t know him at all and blow out of proportion a tweet praying for peace in his country? What is cultish about that?! I find hate comments based on biases and preferences, honestly more cultish! If one makes an assertion, support it with logic and reason which unfortunately I find lacking in several posts.

  4. I really find no faults from his kiss scene becoz he is an actor. Also there were only 2 kisses right. Totally overrated actor though. I am really bummed out during Ji Chang Wook’s many kisses with Nam Ji Hyun though. Wish she had her first onscreen nice kisses with much younger boys she acted before like Lee Hyun Woo, Yeo Jin Goo and Kim Soo Hyun etc. For me Ji Chang Wook is a bit creepy since i heard he is almost bet on to date with his all costars.

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