Jung Hae In and Son Ye Jin in Talks for Secret Love Affair PD’s 2018 Cable Drama Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food

Fantastic K-drama casting news and a real coup for a rising young male actor. Jung Hae In is in talks to join Son Ye Jin for early 2018 jTBC drama Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food (or Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Meals), the pairing a wholly unexpected one and even more exciting that this drama is from PD Ahn Pan Seok of Heard it Through the Grapevine, Secret Love Affair, and A Wife’s Credentials. Wowsa! Jung Hae In is on a roll having been the scene stealer in While You Were Sleeping and now a noticeable supporting cast in hit tvN drama Wise Prison Living (Prison Playbook) by PD Shin Won Ho of the Answer Me series. PD Ahn’s dramas are deserving of all the critical acclaim and I love watching them even if some are dark or tackle more uncomfortable subject matters. Son Ye Jin and Jung Hae In will be a noona-dongsaeng romance but nowhere near the 20 year age difference with Kim Hee Ae and Yoo Ah In in Secret Love Affair which actually was quite incredibly to behold.


Jung Hae In and Son Ye Jin in Talks for Secret Love Affair PD’s 2018 Cable Drama Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food — 33 Comments

  1. Jung Hae In got really big after wyws to get an offer to act with Son Ye Jin. I mean, really very big. And the director is great too, Heard it through the Grapevine and Secret Love Affair. He really stole the show in wyws and now he’s rising.

    • I’m glad he’s rising now. He’s a good actor and seems really humble from the interviews that I’ve read about him.
      I watched his vlive before as well he’s such an awkward cute patootie.
      it’s great that he get a chance to shine now after doing supporting roles and cameos in popular dramas.

  2. why people always talk about noona-dongsaeng but when it comes to
    ahjussi-dongsaeng they don’t care? Do female leads always have to be 20-something-year old? so, actresses in their 30s have to retire?

    I mean there are so many ahjussi-dongsaeng couple !!! For example;

    Lee ByungHun aka Lee Santa – Kim TaeRi (20 YEAR)
    Ji Sung – Hyeri (17 year)
    Jo Jung Suk – Hyeri (14 YEAR)
    Gong Yoo – Kim Go Eun (12 YEAR)
    Lee Jun Ki – IU (11 YEAR)
    Jo Jung Suk – Park Bo Young (10 YEAR)
    Kim Rae Won – Shin Se Kyung (9 YEAR)

    Ughh those stupid misogynist fangirls..I dislike them so much!!! sorry for my horrible English..but I can’t stay still when I see hypocrisy.

    • Not to forget Jo Sang Wook – Jin Se Yeon, Jo Sang Wook – Park Shin Hye, Song Seung Heon – Shin Se Kyung, Kim Rae Won – Park Shin Hye, Kim Rae Won – Moon Geun Young, Rain – Krystal and many, many more. Also, all the underage Kims and their adult co-actors. So many young girl and older man pairings and it’s seen as normal.

      • exactly!!! korean society (like many others) is just so toxic…kdramas and korean movies are always centered around males..it’s so unfair..

        when an actress gets paired with a younger actor, stupid jealous fangirls say they look like mother-son..but when ahjussi actors gets paired with younger actresses, hypocrite fangirls will be like:
        ‘Oohh oppa you’re so hot, you make me go crazy, be my daddy <3 <3'
        those immature fangirls are so embarrasing really…I pity them so much!!

      • @kdramalover, agreed! It’s sad that woman writets and fangirls are so misogynistic. Perfect oppa is always the best and young actress is shit. Older actress always get bashed if she is in noona romance. No one even talks about ahjusshi romances, aside from us who are tired of gross couples like Lee Santa and KTR.

      • But younger or older it’s always the actress that gets blamed. I’ve never seen an actor being blamed for casting too young or too old. Hypocrisy.

  3. saw some comments on naver saying son ye jin is old and does not fit the title “pretty” noona -_-
    son ye jin does not deserve this slander!

    • They are lame those shallow fans because Son Yeo Jin 35 years old, young woman who is very beautiful.

      Thats why this great PD, his writer do dramas like this, they like to challenge their culture’s attitude to women when they are not in their 20s anymore, as if dating younger mane its a crime when old, very old men can date young pretty girls like its so normal. Their internet fans are prolly males dominated just like South Korean traditional culture in general.

  4. I’m currently watching Wise Prison Life, and his face and voice really resembles Kim Soo Hyun. And good that he’s being given the chance to headline with Son Yejin. As for the points above with actresses, its a sad reality. They play second fiddle to male actors in films and dramas. And the age thing…. i just can’t with the double standards.

  5. I am all for 30 something actresses headlining a drama, noona romance or same age romance, it doesn’t matter. In other parts of the world, actresses in their 30s are still in their prime but in Korea, they are considered past their prime. It sucks to be an actress in Korea!

  6. SYJ is beautiful and a very able actress. The second pic, her earrings are different in each lobe yet seem part of the same design. Quite liked it.

  7. there isn’t a single soul here who is complaining about jung hae in doing 3 back to back dramas but when a female actress does they whine

    • was he even the leading role or second lead role in two of them? no? LMAO.
      stop trying to bring that certain actress into everything. its as if her appearing on screen so often isnt enough, people have to bring her name on every article complaining about “oppalogist” treatment. if you guys have the time, why dont you watch her drama before it falls below 2.8%?

      • Typical dumb oppalogist you are. You even admit that. It’s true that Chae Soo Bin got worse treatment than Some actors who keep doing comebacks

      • HAHAHA dumb Chae Soo Bin fans as usual, don’t want to admit she is a flop actress and want other people to bash actors. Too bad for them Jung Haein is successful in all the roles he appeared in, even overshadowing the main leads in one of his dramas. Yeah damn right they should watch her drama because it is not 2.8%, it’s 2.6% LOL.

      • @prettyautumn
        which actor keep doing comebacks as main lead?

        csb has new drama as main lead every few months
        and with each drama, ratings are getting lower

    • Just accept that she is a flop!!! hahahaha.

      Lol @prettyautumn turning up again. You ain’t got nothing to say anymore after all the actors you hate getting successful this year? Seriously, you should be the one committing suicide instead of you-know-who. Hope you will die from your self-proclaimed depression. ^^

      • Wow. You are totally disgusting and rotten to the core. @Key

        First of all, ”self-proclaimed depression’’ -> you know, this is the exact reason Jonghyun ended his own life, no one took him seriously, no one listened. Depression is a clinically diagnosed mental illness and not a matter of joke. Ever. Now you are even making joke out of his tragic death. Seriously, screw you.

        Second, how does it feel to hate a new comer female actress and call her a flop while simultaneously wishing death to another user for not liking your unni/oppa? Let me guess, you are one of those kpop brats who crawled straight from that hell site allkpop/netizenbuzz?

        Third, how old are you? If you are underage then let me tell you that that is a very lowly thing to write that is neither funny nor appropriate. You need some growing up to do and maybe go ahead and apologize to your mother for turning up to be a human garbage.

      • @Key – suicide is not a topic to joke about! You are an insane moron. You better shut your stinky sh_tty mouth before you get into trouble ?

      • Well, prettyautumn calling people dumb and delusional IS offensive as well, even though I admit my comments are far worse. ^^
        Hah sorry but I’m someone who don’t like people getting away with their arrogance. If words can hurt someone, then they shouldn’t even be online at all.

    • i never heard of jung hae in so can’t complain but i just searched his resume and only 1 was main lead, the other 2 are supporting roles
      but as for that female actress, i think it’s because she was the main lead in all 3 dramas

      so your complaint is invalid

  8. Bout the actress playing second fiddle to male actor/drama thing.Its true but I believe in the somewhat cringe philosophy that “be the change you want to see”, if you want to turn things around.”I mean its all well and good to point out the lack of strong characters and strong scripts in movie/drama productions.But what are the actresses doing themselves to push for this in Korea.Why do they wait until their in their 35+ before they can actually work together in one production.And when they do, its always the makjang dramas like Queen of Dignity or some historical drama where they are protagonist queen vs villain concubine in a love triangle/square with the main leads?

    What is stopping high profile and influential movie actresses like Kim Hye Soo, Bae Doona, Jeon Do Yeon, Son Hye Jin etc or high earning drama actresses like Ha Ji Won, Song Hye Kyo, Jun Ji Hyun, Gong Hyo Jon etc from working together and being more proactive in the production aspect of the projects and invest.Why are these “big name” women waiting for the male producers to step up, when they have the resources to initiate the projects/ roles they want to be given. Why are they many female drama script writers but very few female directors and producers?

    If its money issue excuse, Its not enough.Because their male counterparts especially in movies do work together just fine even though they command high talent fee.Like Gong Yoo and Song Kang Ho.So Ji Sub, Song Joong Ki and Hwang Jung Min.etc etc.Some actors like Jung Woo Sung even produce and star in their own projects.Even though Kim Soo Hyun’s movie flopped.But he tried to invest to try to shake things a little bit.and though his a high earner, he probably earns slightly less than some of these women too.

  9. Sorry Gilgit…you may find hateful comments funny but I dont. Are you any better than the person making the original comment? Do you feel any better ? The question does not even need to be asked. Topic finished.

    • Clarissa dear, I do not understand your point at all. How am I, who called out a person who talked so lightly about depression and suicide, disgusting? What was so hateful in my comment? Please do tell me. I don’t comment much but Jonghyun’s body hasn’t gone cold yet and someone was making a joke out of it. I’m sorry but someone calling fangirls dumb and delulu is not comparable to someone telling another person that they should have killed themselves instead of Jonghyun. Everyone calls excessively rabid fangirls from rivaling fandoms dumb and delulu. I don’t understand how that is as bad as making fun of depression and suicide.
      What do you mean by original comment? The one that pointed out the double standards in the treatment of male and female actresses? Or the one who bashed CSB? Or perhaps prettyautumn’s comments? No one told you to find any comments here funny, I sure don’t find them. They’re just sad. But as I said, there are wrong things and then there are outright disgustingly wrong things. Sorry to say but you started this totally unnecessary topic that just derailed from the whole matter and the seriousness of the wrong I pointed out.

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