Ji Sung Wins the SBS Drama Awards Daesang for Defendant and Lights Up the Event with Wife Lee Bo Young

The year end 2017 SBS Drama Awards was really the Ji Sung and Lee Bo Young show, with the married acting couple basically turning the event into their own lovey dovey showcase and honestly that’s fine with me. They are so low key for so long, let them enjoy the limelight for once when both do deserve it. Ji Sung as expected took home the Daesang for his performance in Defendant, which also won Best Drama and was the highest rated prime time drama for the network. Lee Bo Young herself won Top Excellence for Whisper along with Namgong Min for Falsify but he wasn’t in attendance due to being at MBC that night. The questionable wins went to While Were You Sleeping leads Suzy and Lee Jong Seok, both taking home Top Excellence and also winning Best Couple. Overall the awards continued to mostly reflect the ratings and audience feedback but SBS definitely threw in some best employee picks.

Winners of the 2017 SBS Drama Awards:

Daesang Award
Ji Sung (Defendant)

Top Excellence (Mon-Tues Dramas)
Actor: Namgoong Min (Falsify)
Actress: Lee Bo Young (Whisper)

Top Excellence (Wed-Thur dramas)
Actor: Lee Jong Seok (While you Were Sleeping)
Actress: Suzy (While You Were Sleeping)

Top Excellence (Daily/Weekend Drama)
Actor: Song Chang Min (Unni is Alive)
Actress: Jang Seo Hee (Unni Is Alive)

Best Character
Uhm Ki Joon (Defendant)

Excellence Award (Mon-Tues Dramas)
Actor: Kwon Yool (Whisper)
Actress: Park Se Young (Whisper)

Excellence Award (Wed-ThursDramas)
Actor: Lee Sang Yeob (While You Were Sleeping)
Actress: Nam Ji Hyun (Suspicious Partner)

Excellence Award (Daily and Weekend Drama)
Actor: Ahn Nae Sang (Unni is Alive)
Actress: Sohn Yeo Eun (Unni Is Alive)

Best Drama

Best Couple
Suzy & Lee Jong Seok (While You Were Sleeping)

Best Rookie Actor/Actress
Actor: Yang Se Jong (Temperature of Love)
Actress: Dasom (Unni is Alive)

Best Supporting Actor/Actress
Actor: Kim Won Hae (While You Were Sleeping)
Actress: Park Jin Joo (Reunited Worlds)

Best Child Actress
Kim Ji Min (Super Family 2017)


Ji Sung Wins the SBS Drama Awards Daesang for Defendant and Lights Up the Event with Wife Lee Bo Young — 74 Comments

  1. Okay so I was waiting for this article. First of all, congratulations Ji Sung! Totally deserved Daesang. I would have liked to see Uhm Ki Joon getting co-daesang or at least a better award than ’best character award’. Defendant was the highest rated and one of the better dramas this year. Now lets get to the point.

    Suzy getting top excellence actress award? ??? How much did SBS have to stretch and re-arrange the nominee category to make Suzy win a Top excellence award?? Ladies and gentlemen, we can all see how her looks and her luck in landing a big three company has allowed her to get huge roles in big productions and even made it possible for her to get a top excellence award, a prestigious award right after daesang, with her talent level. And her fans better not come at me and say that ’’she improved’’ or ’’she worked very hard’’, when a) her improvement was minimal and PHR did everything to write around her flaws and b) every single actor works hard, not only your Suzy bias.
    Furthermore, Lee Jong Suk got a Top excellent award too… at least he didn’t get daesang…. he needs to improve his acting though. It’s kinda lackluster and void of passion.

    • Happy for Ji Sung – at least a deserving actor got the award. Personally, I liked “Whisper” a bit more than “Defendant” (although both dramas were good). Would have liked to see Lee Sang Yoon get something… but Nam Goong Min was also great in Falsify too.

      As for Suzy… I don’t know know who else was nominated, but I do recall Saimdang was in that time Wed/Thu time slot… was Lee Young Ae not even nominated? I can’t believe that Suzy could out act Lee Young Ae… It really makes me lose my confidence in the future of Kdramas. If Suzy is the benchmark for “top excellence,” then I wonder what is actually considered “average or bad”?!

      • you are right, there is no future in K-dramas… so boring and repetitive… Ratings are all-time low in SK, overseas sales have dropped. Not much hope in 2018… they are killing their own industry… what a mess!

  2. Can someone also comment on Suzy’s dress? 🙂 I don’t know if Dior is making this dress top design their signature label their trademark, but they are definitely succeeding. I saw variations of this dress everywhere. Angelababy also wore the same dress as Suzy. While I do believe that this is one of the nicer variations out there, the model seemed to wear it better than either actresses. I do not know if I am just not the biggest fan of the design or am just sick of seeing carbon copies of the dress on everyone. Their ambassadors do not even seem to have customised dresses.. It would be very funny if someone compiled pictures of Asian actresses/personalities wearing Dior dresses because they seem to be recycling the same small pool of dresses.

    • Probably a sponsored Dior dress? And I wish Suzy would stop wearing that model because it doesn’t flatter her body at all. Yeah, the dress is nice but her body is ’boxy’ (like her shoulders and waist have the same width) so this dress doesn’t look good on her. At least the red carpet fashion at SBS awards was better this time. There are more colours than the white bridal fifty shades of white.

  3. Suzy’s winning is the biggest joke ??. This shows how shallow SBS is to please the fans… imho NJH is way more excellent as an actress. The dresses are more colourful & prettier than the all-white boring ones at MBC.

  4. Wait, is that Nam Ji Hyun in the picture after the cut? She looks STUNNING!! Wow! I’m glad her hair is black again!

    Congrats to Ji Sung! I’m so happy for him. He and his wife are such a power couple and so cute together.

  5. Honestly, giving a top excellence award to Suzy and Lee Jong Suk for their prestation is like giving an Oscar to Dwayne Johnson . All prisoners in “défendant” and Uhm ki Joon should have won this award. Kwon Yool too , he was the best in Whisper . Hopeless ! Congrats to Ji SunG for this 2nd winning.

    • To the fans of Suzy , i’am not criticising Suzy as a person but her acting in this drama ! It’s not the same thing !

  6. Waiting for the post about KBS awards. Park Shi Hoo winning 2 awards ! So can someone explain me how someone who was into a sex scandal can make a comeback ( Lee Jin Wook too) and Yoon Eun hye being treated like that by Koreans ?. New Year, same discrimination ! i’m watching ” My Golden life” . Don’t tag me as a Park Shi Hoo hater .

    • park shi hoo winning excellence is such a joke
      when my golden life is essentially a shin hye sun show

      i watch my golden life and it’s just so hard to watch his scenes, he just looks so greasy to me after his scandal

    • Wild guesses. Park Shi Hoo
      – has enough money to buy those awards from SBS
      – has some massive backing person at SBS or higher up (like in the government) to negotiate his two awards
      – audiences, especially South Korean ajhumma’s have forgiven him (although he was never officially charged) and love him and Shin Hye Sun couple in the drama.

      • the drama us in kbs though not sbs, koala didnt post kbs yet, gotta post sbs 1st since her bias are mostly der.

      • @Llyanne, thanks for the correction. Yes, I mean KBS and to be fair I was more interested in KBS year end award show then SBS.

  7. Just gonna leave this here for all the people in Koala’s last post about Suzy, who tried making her out to be some airhead with princess syndrome who thinks she’s some great actress and “people just can’t appreciate her ‘style’ of acting”. This is her acceptance speech at the award show, further proving that Suzy is fully aware of her flaws and weaknesses, and isn’t just living in her own little world thinking she’s some talented A-list actress because she has so many “fans and worshipers shielding her from the truth”.

    “I didn’t expect to win this big award. Thank you to SBS, the viewers who loved WYWS, and the staff who had a hard time at the filming site. You all worked hard. To be honest, whenever I’m at this position, whenever I win an award I still get scared. Because I know very well that I still lack a lot. I think I still can’t handle the weight of this position. I have a lot of people I want to thank, but I can’t give speeches and can’t thank every person I’m thankful to, so I always end up giving a hasty speech and going back, but I’ll make sure to thank every person today. First of all, Park Hye Ryun writer-nim, I’m so honored to work with you again after Dream High. Thank you for making a charming character like Hong Ju and writing a cool drama, WYWS. Also, Oh Choong Hwan director-nim, who always teases me whenever he sees me. And also, Lee Jong Suk oppa who always helps me, Lee Sang Yeob oppa, Hae In oppa, Jae Ha oppa, Seung Hee unnie, Kim Won Hae sunbaenim, Hwang Young Hee sunbaenim, (etc.). Thank you so much. (then she thanked JYP family managers and fans) I’ll do my best to become a thoughtful actress who’s not embarrassed standing at this position from now on. Thank you.”

    Here’s the link to the video, where Suzy actually cried for the first time in her career while delivering an acceptance speech: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iwLkfHT0uzg. So there you have it. Suzy doesn’t have a “poor attitude” or “overestimates” her abilities. She’s perfectly level-headed and able to face reality. Suzy doesn’t refuse to “listen to/accept valid criticism” because she’s “stubborn” or has the “same mentality as K-pop fans” who thinks “any comment not praising her is hate or jealousy”. The criticism about her acting has ALWAYS had a huge impact on her, ever since Dream High (she’s mentioned this on numerous occasions), and she’s constantly DRIVEN by the criticism she receives to work harder and improve herself.

    As I said before, Suzy was even asked in a past interview how she would rate her acting on a scale of 1-10 and she said negative 10. Apparently that wasn’t enough for people and they still tried twisting her words in her InStyle magazine photo shoot. Someone compared her to Song Seung Hyun and Jang Hyuk stating that they were at least “always humble” about their acting. Well, Suzy literally said the exact same thing here that Jang Hyuk said in his interview: “I have the tendency of doing things my way and concentrating only on myself, which makes my performance unconvincing, so I need to reflect on myself. I’ll try my best to be as persuasive as possible and understand my shortcomings.”

    Compare that to Suzy’s acceptance speech above: “To be honest, whenever I’m at this position, whenever I win an award I still get scared. Because I KNOW VERY WELL that I STILL LACK A LOT. I think I still can’t handle the weight of this position. I’ll DO MY BEST to become a THOUGHTFUL ACTRESS who’s not EMBARRASSED standing in this position from now on.” That doesn’t sound to me like someone who “lacks humility” or is “delusional”–far from it. So if anyone STILL wants to trash talk Suzy’s character, saying she doesn’t take her profession seriously and only cares about looking good and landing endorsement deals, my point stands true about only choosing what you want to hear because you have a bias against her.

    Also, it’s always hilarious when people say JYP is responsible for Suzy’s roles, using “media play this, media play that”, or that it’s only because she’s from a big company that’s able to secure her roles in big dramas. When in reality, it’s ALWAYS been confirmed by the directors/writers themselves that THEY were the ones who seeked out Suzy for their roles. The only drama JYP has ever helped Suzy get was Dream High.

    And for the record, Suzy didn’t get any hate from K-netz about her Top Excellence Award yesterday. Majority of the comments actually congratulated her and LJS. Lol. Not debating whether or not they deserved it, but correcting those who are trying to make it seem like there was some big outcry of injustice over their win or something. Lol.

    I rest my case.

    • I’m sorry but I read NAVER comments and they weren’t completely happy about Suzy getting a big award like that either. I don’t have sympathy for Suzy. If she didn’t want to hear critique then she needs to work her way all the way from the bottom by taking side roles. Even bigger and better actresses than her are humble enough to take side roles. I will never forget Kim Min Hee who took a third lead role after begging the script writer for a part and now she is a Berlin film festival best actress award winner. While Suzy took a leading role in Sound of Flower (which flopped) and a sunbae like Ryu Seung Ryung played second fiddle to her. Of course script writers/ PDs want to offer her roles. She is popular idol and pretty, and probably not a diva, so of course production teams want to have her. But that doesn’t mean she has to take those huge roles?? HyunA and G-Dragon got huge acting offers too simply because of their popularity but they had enough integrity to say no. I know you targeted this at me so I’m replying you. Besides I have brain of my own and I can form my own opinions. I don’t care if you saw some translations somewhere else about people congratulating Suzy and LJS. To me, they simply aren’t good actors. Also, if she really wants to improve, she really should take acting classes and start by taking side roles. Suzy is scared for a reason when she got that award because even she knew that she didn’t probably deserve it and she will get the backlash. I don’t blame her for getting that award. It’s all on SBS  but Suzy is an actress and at her position, she needs to do her job well. Many have given constructive criticism and that’s something everyone has to take. If I do my job poorly, my supervisor will not just scold me but I will get an official warning too and I may even lose my license if I do my job very carelessly. Why do Suzy fans think that anyone who criticizes her are jealous haters? And that no one can criticize her because ’she will get sad and scared’?

      • Even though I dislike how she’s being cast in these lead roles, she should make her money and enjoy the opportunities while she still can. I don’t know what her shelf-life will be like. Her best talent is her friendly charm and beauty. She has no future in music. She can sing and dance well, but nothing extraordinary. She only has a few lyrics credits. Her variety skills are so-so. She can model and do CFs, but there is always a danger of a new IT girl coming along. She doesn’t have a well-off family to fall back on. I think she likes acting, and respects the profession and the criticism she receives, but I don’t think she has enough passion for it yet. Or maybe she needs that one role to ignite her passion. Kim Min Hee only discovered her passion for acting and improved herself after reading a Noh Hee Kyung script.

        Or maybe she’ll pull a Kim Tae Hee. 7 years of being panned in leading roles before she started to get positive reviews.

      • she needs to continue to act in order to improve. If she denied the acting offer how can she get better lol. She probably had taken an acting class and all but do you need to declare that to the world I have done this and that. You seem to know a lot about actress and actors but mostly from hearsay or reading material from the internet. Do you know all the articles are mostly manipulated to create an impact. If you hate toward actors and actress based on what you read on the internet please stop because they are mostly untrue. Funny that you compare your job with acting, You are actually a grown-up I thought you are a teenager lol.

      • I agree with @prettyautumn
        This may sound harsh. Yes, Suzy should take up acting offers to improve her craft but please have enough intergrity to take on smaller, side and supporting roles until she is credible enough to lead a drama. We are not saying she should stop acting but to be aware that her ability is still not up to the level of a good actress, charismatic enough to become a leading actress. A lot of good actresses out there started off with minor roles like Lee Bo Young, Moon Chae Won, Park Min Young… So I think Suzy should follow their footsteps, improve herself then only viewers aren’t agitated having her headlining a drama and winning an award should she really deserving of it.

      • You didn’t read comments on this link: tv.naver.com/v/2489383#comment_focus

        Comments on this link are positive about Suzy with almost 8K upvotes.

      • If she aware she should declined the roles even if the director want her. Idol actors and Actresses made me sad when they lead a drama while uber talented like woo do hwan, im so joon keep getting second lead roles.

    • knowing while not improving makes her a bigger joke of the Year… hahaha… anyhow, congrats on her getting the award, but this does not mean she deserves it… LOL…

    • u didnt read all the comments, sbs awards have the most negative comments coz of suzy winning, mbc have nega coz of not giving yoon kyu sang, they said kbs is the most acceptable xcept for some againts park shin ho,and suzy get criticize for the way she deliver her speech too,

      • It seems like you’re the one who didn’t read comments under other article… There are one article with almost 8K upvotes where Knetz congratulate Suzy for her winning and say she did a good job in WYWS and has worked hard, and defend her against those who say bad things about her speech because for them her speech was really sincere and she was obviously scared and has a trauma… But for obvious reason, NB (aka full of negativity) didn’t translated it, NB is a bad influence… Link: tv.naver.com/v/2489383#comment_focus

    • and by the way she knows she will get that award, ders no way she will sit in that long boring award show for a best couple award, both her and ljs knows it, gotta promote still wyws, some overseas countries may still buy the rights.

    • well said @anonymous, but haters will always hate because their bias did not win. They will come up with all kind of excuses.

    • If directors and writers in Korea are offering roles to Suzy because of her popularity and beauty rather than skill, then it really shows how shallow the Kdrama industry can be. That means they care about superficial things than producing a high quality product. First and foremost, if beauty is the most important thing when casting for Korean dramas and the Korean audience, then so be it. However, if Korean companies are trying to market their dramas internationally with these standards, then it’s no wonder the hallyu wave is declining. I mean, many Oscar winners are usually awarded to actors and actresses who play roles that strip away all the glamour and glitz. And once that’s gone, all that’s left to depend on is their skill. I think there are a lot of Korean actors and actresses that are so skilled, but it is a shame that they get pushed aside to accommodate idols that are casted for money.

      • hahaha… I don’t think Bugs Bunny is considered a “beauty” by international standard…. she didn’t make any beauty list in US and Europe!!! She is still a no-namer… LOLOL…

      • Look Suzy at performances of some of the best actors in the world ie Australian Actor Russell Crowe in A Beautiful Mind…Watch these actors and learn and understand what real acting is all about and why they are great and oscar winners.

    • So what if she cried? Is that supposed to make us believe she’s in any way capable of acting, or has any dedication to acting aside from having a top scriptwriter work full-time to disguise her bad acting as much as possible?

      • i know right… Korean actors are known to cry really easily in K-dramas…. so I really don’t understand what’s the point of bringing up “cried for the first time in her career” for… ?to earn pity points?? She cannot even cry properly in WYWS, she’d better taking crying lessons for goodness sake…. hahaha…

    • I was about to comment on how shiny his face looks.

      Looks more like moisturizing makeup + hot stage lights. His is the worst and that is his makeup artist’s fault. At the same time I noticed all the other celebs on stage also have some shine on their faces too. It’s not a flattering look on anyone.

  8. WYWS was a big joke… The only one think that was great in this drama was Jung Hae In and he didn’t win anything.

    For Suzy, she seems to be a nice person but she should really stop taking main role. But it’s true it’s not her fault if SBS tried to make forget the big mess of WYWS by giving awards to their buzz stars, even LJS and LSY weren’t goood in this drama.

    I’m happy that Nam Ji Hyun won something because I just love her. She’s a great actress since young and she stayed discret and became a beautiful woman. She would have deserved the couple award ! I would like a reunion with Kim Soo Hyun, they were so great in Will it snow for Christmas !

  9. Ji Sung and Lee Bo Young are marriage goals.I love this couple.Congrats to the hubby for the Daesang.Lets get the Daesang at KBS and make it a triple treat.He has two now.Daesang at SBS, Daesang at MBC.Although we really shouldnt be taking these award ceremonies seriously or get shocked.There is still that little glimmer of hope that maybe things will be different but alas..its same old same old especially MBC and SBS.KBS is just a little bit better.

    I called it two days ago that they were going to squeeze in an award for Lee Jong Suk.They had the core awards; and then made up those monday tuesday; wednesday-thursday drama, blah blah blah categories to make sure they award Suzy and LJS.I am sure JYP and YG had a hand in this.Like no awards for their artist, we will not let them attend the ceremony.

    In 2014, the victim was Jo In Sung.He lost to Park Yoo Chun.When the ratings average was only a difference of 1% and JIS showed was the better actor, between the two in their respective dramas that year.They didnt even give him any acting award for “its ok thats love”.Last year, the victim was Lee Joon Gi.He lost to Lee Min Ho, No acting award, they made up that “hallyu star” thing to avoid backlash.At least with last year or even in 2014, they had ratings excuse, as to why the ones with the good acting, lost to the “just ok” acting.This year the victim was Uhm Ki Joon.No acting award for him from the bosses.He was collateral damage for LJS.That “Character Award” was audience voted.If he had lost, he would have walked away with nothing.I do think they made that one too to save their faces.Politics everywhere…

    As for Suzy, winning Top Excellence Award over Lee Young Ae when LYA’s drama had higher rating than Suzy..and though Saimdang was a snoozefest, she was still the better actor between the two.Like SBS bye!!!

    • Also why didnt FNC lobby an award for Jung Hae In? The one person who was deserving of an award out of WYWS got nothing!Even Seo Hyun won a “special acting award ” last year tsk. tsk.

    • Korean awards is a JOKE including Baeksang. Not even one can be taken seriously except movie awards that actually merited credible actors. It’s all about fan-servicing for drama awards and SBS this year has slumped to the new low. Last year they robbed LJK in favour of the mediocre LMH. This year they snubbed LYA for Suzy and UKJ for LJS. Speechless. I could not bother to watch the show since SBS probably will not only rewarding the bland but popular actors, but will surely handing awards to their parents, siblings and perhaps even their cats and dogs.

      • its the only way they can convince dem to attend,hoping they can help in beating kbs for the rating or the buzz online, but kbs still higher, last yr kbs didnt bother to give her any thank u award for uf, since kbs dramas last have more popular cast and dramas, dem alone was enoungh to beat sbs by a large margin in rating

  10. ? hooray! Daesang and top excellence awards to Ji Sung and Lee Bo Young. Yeah yeah hooray!

    Suzy- top excellence award-biggest joke of the year! She’s hopeless.
    Poor Um Ki Joon: best character? What is this? He derserves a more fitting award.

    Best couple: Suzy and Lee Jung Seok: totally no chemistry!
    Best couple should go to Ji Chang Wook and Nam Ji Hyun
    And where’s Lee Sang Yoon’s award?

    • i think they cant give it to ji chang wook since he is in the military, and both suzy and ljs are present so why not give it to them,

  11. I’ve watched korean dramas for years (like almost two decades). I actually seem unable to tell whether an actress/actor can act or not. I thought Jin Se Yeon can act in Gaksital (meanwhile the rest of the world said no), I thought Kim Hyun Joong can act in BOF. I watched Black, I’ve no problem with Go Ara’s acting..yup.. people must think I’m dumb. However, Suzy is the first actress I notice she can’t act in Gu Family Book. My ‘blindness’ apparently doesnt work on her. Her acting must be that bad for a person like me to be able to recognize it. I couldn’t bring myself to watch WYWS since I still remember her ‘acting’ ability on GFB. However, she works hard, I give her that. I wish her the best of luck.

    • Oh my goodness. I couldn’t believe I found the person who thinks exactly like me. I started watching GFB because the actress looks so pretty and she still is, back then I didnt know who she was..anyway I couldn’t even finished ep1. I couldn’t bring myself to watch WYWS either.

    • well I dont get the fuss on Suzy winning that award, she won it together with two actresses, so it’s not really telling she’s the best, but more of a consolation award for the effort and gracing the SBS award show, hahaha, it’s a joke, let’s all move on.

      • LOL… this shows us how dumb her delulu fans are… thinking she is the “real winner”. What a biggest joke!! hahaha….

      • @candycane Oh no, while we’re at it, I just realized something fishy with the award btw, Suzy won over Lee Young Ae for Wed-Thurs SBS 2017 primetime slot. remember Lee Young Ae?? she’s the legendary Korean actress from Dae Jang Geum, who starred in Saimdang recently. Oh no, that’s not good, something’s fishy going on in there at SBS. that’s ridiculous Suzy will beat her, on top of that, it must be embarrassing for fellow Daesang winners like Lee Bo Young and Jang Seo Hee who also won the same award to be leveled together with mediocre Suzy. Oh my gosh, what the heck is going on there in SBS, were the judges getting bribe now from JYP, oh no, that’s bad.

      • yeah… someone has already commented on how & why Suzy won over LYA… I don’t understand it… SBS is tainted… lol…

  12. SUZY for Top excellent?! I mean I know it’s trump era and people get things without deserving it but WOW. Suzy is really undeserving. her acting ( even though she gets tone of media play and preproduction projects and tailored roles) is too DISAPPOINTING.

  13. To sum up 2017 awards, im glad they awarded daesang to the deserving veterans. There are of course some actors many felt were deserving but left out and did not win anything.. Yoo Kyun Sang and Jung Hae In.
    With regards to Suzy, I’m in the boat that is completely perplex with her Top excellence award. I dont blame Suzy for taking up job offers. At the end of the day you want to be paid, stay visible to get CF offers and her music career isnt going anywhere. But i blame the Korean industry and the jury/experts who made the decision who to award. By their standards, real actors/actress has to compete and quite often lose to idols (I wanna acknowledge there are fortunately some idols who CAN ACT though). The juries deciding to award Suzy that title is belittling their award show and making it seemed like her acting ability is of the same level of other better actresses (who received or didnt receive that level of award). I admit too that Suzy was better in WYWS compared to UF, better does not mean excellent. There were so many parts she was lacking or i cringe that in the end i only watch 3/4 of the drama. I dont hate Suzy, i find her pretty and shes sociable but as an actress she has alot to learn yet but the industry pushes her up to a pedestal faunting her and crowning her when she isnt ttechnically ready. So again blame the industry. Days like this i wonder if K drama will continue to slump. Yet there are days i see dramas with interesting plot with veteran actors. And days of dramas with young actors in late teen and early 20s who can emote and act well. I just wish more focus placed on them.

  14. Lee Jong Seok getting any kind of acting award is hilarious.

    Also, what the fuck is up with all these ugly dresses k-actresses wear at events?

  15. @BTS..actually I don’t hate her at all. When she’s in the drama, she doesn’t have the charisma to bring me in to watch her drama at all. She is just bad in acting and people just watch her because she is pretty, but I have seen Korean actresses who are not that pretty but they can act. Just saying.

  16. I have always felt like LMH and Suzy were not star material, because neither are strong, talented actors. Their promoters obviously have money to splurge on them. Because it has worked, they win awards, while we all scratch our heads and say, ” why on earth did they win?”. Have any of you looked up which corporations promote these two?

  17. Whoa, haters, slanders, insults, jealousy ~ like a pool of witxhes throwing all these into a pot n cooking them making poison, n themselves breathing in the posion you cook ~ clap clap

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