Jung So Min and Lee Joon of Father is Strange is Dating According to Dispatch Pictures

OMG, this is the cutest K-celeb dating story to break on New Year’s Day in a few days, not since the great Rain and Kim Tae Hee news of January 1, 2013 have I heard dating news that made me smile cheek to cheek. Dispatch as published pictures of actress Jung So Min and former idol turned actor Lee Joon dating. The couple met and played the onscreen OTP in KBS hit weekend drama Father is Strange and have been the object of a huge fan ship all year long. It’s not clear how long they have been dating but the pictures show them so adorable and comfortable with each other just getting out of the car and heading inside an apartment building. It’s been a great acting year for both and I’m thrilled their 2018 is starting with each other as company. Congrats and I hope this couple lasts despite their relative young age.


Jung So Min and Lee Joon of Father is Strange is Dating According to Dispatch Pictures — 22 Comments

  1. both their agencies have confirmed the dating news. Apparently they started dating in October (after FIS finished its run in August), which is just before Lee Joon entered MS (also in October).

    the SominKi shippers are devasted haha – they are convinced that Lee Minki likes her since his ideal type is Yoon Eun Hye and Jung So Min looks like her. they do have great chemistry in Because Its Our First Life though.

    • Seriously? those delulu shippers…. smh… lol…. Lee Joon is so much better in looks & he has a scandal free career… I am happy for JSM. They look cute together ?

      • yup, lee joon is a better catch than lee minki
        especially after that scandal, even though minki was cleared of sexual assault charges doesn’t change the fact that he did a one night stand while serving public service

  2. They are so adorable. I have to admit I cant keep up with all the episodes of the drama Father is strange but, I watched their scenes in youtube clips.

  3. These are the clearest Despatch photos I have ever seen. So openly affectionate.

    I did not ship them during the drama. But now that they are dating have been smiling like a loon. They are so cute.

  4. This can only be seen to be good news. All the fan comments I read were delighted at the news. They had explosive chemistry in Father Is Strange and I found myself shipping them in real life. Glad my ship came through, lol. Hereโ€™s hoping that they go the distance and survive Military Service which seems to be the kiss of death to a lot of relationships.

  5. Wow.. they had really great chemistry. Lee Joon was bad at hiding his interest for Jung So Min. Congrats to this couple. I hope they will have a great relationship.

  6. OMG! Best news to start 2018 for my shipper heart. They have a very palpable chemistry onscreen and offscreen. It was just exploding both during the drama and on the BTS videos. I think LJ even admitted then that he did treat JSM with food then to thank her for her care during the set. They look so cute in the pics. So happy for them and at the same time, I hope they stay strong during his military service.

  7. They are supercute together and moreover I think theses are the most affectionate photos I’ve ever seen in Dispatch.

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