K-ent Reports that Jung Yong Hwa is the Earlier Discussed Idol A Getting Preferential Admission into Graduate Program

It’s like the Bad News Bears have rolled in at the turn of the new year and 2018 is off to a shitty start in entertainment industries, and beyond as well. Another scandal has hit K-ent this week, news that started off with an unidentified Idol A who was allegedly admitted to graduate school through preferential treatment, having skipped the official interview and still gotten accepted. Netizens spent the last day trying to fig out who this Idol A was and gradually narrowed it down to FNC Entertainment‘s stable of male singers.

Now it’s being officially reported in the news that Idol A is CNBLUE‘s lead singer Jung Yong Hwa, whose aunt is a professor at said Kyung Hee University and reportedly is also being investigated along with the university’s admissions officer. FNC has released a statement that it did not ask for any preferential treatment for Jung Yong Hwa and thought the interview was being held at their offices hence didn’t send him to the university. Jung Yong Hwa reportedly deferred acceptance and hadn’t started the program yet since getting admitted in October of 2016. Yeesh, way to pour fire on his career after the stock scandal from a few years ago feels like it finally was fading from K-nets memory.


K-ent Reports that Jung Yong Hwa is the Earlier Discussed Idol A Getting Preferential Admission into Graduate Program — 26 Comments

  1. Can’t believe a single person has touched on the three of the most sensitive things that trigger Koreans – military, school and tax (stocks). But I’m not worried about his future. Worst scums like Park Sihoo and Kim Hyunjoong has managed to survive with fans.

    • Park shi hoo is from rich family I heard, witch Hwajung keep getting roles after diffaming and destroying T-ara, she is from rich family I heard. Don’t get me started on KHJ ?? all is well in this world

      • T-ara issue is with bullying; unless you know the inside story, don’t say defamation!

      • Hwayoung did not destroy T-ara, it was the trifecta of their agency head, netizens and antifans that did it. It was a disagreement within the group that spilled out into the public and snow-balled out of the control. It was a toxic environment created by the agency head who added and removed girls will and kept the girls in constant completion with each other which led what happened so I don’t get why T-ara fans blame 19 year old her when the cause of it was ultimately the agency head.

      • Yep, in my opinion Hwayoung ruined T-ara and can also have lots of drama roles whereas Ham Eun Jung is still struggling and HEJ is a very good actress. Sad to see that someone who did not want to put the time to make the T-ara their priority is having sucess vs those who gave it their all are the one having setbacks in their career.

  2. I think they all get it…though every now again its made public.Have you ever heard of a celebrity been rejected university admission or graduation in S.Korea? Impossible.

    • Ah, but this one is for phd, and people may take the course to postpone military.. so i wouldnt say it has the similar degree of severity to celebrities getting special admission to undergrad courses…

  3. First the stock scandal which he put the blame on his mom and now this preferential treatment and the blame is now on his aunt. Is he a mama’s boy? The women of his family sure coddle him a lot. How unmanly and dishonest can he get from here? If he wants this scandal to quiet down, he should consider enlisting as soon as possible in active duty.

    • He should definitely consider enlisting, but to say it may not be his mom’s or Aunts fault could be wrong; if most Korean dramas has any truth to it, most parents would do a lot in their kids name thinking they are helping but actually making their lives difficult.
      Don’t judge unless you’re privy to the whole story.

    • There r lots of mama boy in Asian culture esp if he is a favorite & youngest of the family .
      Jung Yong Hwa is a very talented artist . I just pray he can outgrow that mama boy image to be happily married later if his mama let him .

      I married a mama boy for 18 years to protect my children . However , he never grow up and his mom never let go of the leash . I ve to divorce him to get my
      freedom & sanity .

  4. So strange, Chinese articles have translated Dispatch and says the news is fake. It isn’t him who entered into a PhD without interview. What’s the truth??!

    • It’s basically fnc excusing themselves saying the uni contacted them and they simply followed what the professor said to them. And that they didn’t know it wasn’t proper procedure for the professor to come to interview yh when it should be other way round. Honestly it just looks like they’re making excuses. Doctorates aren’t a joke, there are proper guidelines to apply and get accepted, it amazes me how an entire agency run by adults couldn’t look that up. A 30 yo man needs help of his agency for his admission process, his mom to look after his finances. They mention his aunt everywhere but fnc doesn’t touch on that afaik (I could be forgetting something)

      It’s not that yonghwa isn’t involved, it’s just that there another person (a composer I think) who got in by similar method.

      Koreans generally hate people who take up special treatment or try to postpone their service. And yonghwa has done both.

      • Fnc also said he first applied in fall of ’16 but his application was rejected on a technicality so they re-applied in ’17. And they blamed the uni saying they kept recommending yh’s name for the doctorate program and that they were trying to fill up their classes lol it’s basic common sense to do some research before applying. This entirely seems like a ploy to defer his service. On a side note, I heard they’re reducing the mandatory service from 21 months to 18 months from 2020. It was one of moon jaein’s campaign promise.

    • I would trust the Korean Media on this one.I hear CN Blue has a huge fanbase in China and Japan.Plus, Dispatch can easily be bought.Its easy to pay off journalists to try to disrupt the controversy.Plus, Yong Hwa himself posted an apology letter on his instagram.So there is some truth in what is being reported.Furthermore, its not his first time being caught in a white collar controversy.

  5. Aigoo Jung Yong Hwa-ssi.Now was all these sneaky actions worth it?Now he had to step down as a host of a talk show.They say he volunteered to quit the show to lessen the burden of hos controversy on his co-workers.But its more likely he was kicked out.He is also a leader of his group CN Blue.Now the other band members will all be dragged with him.

  6. Idk why people are even surprised. Rich people have always used their connections to get what they want. Nothing new and certainly not something to care about. There are more important things to worry about.

  7. Yea, not sure why this is news or a surprise. Celebrities get preferential treatment all the time…Not that I like it, but it is what it is. Does Korea give out ‘Honorary Degrees’? Shoot, he could have jumped the line and tried to get one of those lol

  8. Does it matter if they get perferential treatment? I am sure thise that have made a sizeable donation to a university will also have their kids get into the program pretty easily also.

  9. he already hsave that scandal with stock.now he have scandal with this. he will blame other. just like how he blame his mother for the stock.

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