Actor Seo In Guk and Singer Park Bo Ram Reveal Relationship Going on Over a Year

This isn’t the biggest K-ent dating news but as a completist I want to report on it. Actor-singer Seo In Guk revealed that he was dating singer Park Bo Ram, not just a recent relationship but the couple has been together for the past year and a half. Park Bo Ram is a former contestant on Superstar K2 in 2014 and went on the launch a relatively successful singing career for the last three years and Seo In Guk of course is a popular K-drama male lead. In recent months Seo In Guk has been laying low due to netizen disapproval of his military exemption this past June when his physical revealed a joint condition called osteochondritis dissecans where cracks form in the cartilage and underlying bone. Anytime a male K-star is exempt from the military there is bound to be blowback so it’s smart for Seo In Guk to lay low and not use the exemption to jump full scale back into work. Congrats on his going public with Park Bo Ram and good luck to this young couple!


Actor Seo In Guk and Singer Park Bo Ram Reveal Relationship Going on Over a Year — 16 Comments

  1. Well they have a lot in common. Both did Superstar and both were fat and unattractive before. Her before/after pictures are really shocking. She really was an ugly duckling.

  2. Well both have a lot in common…Both did Superstar and both were overweight and unattractive. Her before/after pictures are shocking! She was sooo unpretty to say it nicely…

    • Dude, you are so negative! And I bet that she “overweight” by the internet/k-pop standards where if you are not a walking skeleton you are called “fat”!

      Get a grip!

  3. Another celeb dating news. Congrats.
    Anyway, I was actually hoping to read the news of another couple so when I read on soompi the “Breaking News” and “Dating”….but then it’s mentioned Seo In Guk and Park Bo Ram…I felt deflated. LOL. But good for them anyway in finding love with each other.

      • Lol. It’s embarassing to say it out loud but I was hoping for real life romance of the KimKim from Live Up To Your Name ?Never had an OTP hit me this hard before. Are you hoping for any particular couple out there??

      • @Alexa we are on the same ship, mate! *high fives*
        I’ve been watching other new shows, but KimKim really tops my OTP list now. I love watching their bts but it seems that there are lack of news from them nowadays.. 🙁

      • Lol. High Five ✋✋✋.
        The KimKim chemistry us overflowing. While I shamelessly ship them, I always remind myself not to take it too seriously. After all they are actors.
        And yeah…they are both so low key but I read at soompi thay they would reunite for commentary on the D-cut DVD/Blu-ray production, should be real soon.
        Glad to meet you here btw ☺️

  4. I always cringe when I read about celebs dating. It’s their personal matter and I have no idea how would their dating even concern us. The whole idea of being nosy and curious about celebs’ lives sounds like panem et circences.

    • I know some may not like the idea but I think as long as there is a fine clear barrier to what extend ones could stick their nose on celebs’ lives, I think that should be fine. May be I am saying this because I do have the tendency to be too consumed with dramas and happened to ship an OTP, though that just happened to me lately and for one specific drama couple only. But I ship lightly and for funsake. But ofc, I totally understand and accept your opinion.

  5. The media have intel about who’s going out with whom as real sightings, photos,etc. since they have people who gets paid to find these things while shippers are mostly about imagination and wishful thinking. They act like they are in love, hate each other etc. that’s why they’re called actors! It’s when they are “spied”/photographed getting together outside of their projects, in their own time like in this article that one can believe more. I understand why these actors prefer to date in private….for career and image, yes….better to just announce marriage. Anyway,it’s not really our business ?

  6. Disgraceful behaviour towards fans…To me regardless of who you are if you cant be honest about your life and whats happpening than you must have other things to hide. Most celebrity marriages or dating rarely last.Maybe the honesty thing has something to do with it…k celebrity seem like little children in the head to me.

  7. Totally agree…It sets up a bad precedent if your not being honest about whats happening in your personal life as a much else dont we know ? Accidents and health issue reasons never fully revealed….The industry wants us only to see an illusion and not reality.I still want value a celebrity as a person so i can admire something real…Not somethng that simply suits the greedy management agencies. Fans are not getting what they think due to BS.

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