Son Ye Jin and Jung Hae In Confirmed for K-drama Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food

All eyes are now on the Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food as the drama landed a very titular pretty noona indeed. Predominately movie actress Son Ye Jin is making one of her infrequent sojourns back to drama land as the female lead for the upcoming jTBC drama with the quirky title of Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food. The concept of a caring noona who comes over with food is very familiar in K-culture and the lucky younger man in this case will be played by Jung Hae In. The leads are nicely cast but the critics are even more excited that this is the first drama in three years by PD Ahn Pan Seok since his Heard it Through the Grapevine in 2015, and even earlier with the critically acclaimed Secret Love Affair and A Wife’s Credentials. No word yet on the screenwriter but the three dramas mentioned above PD Ahn all worked with writer Jung Sung Joo.

The drama sounds like an early Spring affair as casting continues rather briskly now that the leads are confirmed, with character actress Jang So Yeon offered a supporting role on Pretty Noona.


Son Ye Jin and Jung Hae In Confirmed for K-drama Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food — 21 Comments

  1. I hope stupid fangirls won’t send hate messages like ”they look like mother-son, you’re so old” to Son Ye-jin..because it’s so ridiculous and embarrassing..the age gap between them is just 6 don’t make a big fuss about this you stupid haters!!!!!

    Goblin, Gong Yoo (1979) – Kim Go Eun (1991) 12 YEARS
    Moon Lovers, Lee Jun Ki (1982) – IU (1993) 11 YEARS
    Black, Song Seung Heon (1976) – Go Ara (1990) 14 YEARS
    Mirror of the Witch, Yoon Si Yoon (1986) – Kim Sae Ron (2000) 14 YEARS
    Mr.Sunshine, Lee Santa (1970) – Kim Tae Ri (1990) 20 YEARS

    Let’s not be hypocrites, shall we ?

    • Hahaha, I like how you come with facts, but unfortunately this won’t stop the haters!
      You should just copy/paste this list every time when they start whine.

    • I think it may not all because of the absolute years difference, it’s the visuals of these people together that some look plain disgusting… like GY and KGE particularly when she was wearing school uniform and trying to act cute, when the drama advanced time by 10 years & she wore OL clothes, they looked a bit more tolerable… SSH & GA on the other hand look quite matching but GA’s acting continues to suck while SSH acted well in Black. It is even harder to tell in saguek (ie. LJK & IU, I think they look quite matching there)… so it all depends on the costumes and makeup. But for the upcoming Lee Santa’s drama, I think I will hold off until I read the recaps & reviews… lol…

      • candycane, I’m not talking about visuals..I’m talking about age gap..when it comes to noona-guy couples, haters always point out their age gap whether they visually match or not..they always say to a noona-guy couple that they look like mother-son no matter what..stupid fangirls always discourage the actress…If Korean actors can act with younger partners, then Korean actresses can do it too.. sorry my english is not good..but I hope everyone can see my point on this topic

    • @kdramalover you have a point.But I just wanted to say, the hate or disapproval of huge age gaps for romance is on both sides, not only noona-dong seng pairing.

      That “Mister Sunshine” drama was met with huge disapproval from both knets and inets.They were still murmurs about the Goblin pairing as well as the romance story line too.IU’s upcoming drama with Lee Sung Kyun(My Ahjusshi) drama announcement was met with so much noise, that the drama PR had to clarify that the drama was not romance drama but a family drama.

    • I remember LJS and LBY had 11-year gap, nobody question this gap tough.
      I suspect mr Sunshine is about daughter and father, am I right??

  2. Honestly I LOVE this pairing already……Jung Hae In is 30 (!!) in “Korean Age” (which I find wild) but yea a 6 year age gap is honestly nothing but either way this plot sounds really good and feels like it’ll be a nice healing drama. I’m so happy that Son Ye Jin is back!

  3. Jung Hae In is 88 born so he’s actually a hyung to Lee Jong Suk. I swear if I see ’auntie’ or ’mother-son’ comments while they were fangirling over Goblin couple etc. I will just flip. But what are Jung Hae In’s merits even? Was he ever a lead in a film or drama prior to this drama? Because getting cast with Son Ye Jin is a huge deal.

    • I dont think he had been a lead, but i heard he was sorta the dark horse in wyws? And he did well in prison. He had a few movie roles too. Guess this is his first lead then~

      • he was like the third male lead in wyws and e managed to shine even more than Lee Jong Suk, completely overshadowing him. But many actors do better and do it for years but they don’t get major offers like Jung Hae In did after Prison Playbook and wyws. of course I’ll never know the reasons or what happens behind the scenes but I find it strange that he is getting his leading role so soon after only played really minor characters. And that too with an industry veteran and a critically acclaimed actress.

      • @prettyautumn one word.Agency.His agency is FNC.Though it is not as powerful as YG or SM or JYP.They are not far off.Thats how SeolHyun gets to act alongside actors like Jo In sung.

        Its just fortunate that he is actually a good actor so its not entirely a bad thing.He needs to work with the best and serious actresses to grow.

  4. I knew he most likely would not turn down an opportunity like this. I’m so happy for Jung Hae In and I hope the drama is good!

  5. I’m so happy to see SYJ in a drama that will not be sad like Shark ! I love her, she’s a great actress and she’s so beautiful 🙂

    I’m happy to see JHI in a lead role. He was the best in YWYS and he’s good in Prison Playbook. I’m curious about him in a love story because I didn’t remember to see him having this kind of role.

  6. In Personal Taste, SYJ and LMH has a 5 year difference… so a 6 year difference here is no big deal. I always enjoy watching SYJ, she is beautiful and a good actress especially in movies. I will definitely watch this drama and hope it will bring JHI to a leading man status 🙂

  7. And yet Seo Hyun Jin was too old for Yang Se Jong (she looked like his aunt according to some persons *rolleyes*)…Almost the same age gap.Double standard much?

    On-topic, I’m really looking forward to this drama because I miss Son Ye Jin in Dramaland and hope for her sake that it will be a hit. I won’t comment on Jung Hae In since I only watched him in ‘The Three Musketeers’ and I never finished this drama… (refused to watch WYWS because of the lead actress and haven’t start Prison Playbook)

    • Yep I personally said she looked like his aunt based on the promos and the way they were composed and IMO, she really did seem like an older relative but when the show started and seeing them in extended scenes, I thought they matched well as their characters. It was never about her looking old, she just seemed more mature than him from the little I saw but the show itself presented a younger adult male that was mature in his own right in almost every way. Hopefully that’s the same case here too.

    • Seo Hyun Jin did look alot more mature than Yang Se Jong just by looking at their stills. But then that story was about an older woman with a younger man so I don’t see the problem.

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