Ji Sung, Seo Hyun Jin, and SHINee’s Key Win at the 2017 Grimae Awards

I know K-ent acting awards are mostly popularity and ratings driven but when it’s not and I totally disagree there’s a weird disconnect of wondering why this person got a nod. the 2017 Grimae Awards voted on my the Korean Television Producers Association handed out Best Actor to Ji Sung for Defendant, winning Best Actress is Seo Hyun Jin in Temperature of Love, and the New Actor award was given to idol-actor Key from the group SHINee. I’m good with Ji Sung getting the recognition for Defendant though he was insanely snubbed in 2015 for Kill Me, Heal Me and was just fantastic in Defendant to earn the award on his own merits. But I’m going to say no-no to Seo Hyun Jin taking home Best Actress for Temperature of Love, she was thoroughly unlikable in that drama and should have won last year for Another Oh Hae Young except the win inexplicably went to UEE for Marriage Contract. Oh well, I hope this is all she gets for this rinse and repeat performance, and her next drama showcases actual acting diversity and improvement again.

SHINee’s Key won for Best New Actor which is a relatively new category, last year it went to Yoon Kyun Sang in Six Flying Dragons and Doctors, and the prior year Jo Boa won for All About My Mom.


Ji Sung, Seo Hyun Jin, and SHINee’s Key Win at the 2017 Grimae Awards — 34 Comments

  1. It’s a tough competition on the actor’s category. There were just too many great performance but for Best Actress…my choice would be between Kim Ah Joong for “Live Up To Your Name” or Kim Sun Ah for “Women of Dignity”. Again..I am saying that Seo Hyun Jin is just too overrated.

    • Agreed.. I mean, SHJ is fairly good actress but this year, there are actresses that jave delivered better. She’s getting overrated very fast with her same-y acting and she’s getting awarded for that

      • Thanks for that. Before this, she is pretty much underappreciated. Just enjoy this luxury while she can.

  2. Congratulations Key!!! It’s a well deserved award. While I absolutely loved his performance in Drinking Solo; the drama that inexplicably opened me up to the wonders of K-pop; I can’t deny that he nailed the emotional scenes in Lookout to a T. I think his years in theatre and musicals paid off, he comes across as a seasoned actor; even though he’s a relative newcomer to dramas.

  3. I like Seo Hyun Jin but IMO she was disappointing in Temperature of Love. Or Temperature of Love was disappointing and it felt like she was stagnating.

    I’m happy that Ji Sung won though. He was really good in Defendant and even though it got good ratings it feels like he went under the radar somewhat?

    • True Seo Hyun Jin was so good in Another Miss Oh but disappointing in Temperature of Love. I would have given it to Kim Ah Joong, Kim Sun Ah or Jung Rye Won. These three actresses did well in their respective drama this year.

  4. Once again clapping hands for one of my most favourite actors.. Ji Sung????????.Man he has been snatching trophies left and right this year.He is severely underated so this multiplies my joy.Iam rooting for you Ji Sung sunbae.Stay Winning.

  5. Yaaaay… congrats for u all esp for my queen seo hyun jin.. just keep spreading the hates people..and she will keep getting awards and recognations she deserves..kkk.. good luck for u all esp “miss koala”

  6. I am impressed with Key. He’s got potential like a few idol/actors who are good. He caught my attention when I was watching Drinking Solo.

  7. Ji Sung deserving it though there were fierce competition in this category this year. There were Namgoong Min, Jo Seung Woo and Kim Nam Gil and they were all brilliant. This win will make up for his lack of Baeksang’s nomination earlier this year. On actress’ side, it should have gone to Kim Ah Joong, Bae Doona or Kim Sun Ah. Seo Hyun Jin is far from deserving it. She just happened to win cause she is the current “IT” girl. Not hating her, just that it is a crime of justice to merit someone not deserving the award. That’s all.

    • When all the actors are good and delivered like the one you have mentioned in terms of acting skills.Thats when business/ratings game come in, and thats why Ji Sung won:

      1.Defendant= 21% average(Bonus, not primetime, weekend drama.Not romance).
      2.Deserving of the Name=5% average(TVN, so maybe around 17%-18% it was on the free to air channel channel or since it was weekend drama, around 22-23% on free to air channel.Romance Drama.)

      3.Secret Forest=4% average(TVN, so maybe something like 12%-13% if it was a weekday drama on free to air channel, or around 20% since it was a weekend drama.Non romance but aired at 9:00pm.

      4.Falsify=11% average.same like defendant.was ok but lower ratings.

      So based on both acting and ratings.Ji Sung is deserving of his award.

      As for Seo Hyun Jin, her performance wasnt that different from Ha Ji Won in Hospital Ship.They have both performed much better in previous projects, than what they put put this year.Their dramas were saved by their name value.Not because their acting was the best.They both had green actors for male leads so the chemistry was meh.Kim Sun Ah was robbed.Her drama also outdid them in ratings.But well it is what it is, so congrats everyone.

      • I know. I am totally happy for Ji Sung’s win. As for Namgoong Min, I was actually referring to his performance in “Chief Kim”. “Falsify” oth is completely forgettable.

      • Yang Se Jong “the green actor” tells you to watch his performance in Duel before judging unfairly of his acting…Sure, he’s only a rookie (he debuted last year) but he has grown tremendously within the year thus deserving that lead role. Thing is that’s not the actors performances that were disappointing in TOL(they did great with what they were given) but unfortunately the writing has failed them. TOL was definitely saved by its TWO leads (numbers speak for themselves—-> Yang Se Jong took the 2nd place for December Drama Actor Brand Reputation. Seo Hyun Jin is ranked 3rd)

      • @live. Yess it maybe something to do we have different category how to value acting. I just feel he lack subtlety.

      • @missjb fortunately you are in the minority who think that way.If its his “lack of subtlety” in his acting that you have problems with.I am interpreting this to mean, you think he is an “overactor”.I would say that has nothing to do with him, lacking as an actor but that you have a different preference of acting style. Thats ok, different strokes for different folks.

        He mostly plays dramatic, complex roles that require him, to express a wide range of emotions(sometimes in one scene).So the “subtle, am too cool to emote”/I need to continue looking handsome/cool/pretty, so I wont go all out to express my emotion” kind of acting, which is common with many Korean actors, does not suit those kind of roles.Otherwise, the outcome would be underwhelming.In other words, his acting style, suits the roles he chooses.He does well and is acknowledged for that.

        Can you imagine if he was holding himself back, and not emoting properly, and displaying those minute details of emotions, in his face and body language, in “kill me heal me” while playing seven characters?or in his latest drama when he is falsely accused and thrown in jail?Or even in “protect the boss” he is playing a bratty chaebol boss and its a comedy?Comedy is one of those genres where there is liberty for adlibs and be as outrageous as possible.But as i said earlier, this then is just a matter of acting preference.

  8. Big NO to Seo Hyun Jin and I don’t know why she got it. Kim Sun Ah, Kim Hee Sun, Bae Doo Na, Kim Ah Jong even Park Bo Young or Jung So Min are available. The drama was also meh. Not hating her, but I still don’t get the hype over her. I think some people gave her love because she was overdue not get the recognition and somehow I think the way Eric ignored her during TvN festival gave people more reason to like her.

    By the way, is this award is high value? Because I didn’t see any hype about this award.

    • Lol. The man ignored her because he had someone already while people getting crazy to ship them. Speaking of Eric, he still the best partner for Seo Hyun Jin until now. They were believable in Another Miss Oh. Seo Hyun Jin looks lost her touch after pairing with an Eric.

  9. Seo Hyun Jin, why?????? The drama is nah. The acting is always repeated. Seem Korea really lack of actress. I notice her always do the same expression in all dramas.

    • Why? I would say that her acting is really good in Temperature of love (TOL):
      – She was present in all her scenes or can I say by that she actually lived in the drama?
      – She listened and reacted naturally to her partner(s). I noticed that this drama had a lot of dialogue scenes and the camera was more often than normal directed at the listener, instead of the speaker.
      – She was not guarded, she showed her all on screen. And each time she needed to show difficult-to-express emotions, she delivered, from her heart.
      – She used her voice and body well. They are different from her character in AOHY. She was beautiful, more gentle and feminine in TOL.
      Though of course there is still much room for her to improve, I would say that with all the above achievements, she deserves the Grimae award for Best Actress of the Year.

      • Just want to point out one more thing. The script has nothing with the acting. I think it is best to separate these two.

      • Well I’m glad I’m not the only one who feel she act different compare to OHYA days. Her body language has already different. She is more feminim here.

      • Her expressions and body language were all same in her previous drama. One thing is different, the hair cut lol.This is why people complain they still see Oh Hae Young in her next roles after that drama. I don’t know how capable she is since all the dramas I saw her roles are repetitive. Just saying.

      • @Kat: Well, this matter is subjective. I have no further say. We can agree to disagree then.

  10. ????????finally Ji Sung is awarded a well and long deserved award! He’s been cut out in the past! I thought he would be cut out again! I feel for him and disappointed that he’s recognized for his talent and hard work.
    Congratulations! So happy for him!

    • Oops typo error here! It should be :-
      I feel for him and disappointed that he’s NOT recognized for his talent and hard work!

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