Jugglers Premieres to Lowest Ratings of the Mon-Tues Dramas with Two Cops Jumping into Lead

I haven’t seen such a dud filled Mon-Tues prime time K-drama trifecta in quite some time, which is perhaps a good thing as the year end busy season with work, family, and travel plans makes for less time to watch. Today saw the premiere of the last Mon-Tues drama of 2017 with KBS workplace series Jugglers, coming in with a time slot low of 5.6% AGB nationwide ratings. MBC‘s own new drama Two Cops was the ratings loser last week during its premiere but the network decided to double down and re-air both nights episodes over the weekend and as a result the drama jump to the time slot lead with ratings of 7.1% and 8.2% for Monday nearly doubling in ratings from last week. In the middle is SBS drama Doubtful Mystery taking in  6.9% and 7.6% in ratings, with a result of the mehness permeating from general audience disinterest in the fare reflected in lackluster ratings. Two Cops is mired in bad audience reviews for leading lady Hyeri’s acting, Doubtful Victory doesn’t have big name stars and also not a totally catchy premise, and now Jugglers is getting bad script and acting reviews for the overall product.


Jugglers Premieres to Lowest Ratings of the Mon-Tues Dramas with Two Cops Jumping into Lead — 27 Comments

  1. Two cops is the worst drama out of the 3. Jugglers was okay, the acting was good I don’t know where this acting controversy is coming from and it’s two early to tell if it’s gonna be good. But Doubtful Victory so far has been really good. It also helps that there’s a gripping background story and a totally cute Yoon Kyung Sung in it

    • i loved the first two episodes of doutful victory but the next two are just so so the plotholes are starting to annoy me. But will still watch for yoon kyung sang he is great here

  2. I’m enjoying Doubtful Victory so far. Jugglers never interested me and even Jo Jung Seok could not make me watch a drama with Hyeri in it. And that is saying a lot.

  3. Happy for Jo Jung Suk he doesn’t deserve 3% ratings lol at least these are somewhat decent when you compare them to most of the ratings dramas are getting…..

    But man when are we going to get the next big hit buzz drama? Only dramas that have done well recently are Witch’s Court, Golden Life (which is a weekend drama but still), and Prison Life is getting good ratings.

    • Hwayugi, Mr.Sunshine or Kingdom maybe.
      2018 seems to have a lineup of high profile actors coming back to dramaland, so it might be another 2016 where there were many hit dramas.

  4. Forget big hit, buzz dramas, How about getting interesting, captivating dramas on a more consistent basis. If 2018 is going to be another slump year for kdramas, I think I might have to move on from them honestly…

    • Have to agree… I think this year, for the first time in a long time, I watched more Chinese, Taiwanese and Japanese dramas (combined) over Korean dramas. The only recent drama that I watched from start to end was Witch’s Court because although the storyline wasn’t all that original, it had solid acting and decent pacing. There are too many dramas that cast bad actors/actresses and repeatedly insist on forcing these people on the audience. And if it’s not that, the storyline is predictable or draggy. I think the Kdrama industry needs to reexamine what is being produced and who they cast. I really miss the good ol’days of quality dramas – especially sagueks. We haven’t seen any of those during the last part of this year…

      • Rebel (Yoon Kyun Sang’s last drama) was from this year and it’s seriously good – good writing, strong performances, and not some fluff romance safeuk.

        Easily the best sageuk of 2017 for me (LUTYN is not a full sageuk since it’s half in the present), but I agree that most sageuks post-2010 or so are disappointing.

  5. I’m really trying to watch two cops as the guys are doing ok but hyeri is unfortunately bringing the drama to a halt every time she appears. It just goes flat at that point. Don’t know if I can continue all the way thru this drama and that’s sad as I am a fan of JJS and his talent! Too much meh on the Monday-Tuesday lineup.

    • I really don’t understand what the significance of Hyeri’s character, Ji-an is annoying, Hyeri’s acting is unbearable! Please write her off… Story flows better without her. The bromance is way more interesting and we don’t need to see any romance, definitely not with that big nose!!

  6. @teacakes@AnneAkemi.rebel is the best saquek this year no doubt about that.everything about it is very good.I particularly like the cinematography,the ost very much.

  7. This is a shock to me, I really enjoyed the first 2 eps of Jugglers and I tend to drop dramas like I drop cash on kbeauty lol

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